Chapter 2188. Important clue.


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As for the events on the island of Crete. Mo Fan told the Parthenon only about the society of vicious magicians. And the black church … of course, if they would have unearthed everything themselves – this is another matter. But Mo Fan did not want to share such an important clue with the Parthenon.

Who knows if there are people from the black church in the Parthenon itself? The less they know about it, the better.

“So we won’t talk to anyone about the black church?” – Mu Bai did not understand the intent of Mo Fan.

– Parthenon’s thoughts are not occupied at all with how to destroy the black church. They only care about how far their sacred light spreads. Even if we tell them, they are unlikely to do anything. And if they attack, will it be effective? They don’t even know that the collector of medicinal plants for the black church moves freely on their land and grows opium poppy! – said Mo Fan.

– When we tried to seize Leng Jue, we did not even dare to ask the Holy Court to ask for help. We found a clue with such difficulty and were afraid that it would break. Members of the black church could appear in the most unexpected posts and interfere with us. We did the right thing, and were able to get to the red cardinal! – said Zhao Man Yan.

Zhao Man Yan also had rich experience in opposing the black church.

The worst thing is that the black church has penetrated everywhere. If you want to reach them, do not dedicate anyone to your plans.

“I only told Xin Xia about this, and warned her not to tell any of the Parthenon.” Mu Bai, if you are sure that Yan Qiu is a member of the black church, and also holds a high post, then this time we have a real chance to get to Salan! – said Mo Fan.

– Come on, do we really want to touch Salan ?? – said Zhao Man Yan excitedly.

– Of course! – simultaneously answered Mo Fan and Mu Bai. In this matter they were unshakable.

“Zhao, old man, do you even know how important the clue is that will allow us to get to Salan?” Even in times of disaster in Xi’an, the highest ranks went to great lengths to seize her. But in the end, she had to be released, for the lives of millions of people inside the city. This was the only time in the last ten years when the holy court really managed to get closer to the capture of Salan. But after that, she disappeared like a ghost. No one can find her.

– Salan masterfully uses the source of madness. This water can mix with rain. And when he irrigates the earth, all creatures living around begin to attack the city. She was already able to create a disaster in Xi’an, which means she can create both the second and the third …

– Judging by our findings, she does not do this all the time, not because she is so kind and wants to retire. And most likely because the cycle of creating the source of madness is very long! – said Mo Fan.

Mu Bai nodded in agreement and continued his words:

“I explored this opium poppy of madness.” Its ripening time is slightly longer than that of ordinary opium poppy. Salan’s next attack most likely depends on the timing of the source of madness. You yourself saw the corpses from the city of Liu, they lay at the bottom like a bunch of rotten fish. But if Salan attacks again, the consequences will be tens, hundreds of times worse. Compared to Salan, the holy father of the Raven Church is just a little kid!

“Okay … again we will race back and forth in an attempt to save the world.” But we do not have a single clue! The blue bat took the owner of the grove. What will we do? Asked Zhao Man Yan depressedly.

“Do you remember that Saba used to grow opium poppy too?” Then he helped us identify several places where titanium is most likely to appear, ”said Mu Bai.

“I remember, but he died … it cannot be, is he also a member of the black church?” – exclaimed Zhao Man Yan.

– Not. But he knew that the owner was growing opium poppy. And since he already had experience in this matter, he discovered something interesting. Before leaving Crete, I specifically went to inspect his things. Although he died, he helped us a lot, ”said Mu Bai.

– Things Saba ?? Surely ninety percent of these are adult toys! – said Zhao Man Yan.

– While we chatted, he once said that he dreamed of becoming a writer. Calmly write to yourself, lead a relaxed lifestyle, said Mo Fan.

– Is he? A writer? – Zhao Man Yan snorted scornfully.

“Apparently, he read it somewhere on the Internet, and decided to start by keeping a diary …” with these words, Mu Bai took out three thick notebooks from a spatial bracelet, all of which were scribbled with a small underline.

Zhao Man Yan looked at the notes in surprise. He did not expect such emotional impulses from the prisoner!

– He made notes about his secret communication with the owner’s daughter. He also wrote down his doubts about growing opium poppy, ”continued Mu Bai.

– Wow! So how is she? Read me interesting places! – rejoiced Zhao Man Yan.

Mu Bai hesitated awkwardly.

Mu Bai translated and read his diaries from beginning to end. In fact, Saba really described in detail their nightly entertainment in the field. Honestly, it seemed to Mu Bai that the guy did not want to become a writer because of creative impulses, but to record his adventures!

He also wrote about the girl’s suspicions that her father has a woman on the side.

“Saba knew the owner was growing opium poppy.” His experience told him that he probably had another place to grow. He wrote: how funny that his daughter thinks that his father found a woman, although he is actually engaged in illegal business! – said Mu Bai.

“So the daughter died?” The black church was afraid that she would talk about what should not be? Asked Zhao Man Yan.

– Yes. Saba turned out to be much smarter than we thought. The owner did not even suspect that his disguise was revealed by a negligent worker. But Saba did not know that he was working for the black church, ”said Mo Fan.

In his diary, Saba described in detail his guesses about another host poppy field. In the place where he often went on business trips, climate, humidity, sun, soil – all conditions are ideal for growing poppies !!

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