Chapter 2195: Student Council Leader – Sejal


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Cass! One of the most outstanding European families!

Faced with him at the University of Alpine, Mo Fan realized what the “higher European clans” looked like – well, could this have done without the Hertz Cass ?!

That painful sight of the poisoned hertz involuntarily surfaced in Mo Fan’s head – now, having met him again, he saw a man full of health, actively talking with other teachers.

“Does he teach too?” – dumbfounded magician.

“Are you talking about that man over there?” This is a student committee representative. He is a member of the Presidium, ”Miyamoto-san said.

Mo Fan had already forgotten that the Japanese was next to him. After some time, Hertz Kass headed in their direction – of course, he did not recognize Mo Fanya and the others, but his eyes were fixed on Miyamoto.

“Miyamoto-san, I never would have thought that you would leave the student council and become a counselor,” said the hertz.

– Where do I care about you, I come from a simple family. Oh, yes, meet these three outstanding teachers from China, ”Miyamoto-san smiled.

“Glad to meet, yes, yes,” Herz Kass was too lazy to find out the names of three Asians, so, after weeding his greetings, he immediately went towards Prince Bampo.

“Shouldn’t there be a meeting of teachers?” What are students doing here? – Mo Fan wondered.

He expected to see about 30 people, but the room was about 60-70, some of which looked younger, like students.

– They are all members of the student council. If teachers want to get good student feedback, then getting in touch with them can help a lot – the student council’s influence on students is enormous, ”said Miyamoto Sun.

“It doesn’t sound very good,” Mo Fan said.

“Among the members of the student council there are outstanding talents whose power can compete with the strength of teachers,” the counselor added.

“What he just said to you … do you have anything to do with student advice?”

– Yes, I was in their composition last year. My origin and them are heaven and earth. They were able to win the favor of the teachers, as soon as the semester began … – Miyamoto-san answered with envy in his voice.

Indeed, one could see how some teachers crucified in bows to the hertz.

– And who is this beauty next to hertz, similar to Barbie? Asked Zhao Man Yan with interest.

– Her name is Usman, the son of the Temple of Liberty, she is very famous! – answered the Japanese.

“Are you sure you got it wrong – is she the son of the Temple of Liberty?” Asked Zhao Man Yan.

– Hehe, he calls himself that. He is the son of the chairman of the Temple of Liberty. The guy has a graceful appearance and always had a weakness for women’s clothing – at the University of Ochos this is not a secret. You see, even you, like most other men, were seduced by his appearance from the very beginning! Needless to say, Usman has a lot of fans! Miyamoto-san explained.

– What ?! – Zhao Man Yan immediately changed his appearance, as if he had swallowed food with flies. He saw countless girls, and every transvestite he always saw through at times, no matter how gracefully a man tried to look … but here … this Usman is a man, but why didn’t Zhao Man Yan think so even half a minute ago ?!

“Old man Zhao, I didn’t think your tricks reached such a thing,” Mo Fan slapped a friend on the shoulder.

– Yes, you went! Tell me, didn’t you consider him a hot little thing from the very beginning? – responded Zhao Man Yan.

Damn him, oh, these buttocks and infinitely long legs … yes, he does not fade even against the background of Blanca!

“Such characters do not interest me,” Mo Fan smiled.

“Did you two really not think at the sight of the Duke of Cass?” – Mu Bai was clearly angry.

– Thinking about what?

Mu Bai has subsided … they came here to look for clues on the Black Church!

Mu Bai’s elder sister, Yan Qiu, serves hert Kass, and if he is at the University of Ochos, then she, with some degree of probability, may be here!

And that means they are in the right place!

The Black Church may indeed be here!


“Teacher Moyfan, hello,” a gentle voice was heard behind Mo Fanya.

– Oh, salute, how can I help? – Mo Fan has almost forgotten his pseudonym. When he turned around, he saw the girl in all purple – even the jewelry in her hair was a bizarre lavender hue.

This color made her appearance by no means vulgar and seductive, but, on the contrary, created a halo of integrity around her.

– Today I was at your lecture. You know, spell merging is very interesting for me, but, unfortunately, my knowledge in this area is very superficial. I didn’t understand everything you were talking about … if your time permits, can I take private lessons from you? – sincerely asked the girl.

Mo Fan was dumbfounded.

Nearby Mu Bai and Zhao Man Yan were dumbfounded too.


Mo Fan whined about discipline, but was able to seduce such a beautiful creature by the content of the lecture ?! She, his mother, asks for private lessons !!!

Even Miyamoto-san stood with a sagging jaw.

– Teacher Moyfan, let me introduce, this is the head of the student council – Sedzhal!

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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