Chapter 2189: Become a university professor.


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– Salan could not disappear without a trace, she clearly waits for the poppy to ripen in the forest. So she is somewhere nearby here! – said Mo Fan.

“Isn’t it better for us to convey the most important evidence to the Holy Court or the Magical Court?” Let them decide this matter themselves, and we don’t have to get involved, ”said Zhao Man Yan.

– Only fools are sitting in the Holy Court, it was they who allowed Leng Jue to leave prison. I no longer have any confidence in the Holy Court. The Chinese magical court is capable of more, but it is difficult for its members to obtain permission to conduct business abroad. Other countries will not allow China to intervene in the affairs of their holdings, said Mo Fan.

– In terms of? We again have to deal with everything ourselves? – Zhao Man Yan wanted to cry.

– Yes, we will need to conduct the investigation ourselves, otherwise the evidence will be intercepted by the Black Church. In order to save the lives of higher layers, members of the Black Church are ready to go to terrible murders. In truth, I don’t want to get too many people involved, ”Mo Fan said seriously.

“Yes … Jiang Bin, the knight of the golden sun, lost his eyes … Even if a person like him could not prevent the evil of the members of the black church, how can we protect other people, lower layers and levels of magic?” – sighed Mu Bai.

Mu Bai blamed himself.

If he had previously been able to compare all the facts and understand that these are tricks of the Black Church, then Jiang Bin would still be safe and sound.

“Of course, I believe in us, but … Maybe we should leave this business for now and go in search of a totem along with Jiang Shaoxuy and Lin Lin?” – said Zhao Man Yan.

It seemed to Zhao Man Yan that the search for the totem was much safer than all this mess. Events related to Leng Jue left very deep memories in Zhao Man Yan’s head. He did not want to relive the situation where death was waiting for you around the corner …

– Ling Ling and Jiang Shaoxu have so far suspended their searches because they have not found new information about totems. By the way, we don’t need to tell them about our business either, ”said Mo Fan.

The confrontation of the Black Church is always dangerous for magicians, especially for Lin Lin – after all, she is still so young. Mo Fan really didn’t want the Black Church to take Lin Lin to his notice.

Before every battle with the Black Church, even Mo Fan internally prepared to die, like Xu Zhao Tin.

“Yeah, if you think I’m an indecisive wimp, then just tell me that.” I am not eager to participate in all this. I will live as our deceased acquaintance Saba – not bound by any obligations. Better than that, day after day it’s incomprehensible to fight for what! – spitefully said Zhao Man Yan.

Having finished his speech, Zhao Man Yan noticed that Mo Fan and Mu Bai were staring at him intently, the guy immediately felt awkward and decided to swear at the end: “Well, you got me! Okay, I’m with you. I’m afraid that without me the Black Church will cut you to pieces and will not even ask for a name. Are you aware that against my background you look very sad? How do girls pay attention to you? ”

Mo Fan did not understand Zhao Man Yan, sometimes he behaved like a real girl: he wants to say yes, but refuses, or vice versa.

“By the way, one more thing.” You need to go to your mistress, and thank her. If not for the information provided to her, I would not have understood that Charon is a member of the Raven Church, ”said Mu Bai Mo Fanu.

– Mistress? What are you talking about, your mother? We are connected with Azalea only by pure friendly relations! – said Mo Fan.

Mu Bai and Zhao Man Yan did not understand why the holy Parthenon should help some Mo Fan if they were not connected by a love relationship. Mo Fan says that they have a friendly relationship and a profitable exchange of information, but it is unlikely that Mo Fan could help Azalea with anything, whereas on the contrary, the information that Azalea got was very important!

– And I thought you were sleeping with each other, who knew that you had pure friendship? – Zhao Man Yan looked surprised.

– Your mother! I’ll tell you more: for all those years that I lived with two girls, I have never touched them. The man is the main power, not sex, is it clear to you? – cursed Mo Fan.

– Well, you went awry!

– Do not carry garbage!

– Yeah, at first you have fun with Azalea, the cunning fox, then you return to your birds in the hostel. Don’t lie to us! – said Zhao Man Yan.

“Can you two mentally retarded stop yelling?” I already forgot what I wanted to tell you.

“Shut up, tea boy,” answered Mo Fan and Zhao Man Yan with one voice.

Mu Bai’s face involuntarily writhed in anger.

Previously, Mu Bai endured this nickname, but now the “tea boy” has changed, he was already not the same as before.

Now Mu Bai will not tolerate this!

If they say even a word in his direction, he will immediately cripple them so that even the Black Church will not have to be called!


But before getting involved in the struggle with the Black Church again, the magicians needed to change their lifestyle.

The Black Church did not hide its headquarters high in the mountains or deep in the forests. Church members penetrated into every stratum of the population, and if their identities were not revealed, then they look like ordinary people – businessmen, office workers, government employees, ordinary people …

Like the owner of the olive grove – he didn’t hide anywhere, but on the contrary, founded the famous higher education institution in America.

In fact, the owner of the olive grove was growing at this university those who could make up for the source of madness. One of the daughters of the grove owner doubted her father, sharing her thoughts with Saba. And if not for Saba’s personal diary, then the Holy Court could only dream of a solution to this case!


– So, now you need to change your lifestyle and you want to become university employees. I’m not saying that this is impossible, but if you suddenly run for the role of students, it will cause a lot of suspicion, Director Xiao seriously said.

“But we have no other choice.” What should we do? – asked Mo Fan.

– Do not rush. I asked the right people, they told me that we are exchanging with one of the American universities. Simply put, their teachers come to us, and we go to them to exchange experiences for several months. Therefore, we can send you to this university as teachers, ”said Director Xiao.

– Become a teacher? – bulged eyes Mo Fan.

– Exactly, do you have the certificate of a teacher at Mingzhu University? How easy it all turns out! Said Director Xiao, pleased with his decision.

“Um … Okay, I agree,” Mo Fan answered confusedly.

– If you send you there as students, then you will again raise suspicions, because by your strength you can immediately understand that you are not ordinary students. But if you go there in the form of teachers, then this will explain a lot. In addition, teachers have more opportunities and influence than ordinary students, ”said Director Xiao.

Mo Fan nodded seriously, after all, Director Xiao is a very wise man.

But to become a teacher at the university? !!!!

As soon as Mo Fan thought about it, he immediately began to get nervous!

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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