Chapter 2192: First Lesson


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– What are you staring at? Do you sympathize with her? – the approached student looked at Mo Fan.

“No, just a little surprised,” the mage answered.

The girl with the broom from the very beginning treated them arrogantly, and Mo Fan did not expect her to change her attitude towards them.

He looked again at the older student – what kind of place is this where students can offend guests?

From the blow on the girl’s face there was a red mark – Mo Fan did not even think about justice, he was lazy.

The girl, sobbing, went forward. Mo Fan spun around and turned to that undergraduate: “Hey student, then now show us the way.”

– To show the way?! Are you blind ?! Helping people with disabilities like you is not my responsibility, ”said a girl with beautiful hair. Having said this, she left, not even daring to glance at three Asians.

Zhao Man Yan wanted to teach her a lesson, but Mu Bai stopped him: “Forget it, we need to go to the teacher’s room.”

– By the way, we were a bit late, we didn’t even have time for a welcome meeting. Tomorrow we will all need to be taught – are you ready or not? We can’t face in the mud. ”Zhao Man Yan looked in his mirror.

– And what preparation is needed? – asked Mo Fan.

– Damn, Mo Fan, you are already completely! Is it really impossible to behave more professionally? Look at the black clergy, they change clothes just like that and can climb into absolutely any community! – said Zhao Man Yan.


In order not to be revealed, Mo Fan took time for evening preparation – so he had more time to get comfortable.

The next day early in the morning, Mo Fan waited outside counselor – he had to accompany him so that the new teacher would not get lost.

The counselor behaved very naturally – he looked 27-28. When Mo Fan came to him in simple clothes, the counselor first appreciated his appearance, and then carefully looked at his face, surprised to note that the teacher was only a few years older than himself.

In truth, in order to look appropriately, Mo Fan, Zhao Man Yan and Mu Bai used the transforming potion created by Mu Bai. And although this potion did not fundamentally change their appearance, it slightly aged them, making them look like 30-year-old men.

Mo Fan, seeing the counselor, was a little disappointed.

– Hello, teacher Moyfan, we are very pleased that an outstanding Chinese teacher was able to come to us. You know, I have always been interested in Chinese culture! Said the counselor.

“Mhm.” Mo Fan took a thoughtful look.

The counselor clearly did not expect such a cold reaction: “How was your preparation for the lessons last night?” I must warn you that students of our university can sometimes bring some inconvenience to guests – for example, ask strange questions, so I hope that you do not take this as rudeness. ”

“Got it,” Mo Fan nodded.

“Ah, yes, there is one more thing.” I wanted to say that some teachers were not present at the first meeting, so misunderstandings may arise. Only nine teachers from different universities arrived to teach with us. A competitive environment will be created in two months, and after two months a competition will take place, and we hope that your chosen students will be able to win! Said the counselor.

– What? This is something very interesting! – Mo Fan laughed.

Mo Fan really likes the contest!

Following the counselor, he found himself in a wide room, the suspended ceiling of which was filled with stars.

– This is the audience in which you will conduct a lesson today on the theory of modern high magic. If you have any questions, then contact me immediately, the counselor said with a smile on his face.

– What?! High level theory of magic ?! – the old glasses put on by Mo Phanem almost fell to the floor.

“Does that suit you, teacher Moyfan?” Mr. Zhao Yanzu conducts magical zoology, and teacher Mu Han conducts magical battles … is it really that I made a mistake somewhere? Now I’ll look again, – the counselor’s appearance immediately changed. He looked at the notes again, once again making sure everything was right.

Mr. Moyfang is listed as one of the prominent Chinese teachers – that is why such a difficult discipline was entrusted to him.

“No, no, that’s okay.” I have a lot of experience, I just didn’t think that the other two teachers would take my favorite directions, ”said Mo Fan.

What the hell was he given theoretical discipline ?! Yes, in this world there is no other magician who has great combat experience! Mo Fan himself does not rummage Nichrome in theories ….

“You can begin, students are already waiting,” said the counselor.

Mo Fan, suppressing inner embarrassment, went toward the rostrum.

Wow audience – but this is a whole huge room for a rally!

There were about 300 students in the audience!

And they are all different … from different countries, different nationalities, with different skin colors ….

Mo Fan did not feel so squeezed even during the confrontation of the Cheops pyramid!

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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