Chapter 2197. A pre-dinner hassle.


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– Oh, I also visited China, conducted research there. But I have never met such young honorable teachers, – suddenly Prince Bampo wedged into the conversation. His smile was more sarcastic than polite, and doubt was heard in the tone of his voice.

Academic supervisors teaching at the University of Ochos enjoy great respect and fame in the international community. Most of the teachers present were already familiar with each other, and if not, they definitely heard about each other from acquaintances.

At first, Prince Bampo did not pay attention to new teachers from China. New faces often appear around. But he didn’t like the fact that the chairman of the student committee, Sedzhal, constantly lurked after them like a stupid girl.

How could such a good and smart girl like these mediocre yellow-skinned Asians? His lessons weren’t so cool at all!

Prince Bampo was originally the main figure in this year’s international exchange. Universal eyes were always directed at him wherever he went. But now even the head teacher, Josephine, is silent and turned her eyes to Mo Fan.

In fact, she also never saw this young teacher from China.

Not every teacher is qualified to teach at the University of Ochos.

– Exactly, I almost forgot, this year talented teachers from China came to us. They could not attend the first meeting, so you can take advantage of this meeting and get to know each other. Gentlemen, please introduce yourself. I can say that in recent years I have been spinning in the international scientific community, but I have never seen you. You probably made a big contribution in one of the areas, since you were able to participate in the international exchange program and come to our university, ”said Josephine.

Everyone immediately looked carefully at Mo Fan.

Previously, no one paid attention to them, and they could move unnoticed. Who knew that Sejal would give them such a trick!

“Damn it, we don’t know a damn thing.” If they ask questions about our specialty, they will immediately reveal us! Of course, we don’t know if Hertz Cass is a member of the black church, but he certainly has connections with her. If we frighten him away, then our searches will become much more difficult, ”Zhao Man Yan told Mu Bai in a whisper.

“Damn, it was necessary to put Mo Fang on combat discipline, if he hadn’t set it up there,” said Mu Bai with regret.

Faced with the doubt of several people at once, Mo Fan remained calm.

– My name is Moyfan. I am a research supervisor at a university. Most of the time I spend at the test site and do not like to go out. I’m only interested in my work. If my mentor Ping Zhoulong had not demanded that I go to Ochos University to get some American air, I would still enjoy our local food near the Canton Tower … Your university canteen leaves much to be desired. There are only fruits, smoked venison, vegetable juices and chicken. The fruit, of course, is beautiful, but the rest is completely tasteless. Compared to food from Guangzhou, it’s just a packed lunch!

Mo Fan was always serious about food and most of all did not like when he had to eat food abroad just to fill his stomach with something.

– Here it is, love solitude. In fact, in our circles there are many such people. But constant retreat can cut you off from the outside world. An international exchange can help you get out of your comfort zone and look at many things from a different angle. Yes, if you do not like local food, there is a Chinese establishment nearby. But we are very picky about the little things, and hygiene, food and service in this institution do not meet the standards, so it is not suitable for us, ”said Josephine.

– You know, I have my own characteristics. I’d rather eat delicious food in a landfill than eat garbage in a luxurious setting! – said Mo Fan.

After these words, Josephine’s face extended.

She personally checks all the products in the dining room. She carefully prepared for this international exchange and made sure that teachers from different countries found food to their taste, but … she did not cook Chinese food.

In her opinion, there was no need to prepare special food for three unknown teachers. Yes, she didn’t even know where to get her. Obviously, they have recently become supervisors, so they should not have high requirements. Moreover, the local food is very tasty.

But Moyfan did not hesitate to call their food a bunch of garbage !!

Trash, do they eat trash ??

Didn’t he think that his words could make them angry ??

– Teacher Moyfan, I apologize. You arrived quite late, and we did not have time to prepare Chinese dishes for you. This is entirely the fault of the student council. Tomorrow we will be corrected, – at that moment Sejal’s voice came.

After her words, the general tension subsided markedly.

This time, teachers from nine countries participated in the exchange. Dishes from eight national cuisines were prepared, but there were none Chinese.

In fact, Josephine did not attach particular importance to Chinese teachers, and she was biased towards Chinese cuisine.

Mo Fan managed to turn the attention of all those present to the question of food. Firstly, if they continued to discuss scientific issues, they would have been definitely revealed, and secondly, he really noticed that there were no Chinese dishes on the table, although the main teacher ordered the food.

Obviously, she does not respect them !!

Of course, they are fake teachers. But Mo Fan was still not happy that the Chinese teachers enjoyed such a low position abroad!

“Ah, that turns out to be your omission.” And I wanted to pay special attention to your training, but as a punishment you will attend my classes with common rights. I will definitely do the roll call! – said Mo Fan.

Sejal’s naive eyes looked at Mo Fan in bewilderment.

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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