Chapter 22: Dungeon test


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After the great magic training, lunch break. I was talking to Ivis in the hallway.

“I mean, are you the Lord, the Demon King of violence?”

“Oh, the name of the demon king of violence is Anos Voldigord, which was rewritten by someone as Avos Dilhevia.”

Without a headache, Ivis asked.

“Who’s who?”

“I don’t know yet, I guess he’s erased your memory.”

“got it”

Ivis put his hand on his lips to think.

“It’s clear that my memory has been erased, but it’s understandable, but Anos, isn’t it your work that erased it?”

With a murderous evil eye, Ivis insights me.

“Sorry, I can’t show you any evidence you didn’t do.”

“You are competent. But if you compete with the demon king of violence, you cannot abandon it.”

Time manipulation Ivis is not stupid. From a memoryless point of view, there’s no way to tell if I’m real. If so, it’s only natural to doubt that you might be an enemy. Anyway, as far as he knows, only I can use the magic of <>.

It is one of the candidates who can go back 2,000 years ago and remember their memories from the beginning. There is no wonder when I wonder if I was trying to erase my memory and take the place of the Demon King of Violence, who was approaching as a friend.

“But let’s be neutral for now. I feel nostalgic.”

“I’m glad if you do that.”


Ivis has left.

“… I’m Ivis Necron, the Seven Demon Elders …?”

“… That’s true … We can’t talk to Ivis-sama even in black clothes, but what about those white-wear students …?”

“Hey, maybe you’re not a non-conforming person …?”

“Why is the non-conforming person with Elder Seven Devil …”

Are they not two sets? But the students here love rumors. I guess there’s no way to care about people.


He was called out and turned around and found Emilia.

“It’s a lost item. Please give it to me.”

The stigmatized brand that receives the Emblem from Emilia is the six-pointed star. Not mine.

“Who is it?”

“I’m a member of your team.”

Sasha or Misha, but I didn’t see the number of pentagrams on the school badge.

“Which is it?”

“… I’m not Sasha.”

Make strange words. I would say Misha.

“But it’s negligent to use me all the way. I’ll give it myself.”

I thought it was a surprise, but Emilia just looked annoyed. Well, good. Misha would be looking for this too.

“I’ll give you”

He turned his heels and Emilia said on my back.

“We have a dungeon exam in the afternoon, so please gather at the entrance to the underground dungeon instead of the training room.”


Leave the place. Chasing Misha’s magic, she came to the Del Zogade courtyard. There are crowds. At the center were Sasha and Misha.

“Sorry, I can’t help. If you want to join the group, tell Anos.”

“But, Sasha-sama. I don’t want to work with that non-conforming person at all.

“Well, then I can’t help. What I don’t hear even if I say.”

It looks like Sasha’s former members. Apparently I want to join my group with Sasha. Somehow, I’m desperately trying to get him out. Misha is next to me, but no one will talk. If you want to join my group, you can get Misha out there. It’s normal to think that Misha, who was in the first place, is closer to me than Sasha who joined the team halfway. Is it because Misha is in white clothes? Can’t we simply ask because there is no contact with Misha?

Speaking of which, I’ve never seen Misha talking to other demons. Well, I don’t have the character to talk to myself, maybe because I’m usually with me.

“Sasha-sama. Are you satisfied with being a member of that nonconforming person? Do you have any thoughts?”

Sasha has a disgusted look.

“It’s inevitable because it’s a contract. And if you want to despise Anos as just a non-conforming person, only those who can complete the fusion magic should do so.”

Immediately, the students silenced. It seems that there is no guzzling sound.

“It’s alright. Go on.”

The students left in a wind of reluctance. Well, I call out to Sasha sighing.

“It’s a pretty painful refusal to complain to me.”

I don’t think I was there. Sasha turned around after her eyes were rounded.

“… I’m noisy … they just were annoyed …”

Sasha says weakly.

“Misha is a lost item.”

Offer a school badge.

“……Thank you……”

Misha receives the school badge and wears her uniform.

“Have you come to pick me up?”

“What is that?”

“… Dungeon test in the afternoon …”

He also talked about Emilia, but after this, there seems to be a dungeon test. In simple terms, it’s a test that takes you into a labyrinth deep underground at Delzogade. Similar to the team-based competition test, the team will be acting. Collect magical tools, weapons, and armor placed in the dungeon and compete for their scores.

He gave a lecture on how to train labyrinth hunting skills, but the quick story is just a treasure hunt.

“It wasn’t that, but it might be just right.”


You have to move a little early because the meeting point is the entrance to the dungeon.

“By the way, Anos. Have you heard the explanation of the exam?”

Scepter: “Oh, it’s a perfect score if you get what was offered at the bottom altar. It’s easy.”

Scepter: “I haven’t heard it at all. It’s a perfect score, but it’s absolutely impossible. The bottom layer is not even a student, even a teacher. I’m even wondering what to do. ”

“If so, why is it in the evaluation item?”

Scepter “… I don’t know if I’m told that, because there’s a tradition that it’s underground.”

Good grief. Why is this institution so suitable at all?

The Demon King’s Army: Was the Scepter a Wand Enhancing the Magic of <>?

“Yes, it’s said to be the staff of the Demon King made by the founder.”

“That’s it.”

“… Say the right thing again. Well, good. Let’s go. It’s time.”

As I started, Misha, who was next to me, looked up at me.

“… how do you know …?”

“My castle!”

Misha cocks her neck. I headed to the underground dungeon entrance, thinking that it wasn’t long before.

Already there were two sets of students. When we get in place, the bell of class starts ringing.

Thought Communication: “I’m going to start the dungeon exam now. The ownership of the items I got in the dungeon rests with the team leader. The time limit is until 9 o’clock in the morning tomorrow. No problem. If you give up, please tell your teacher with <>. ”

Emilia opens the door of the underground dungeon.

“May the blessings of the founders be upon you”

Along with the signal, the students of each group begin to pour at once. I was walking slowly without any hurry.

“Don’t be afraid. You’ll be able to go ahead. The dungeon test is a first-come-first-served match, so it’s not like walking long!”

“Should be fine”

“It’s okay …”

“If you want to go, you can go ahead.”

“I can’t help going alone.”

Looking back, Sasha walks a little further. There are monsters in the test, but the students who took the lead defeated us, so we were able to proceed slowly in the dungeon.

“That’s right.”

“Why do you know?”

“Because I’ve been.”

Sasha still reluctantly walks as I say, even though she looks so incredible.

When I got down about ten layers, Misha said.

“… Can I ask …?”

“What happened?”

“… What should I give for my birthday …?”

Misha stares at Sasha’s back in front of him.

“Are you Sasha?”

Missha nodded.


So that’s it. That’s a sudden story. Well, it was yesterday that we reconciled, so it can’t be helped.



“Do you have anything you want now?”

“I’m determined to be the best in this test.”

It’s an uncomfortable answer.

“That’s right?”

“… I was in trouble …”

“I can give you the best gift.”

Misha shook her head from side to side.

“… I want something that I will never forget …”

That’s a lot of hurdles again.

“Would you please anything you think?”


“Because I was happy to make up.”

Misha thinks in silence.

“I like clothes”

Clothes? There was something nice in the treasure trove at the bottom of the dungeon.

“There’s something Sasha could be happy with.”


“Just underground here. If it’s still there, I’ll do it for you.”

Misha smiled unusually.

“……Thank you……”

“By the way, when is your birthday?”


Really. Are you twins? Certainly they are very similar.

“What do you want?”

Misha thinks for a while.

“……I do not need……”

“I don’t have to be shy.”

“… I can’t see you …”

Even if you can’t meet tomorrow, you can always give a birthday present. Or is there really nothing you want? Well, should I push it?

“By the way, how many Mishas will be?”

“… 15 tomorrow …”

So, is Sasha fifteen? She was born 15 years ago, and the founder of the Demon King reincarnated this year. Still, Sasha is rumored to be the reincarnation of the founder.

In other words, reincarnation is not literal. Rather than being born as a baby, the founder of the Demon King may have been born and thought to be reincarnated in a powerful and powerful vessel. I didn’t specifically tell me how I would be reincarnated, but maybe I was reincarnated as being different from my tradition. If the Demon King’s Academy was created not to search for the founder, but instead to recognize me as the founder, it is possible.

“Anosut? This is the dead end.”

Sasha looked back at the end.

“Oh, it’s a hidden passage.”

“That’s not it. There’s nothing you can do with your eyes.”

“I’m taking measures so that I can’t understand it with evil eye.”

With that said, I go straight to the end of the wall and go straight.

“Eh … hey, Anos …?”

Dogan, my head hits the wall and the wall is destroyed. As I walked brute force, the walls were smashed into the shape of my body.

“Huh …!?”

“… sturdy …”

“Sure, it’s ridiculous like a fool, and it’s amazing, but … is that a hidden passage?”

“… I don’t know the demon eyes …”

“There’s nothing magical …”

I told Sasha and Misha, who stood up and stood up.

“come quickly”

Sasha walks away, faced by a fox.

“I’m just breaking the wall.”


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