Chapter 2187. Self-Confidence to Heaven!


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Thurs nevertheless suppressed his anger, directing all his resentment at Mo Fan.

He would never have thought that in this dispute over the capture of the titans he would be the loser. This guy must have used dishonest fraud!

Mo Fan did not pay attention to Turs’s attacks. Valentina’s decisions were enough for him.

The coast of Tulan has always been a place of hostilities. Subsequently, the Titans will surely appear here, and Tours will be an expert sent to the border. He will have plenty of time to reflect on life and his arrogance.

As for Mo Fan, of course he joyfully hastened to return to the Parthenon. He helped Xin Xia get rid of serious pressure, could she not thank him with her feminine affection?

Mo Fan was already ready for a three-day marathon in bed!

…………… ..

Returning to Athens, Mo Fan went to the fairy temple with great enthusiasm. For the first time, people from the temple did not stop him and allowed him to go to Xin Xia. Now he did not need to hide …

This is a feeling when he can openly appear in the temple of the fairies to amuse himself with the holy one thousand times cooler than allowing Tursu to participate in the snow festival!

Mo Fan stepped forward confidently. He had not yet seen Xin Xia, but was serious. He constantly did not have the opportunity or did not have enough time, but this time he enjoyed it to the full!


– Brother Mo Fan, I’m sorry, I didn’t think that you would return so quickly. Why didn’t you warn me, I could take a medicine for a delay, – looking at the warlike appearance of Mo Fan, Xin Xia inflated her lips.

Mo Fan looked at her affectionately and hastened to reassure her.

“Well, nothing, nothing, it’s hard to predict,” said Mo Fan.

“Yeah,” Xin Xia laid Mo Fan on her chest. For her, lying like that was already a very pleasant experience.

Inhaling the delicate, delicate scent of Xin Xia, Mo Fan realized how much he missed her.

– Listen, Xin Xia. In fact, there are other ways to do this, how can I tell you … I’ll probably let you watch a Japanese film, and you will learn quickly, ”Mo Fan finally said.

But Xin Xia did not live in the last century either. Sometimes she watched various videos on the Internet, so she immediately understood what was going on.

Her pale face became crimson. Of course, now she was no longer timid, as then for the first time. But it seemed to her shameful and awkward!

But thinking about how much he worked for her, she still decided to try.

“Video … you don’t need to watch … I’ll try … yeah …” Xin Xia’s voice grew quieter.

“Well, yes, we’ll figure it out ourselves,” Mo Fan nodded.

– I’m a little worried. Brother Mo Fan, can we turn off the light?

“Well, why, I like to look at you,” said Mo Fan.

“Well … let’s turn it off first, and then turn it on in the process?” – suggested Xin Xia.

– Good.

He turned off the lamp, and the whole room plunged into darkness. Only through the thin tulle penetrated the faint light of the stars. He gently outlined a room, furniture, clothes thrown to the floor and a wave of long hair on a fragile body …

Of course, he did not begin to use night vision of the shadow element at such a moment, he is not such an idiot. Instead, he, like an ordinary person, enjoyed the soft light and obscure outlines.

Lying on the bed, Mo Fan closed his eyes. He looked peaceful, but was full of expectation.

From the thought that Xin Xia was about to touch his most sensitive place, he was so excited that he was ready to cry.

He remembered how they grew together. He always bought her papaya and milk, always helped her and supported her, his help grew to enormous proportions … and finally he is picking the fruits! Finally!

– Wow !! Wow !!!

Suddenly, Mo Fan thought that an electric current pierced his body. A sense of pleasure spread in waves throughout the body.

But that was not at all what he had in mind. He felt moisture, heat and tightness.

Oh Gods!!

Xin Xia, you misunderstood me …

I wanted … I wanted just that !!



It is not surprising that in ancient times people loved allegory. Indeed, unexpected luck could lie in this!

The next morning, Mo Fan left the fairy temple proudly.

If Mo Fan kept his diary, one more item would be added to the column of life achievements today !!

And the more of these points in a man’s life, the more confident and fearless he feels!

By the way.

In the Parthenon there were only three holiest. When Mo Fan came from Xin Xia, he saw that Azalea, dressed up and dressed up, was approaching to his left. Of course, she was incredibly flirtatious and seductive, but Mo Fan remained indifferent.

And on the other hand, a similar non-white spirit of Yiddish appeared. She was completely different from Azalea. Her whole appearance was permeated with icy determination and nobility.

Apparently the holiest have a strict daily routine.

But these days Xin Xia had a weekend, so she did not take up her duties. Instead, Mo Fan came out of her waddle.

Apparently the three holiest often met in this place.

Mo Fan walked alone. But Yiddish and Azalea were always followed by a crowd of people. They stood opposite each other, as if crowds at the crossroads were waiting for the green light!

But the road to the fairy temple was only one. She was right in front of Mo Fan.

The road was not wide, only one group could pass at a time. This meant that some of them would have to give in and wait on the sidelines.

There should be only one fairy in the temple, and the only road clearly emphasizes this.

Who will go first?

Azalea or Yiddish?

Apparently, Yiddish was not going to give in to Azalea, and the second did not want to humbly lower her head!

“Oh, you are so kind, you found out that I was in a hurry to have breakfast,” Mo Fan looked at the holiest and, not stopping, went along the main road, “do not accompany me, thank you!”

At this time, Azalea and Yiddish glared at each other. At first they did not even notice Mo Fan, but when he proudly walked between them, both could not resist a couple of strong words.


Experience is very important for a man!

Now the self-confidence of Mo Fan soared up to heaven!

………… ..

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