Chapter 2196: Persistent Student


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Miyamoto-san was simply stunned to hear how respectful Sedzhal was. The Japanese was humble in front of hert Kass, but he felt bewildered in front of the girl – he could not even imagine why Sedzhal, who never attended lectures, could be so interested in the discipline of a foreign teacher.

Is she really interested in combining several types of magic?

Is the fusion of several types of magic real? The elements oppose each other, there were many attempts by the magical association in one space to send different types of magic, but all of them led to only two results: in the first case they simply did not connect, and in the second there was a real explosion.

Each element at release requires stability and concentration – magicians are forced to control every asterisk …

The fusion of several types of magic – maybe it’s just some kind of hypothesis?

Or did this Moyfan attract Sejal with something special?

The student council presidium has existed for years, and Miyamoto-san, one might say, managed to learn the character of Sejal, and today the unimaginable happened – she behaved like a true student and asked the teacher about the discipline!

– Are you interested in the topic of merging elements? – appreciated the interest of student Mo Fan.

This girl seemed to personify water – there are very few such creatures. Her splendor lay not only in her position, but also in facial features: a contoured face, a chiseled nose and eyes, like two blue oceans, looking into which one wants to cry – they radiated such a precious blue light. Her face did not have rude European features, everything was harmonious.

– Yes, I am very interested in this topic! If I want to become a magician of spells, then I think this skill can serve as a good impetus! – said Sezhal.

Other representatives of the student council also talked with teachers – it was clear from their faces that they had come here not for the sake of study, but for establishing useful contacts. In the case of Sedzhal, everything was different: on her face there was not even a hint of a smug grin, and if she had put on her glasses in a black frame, then she would have completely gone for a nerd that does not fit into the local atmosphere.

“Sejal, spells are the quintessence of the mind of all mankind, and this should be learned from the revered magicians of the spell.” Why do you admire an incomprehensible methodology is not God knows whom? This may offend the honorary professors of the University of Ojos, ”said a middle-aged teacher who came up and heard the girl’s ardent requests.

– Monsters are constantly evolving, and humanity must evolve in unison. The main problem of our time is that humanity can neither jump nor move the bar of the level of spells, – Sejal did not even turn her head.

The woman who came up was also from among the foreign teachers, she arrived even later than Mu Bai, Mo Fan and Zhao Man Yan, so she did not have the opportunity to see them earlier. She wore a woolen cape, which carried an expensive perfume over a mile away – Mo Fan involuntarily turned her nose to Sezhal, from which there was no obsessive smell, she seemed to have no smell at all … hell! Is he really turning into Zhao Man Yan ?!

“However, the combined magic of several elements in its power still cannot surpass the spell,” said a head teacher named Josephine.

“Spells are not something that can be learned just like that, nor are they of practical use.” It’s another matter if you have the opportunity to master a new form of magic, for example, combined magic – in this case, humanity will have a new impetus for development, and the power of magicians will be able to increase at times, ”said Sedzhal.

The girl’s response caused Josephine only a grin. She lightly laid a hand on her shoulder and said: “But this, unfortunately, is not feasible.”

“In ancient times, some tribal leaders also thought that magic was something unbelievable,” added Sejal.

“Okay, Sejal, you’re back to the old again.” If you take it so close to your heart, then you just have to look for people like you – Josephine did not continue this dialogue and went forward.

Sedzhal also did not pay attention to her, and her eyes again fell on Mo Fan.

At that moment, he felt as if a completely different person had flickered in the eyes of this girl – and only he and she understood what was happening. Mo Fan was embarrassed.

It became clear that the student really wants to master the new format of magic, and Mo Fan acknowledged this.

Indeed, spells are not something that can be learned just like that, but the use of combined magic … yes it can completely recharge the development of mankind!

Even then, Ping Zhoulong told Mo Fan that his hypothesis could turn the world around, and only now, in dialogue with this student, did the magician understand what the researcher had in mind.

“We so rarely get together.” I raise the first glass for each of the best teachers who have arrived from the most famous universities … once again – welcome to our Holy University of Okhos! – Josephine held a glass of wine in her hands, addressing those present.

Everyone answered raised their glasses.

Mo Fan also raised his glass, drawing attention to Sejal. Disgust was read in her eyes – she slowly raised her glass, and then, without taking a sip, she lowered it onto the countertop. The girl was clearly looking forward to the end of this meeting.

“Indeed … a very interesting student,” Mo Fan involuntarily remarked.

She really wanted to study the fusion of elements and at the same time she hated Josephine with all her heart!


“Sejal, do you want to say anything as the student council leader?” – asked Josephine.

“No,” the girl answered. She still stood beside Mo Fan, as if afraid that he might slip away at any moment!

“Listen, if you have questions, I will inform you when I have time, and you can ask them, but you should not constantly stand by my side,” Mo Fan could not stand.

Is this beauty too persistent?

– True?! Can you really give me time? – smiled Sedzhal.

As if a current ran through the body of Mo Fan: “Can I refuse you if you guard me so stubbornly?”

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