Chapter 2184. Zhao, conqueror of heaven.


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– Why did they disconnect? What happened ?? – the holy father looked back in confusion. The torches on the mountain no longer seemed so bright.

The ceremony was interrupted !!

The power of faith must flow continuously, but it has disappeared!

But even if all the believers on the mountain dispersed, there are still many supporters of the Raven church in Crete. But why did the connection break off dramatically?

Without a ceremony, the power of the titanium of crossed swords would have decreased to a certain extent, but would not have completely disappeared, as it is now. He could not even stay in size!

From the constant attacks of the celestial flame of the burning plains, the titanium skin began to crack, and the flesh burned. The Titan sobbed painfully and rushed to the sea with all his legs.

The deeper the sea, the lower the temperature of the water. The titan of the crossed swords hoped that he could thus reduce the pain. But it was a heavenly fire. His strength will not decrease even at a depth of a thousand meters.

– Cattle, decided to run away ?? – Mo Fan watched a huge silhouette approaching the water.

– Geterka, give him a deadly pattern of heavenly fire! – said Mo Fan.

Having determined the location of the titanium, Mo Fan stopped right above it. Long tails of fire left red trails intertwined in the night sky.

A fiery pattern eight hundred meters long appeared in the air. It looked like a diamond-shaped dome of fire.

The fiery pattern hung in the air, and right below it on the surface of the water appeared its exact reflection. Vertical fire threads connected two patterns!

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Suddenly two reflections began to spew fire. Pillars of fire, the force of which was increased a hundred times, were struck below and above, and instantly filled the space between the two fiery patterns.

First, waves of fire from the lower reflection covered the titanium. His body immediately planted five hundred meters in height, where he was overtaken by waves of fire from the upper pattern!

– Geterka, add power, turn it into a fried steak! – said Mo Fan.

Mo Fan continuously sent waves of fire through fiery patterns, and the hetero increased its temperature.

Fire destroyed the flesh of titanium. Now on his body were not just burns. His hands were charred and burned to the very shoulders!

Then the fire spread to his back. It was now clear that titanium had no chance of survival.

“Let’s leave his organs for sale, we’ll burn everything else,” said Mo Fan.

Geterka took it with even more zeal, continuing to raise the temperature. Even crystal stones would burn in this fire!

After the back, the titan’s head caught fire. He no longer had limbs, but the titan still continued to cling to life.

But his fate has already been decided. Even if he managed to escape from under the pattern of heavenly fire, the fire on his body would not go out until he destroyed it!

The face of the holy father read the collapse.

He did not understand why his titanium crossed sword could not use even the weakest magic. And how could all the power of faith disappear in one moment?

– Probably you were impressed by the death of a pet? I will burn you very slowly, so that in the process you become aware of all your bestial behavior, – Mo Fan flew up to the holy father.

“How can a deity lose to someone like you?” God can’t lose !! The holy father yelled furiously.

Mo Fan will give him a lot of time for thought, but this time will not be so comfortable.

“Mo Fan, I’ll deal with this guy myself,” said Mu Bai in the distance.

– Do you want to do vivisection? – Mo Fan asked in confusion.

“It has the vicious power of faith … yes, it’s a long story, I’ll tell you later.” Give it to me, said Mu Bai.

– Good. But don’t be soft with him, ”said Mo Fan.

– Do not worry, he will suffer the most. Anyone who uses the vicious power of faith is like taking a loan at high interest rates. A good time has passed, the moment has come when he can neither die nor live! – said Mu Bai.

“By the way, you talked about the vicious power of faith … can you hint?” This guy is like a nut, ”said Mo Fan.

– I’ll explain it later.

“Well then, how is old Zhao’s success there?”

– I do not know.

………… ..

Standing near a pond with a whirlpool, Zhao Man Yan took a bottle of alpine mineral water from a spatial bracelet and took a sip. Soft fresh water abated the heat in the throat, and he continued:

“To be a man means to be as firm and firm as I am.” Girls don’t like such low-grade men !!

Zhao Man Yan was surrounded by more than ten leaders of the society of vicious magicians. They all had an extremely miserable look. They used up almost all the magical energy, but could not even touch the hair of the enemy! They cultivated most of their lives, but it turned out that they were incapable of anything!

– Useless men, where to you before amusements with beauties, ha ha! – Noting that he was playing too much, Zhao Man Yan abruptly changed his tone, “well, stop talking!”

Zhao Man Yan raised his hand, froze for a second and sent a wave of energy of the earth element to his feet.

At the next moment, the earth trembled and a stone pillar rose sharply under the feet of each of the opponents!

All the leaders from the society of vicious magicians were exhausted, so the attack of Zhao Man Yan immediately threw it out into the air!

– Well, how? Did daddy please you?

– If not, don’t worry, I still have one!

Zhao Man Yan hit the ground again with his palm. At that moment, when the opponents fell to the ground, they were again thrown into the air.

– henceforth call me Zhao the conqueror of heaven!

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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