Chapter 2193: Harmful Teacher


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The theory of magic can not be compared with the conduct of battle, since theoretical knowledge is directly related to the level of development of society and technology.

For example, what does the stability of protective walls and city barriers depend on? How can they be affected by changes in soil composition?

What about various magical artifacts? How do they act to accelerate cultivation?

In all these matters, Mo Fan is a complete ignoramus!

He possesses elements of lightning and earth, uses various artifacts, but he knows absolutely nothing about how exactly all this is arranged and how it came about!

Wizards should learn not only how to release magic, but also how to increase the destructiveness of their magic, how general magical progress should advance – and the theory of magic considers all these aspects in close connection with the development of society and world civilization!

My Fan now had to teach the MODERN theory of magic! Especially high level!

“Mhm … dear students, my name is Moyfan, I am your theory teacher,” this is all that Mo Fan was able to squeeze out of acquaintance.

At the bottom of the rostrum there was a female exclamation.

It was the very student who hit the girl with a broom. Remembering everything that was said yesterday, at first she thought to crawl under the desk and not get out of there, lest the teacher recognize her.

However, Mo Fan’s perception of what was needed did not even take a few seconds, as he was able to single out one acquaintance from 300 persons.

In truth, he himself did not know how to continue the lesson, so he decided to cling to this acquaintance.

– A student sitting third in the fourth row … yes! How unexpected that we met again! Let’s listen to you … – Mo Fan turned to the girl with beautiful hair.

The girl slowly rose.

The position of students at Ohos University is very high, but the position of teachers is even higher – students have no right to argue with them.

“Teacher Moyfan, I don’t even have a clue about what you are teaching …” came the quiet voice of a student named Boom.

“It’s okay, you can ask questions,” said Mo Fan. What does he teach … yes, your mother, he himself does not know what he should teach!

– Allow me to ask … the magic tower is currently the most popular method of protection against monster attacks, it can also be used by magicians during attacks on monsters, while protecting them. How does this magic tower function? Asked Boom.

This question of the student put Mo Fan in a real impasse.

Mo Fan heard about the magic towers, but did not really know anything about them!

– Your question is very difficult. I think it would be better if you ask your architectural teacher about this. ”Mo Fan began to wipe his black-framed glasses with a smart look.

– This … this question really should not be addressed to you, excuse me, – Boom has already begun to bitterly regret that she recently called the teacher a collective farmer and a savage.

“Yes, yes, ask another teacher about it,” Mo Fan breathed.

“Then let me ask you another question.” Elemental diamonds – special equipment is required for their extraction. How, for example, is the production of elemental fire diamonds? – continued to ask Boom.

“To do this, you need a source of energy that only a spell magician can control.” Do you think you can become a spell magician?

Praise heaven that this time she asked about elemental diamonds! Mo Fan remembered a little from what Lin Lin and that Yankee told him …. Mo Fan could only make one sentence, but he was able to show his awareness!

The student fell silent.

So many magicians do not know anything about elemental diamonds, not to mention the troubles faced by magicians of spells.

– The teacher! – At this moment, a student rose who did not like the way Mo Fan terrorized Boom.

– Teacher, Boom is now very worried, so he can not formulate a good question. I’m just now engaged in cultivation and encounter some inexplicable moments, could you give an explanation? Said the guy with red wine hair.

“You …” “Mo Fan did not expect anyone to intercede for a girl like Buma.

The student continued: “When our detachment was heading to Peru, we met a crowd of ancient and very strange creatures. It seemed that they did not have an end-edge, they appeared like sea waves – rolled one after another. Maybe it was some kind of large tribe, but they could not appear endlessly? And to everything else, their breathing was practically not felt … for us it became a real mystery – could you explain what’s what? ”

– Student Simpkin, you are now facing a teacher in the theory of modern magic, and your question relates to magical zoology. Please be careful! – the counselor remarked.

Counselors at this university are equated with curators, they are responsible for the behavior of students.

And although counselors are not teachers, their position in the university hierarchy exceeds that of students.

– It’s okay, Mr. counselor. Although the question asked by him does not belong to the sphere of my research, I, as a true teacher, constantly studying new information, can answer him, – Mo Fan scratched his beard.

This question of Simpkin can become a real salvation for him!

“You two, don’t sit down, listen while standing,” Mo Fan didn’t even think of condescending these students, “the fact that you asked this question says that you are a war mage and prefer to practice theory ….” Although I was not in Peru, I can guess what creatures you asked about.

– There is such a thing as symbolic animals. We are talking about the ancient Indian gates of the element of chaos – going through these gates, creatures can be endlessly reproduced ….

This student definitely ran into Nazca creatures!

The birds of Nazca, the monkeys of Nazca ….

Mo Fan understood a lot of this, since then he personally encountered this, and his life depended on it!

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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