Chapter 2183. Reduced titanium.


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– Well, they found the source. It remains only to block the power of faith of the adherents of the Raven church who came from all over Crete, and Mo Fan will quickly finish the battle, – Mu Bai headed towards the mountain, lit by many torches.

Although the power of faith could come from all over the world, at a great distance its effect was much weaker. But if someone holds a special ceremony, it can strengthen the power of faith.

Adherents of the Crow Church gathered on the mountain not only to mislead the government, the military, and the Parthenon. They also nourished the strength of the holy father, supplying him with the pure power of faith.

The leader of the local branch of the Society of Wicked Mages controlled such tremendous power, how could he not arouse suspicion?

Mu Bai asked this question from the very beginning.

It’s good that he wanted to kill himself, at the same time he helped to unearth an important clue. Otherwise, they would never have connected the Bloody Sea of Leng Jue with this titan of crossed swords.


Approaching the mountain, Mu Bai saw many burning torches. Each torch is one believer in the Raven Church.

Most of them were dressed like ordinary townspeople, there were even girls in European dresses in the crowd. They came to this faith thanks to their loved ones. Now they didn’t need to study, they didn’t need to work, and they earn wealth with their labor.

But they did not realize that they were accomplices of the incident with the city of Lu. They did not destroy a single life, but they put the knife into the hands of the killer!

Sometimes people are so ignorant that they replace thinking with blind obedience. That is how they help villains to commit crimes!

Mu Bai looked at crowds of people. The mountain was lively, as if at a fair. Everyone was happy, as if they were celebrating something. Looking at their proud and righteous faces, Mu Bai recalled the rotting corpses that Zhao Man Yan got out of the water …

Mu Bai felt disgust. He was eager to apply the highest level ice magic to kill them all at once. Then they will very quickly understand whether they will go to heaven or hell.

But Mu Bai pulled himself together. He could not do that.

They were used.

Even if they truly believed that the Raven Church can give respect and honor, this is their personal choice. They gave their souls into submission to the higher religious strata.

Their lives were also in the wrong hands.

Persuasion? Mu Bai was not going to convince them.

It also makes no sense to tell them the truth.

For so confident and adamant people, any words will seem like crafty speeches.

“And here is the leader,” Mu Bai noticed a man in the crowd. It was he who spat in his food in the restaurant.

Indeed heaven has its own paths. That time he did nothing to him, and he played a part. He was the main organizer of the ceremony. What an absurdity if he does not know its true meaning !!

If you eliminate it, then everyone else who does not understand anything in magic and the source of faith will become a herd.

“Go get into his chest.” His heart is probably rotten, as you love. ”Mu Bai extended his hand and a small fly appeared from his sleeve.

The insect was so small and neat, as if a chrysalis made of gold. The fly shook the little body, flung open the transparent wings and flew towards the organizer of the ceremony.

………… ..

………… ..

The mysteriously missing moon began to shine again. But now the moon did not hang in the sky, but as if on the contrary plunged into the sea. Moonlight softly illuminated the surface of the water.

At first, the radiance of the black moon absorbed the celestial flame of Mo Fan, so that not a single fiery flare was visible on the surface of the sea.

But suddenly the flame burst out of the water, illuminating the dark clouds with a crimson light !!

Raging fire divided into three levels. The first layer of the color of red dawn blazed in the sky. Bright fiery clots glowing in the middle resembled lotus flowers. They spread to a height of a thousand meters. And at the very bottom, right above the water, the veil of the raging fire turned into a forest of fire!

The fiery king Mo Fan hovered over the forest of fire, and the huge body of the titanium flew even higher. It was as if he wanted to absorb the power of the black moon again, but the whole space around him was consumed by the fire of Mo Fan. The fiery firmament, the fiery clouds, the fiery forest … in the sphere of heavenly fire, titanium seemed to be constantly in the smelter. Different types of burns appeared on his body.

– Why did he suddenly go limp? – did not understand Mo Fan.

Just a couple of minutes ago, the titan of crossed swords was full of strength and thirst for battle. Even after hundreds of rounds, he would not feel tired. But suddenly his black moonlight disappeared. Mo Fan had thought that he wanted to use another terrible ability, but the titan returned to its former normal state. Its fighting efficiency decreased markedly, and the skin could no longer withstand the fiery onslaught.

– What an obedient, you seemed to have become smaller! – Mo Fan said in amazement.

A heavenly fire could roast titanium two hundred meters tall even for a whole day, but could not kill it. Of course, large sizes are not a guarantee of strength, but it certainly adds vitality.

Mo Fan was glad that the ability of the black moon of titanium disappeared. But another gift was waiting for him. The body of the titanium of crossed swords began to decline !!

The materials that Mo Fan read never mentioned this. Even if titanium is dead, it remains the same size as before. And this titanium has already decreased to 150 meters!

– Yes, you just blew dust! And I thought a real two-hundred-meter titan of the silver month … – Mo Fan laughed.

A two-hundred-meter titanium of the silver month would certainly not be inferior to the titanium of the golden sun. How can a creature of this level fall under the control of the chairman? Moreover, his stupid cruel life does not fit in with a real titan!

“Already a hundred meters … in the eyes of the fiery king Mo Fan, you are just like a small child!” – Mo Fan squinted, peering at the holy father on the shoulder of the titan.

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