Chapter 22 Rebuilding martial artifact


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When three of them returned to the courtyard, Chu Hu cheered loudly right after closing the door.

Shuixiang stood beside Chu Hu and showed traces of excitement.

From today on, Chu Xingyun is the new patriarch of Chu family.

“Okay, if you shout again, I’ll throw you off.” Chu Xingyun turned his eyes and took out several jade bottles. He put them on the table and said, “Take these bottles of quenching agent first, and condense the martial artifact as soon as possible.”

When Chu Hu heard that, he stared at him and said, “Did I hear you right, Master, these bottles of body quenching medicine are for me?”

“If you don’t want it, you can give them all to Shui Xiang.” Chu Xingyun pouted his mouth and pretended to pick up the jade bottle.

Chu Hu hurriedly took a few steps, reached out and grabbed two jade bottles in his hands, and said with a laugh, “For what reason would I not take the medicine from my young master?”

As he spoke, Chu Hu hid Quenching Dan in his arms. The expression immediately made Shui Xiang giggle.

“You are really like a child.” Chu Xingyun also laughed, but soon became serious and said to Chu Hu, “Just now I fought with Chu Hai. I have a good understanding of my strenght. I now have to close the door and practice later. In these days, I have something for you to do.”

“Say, Master.” Seeing Young Master Chu’s serious expression, Chu Hu no longer laughs and plays.

“A few days ago, I reached a cooperation with Baibao Tower to develop the spiritual resources of Fengqi Mountain. This matter is very important to the Chu family. I want to leave it to you to deal with it.”

“Cooperation?” Chu tiger was stunned for a while, and surprised to hear Chu Xingyun.

Chu Xingyun nodded and said, “Yes, you are responsible for the whole thing. No one has the right to ask anything, nor to interfere. Besides, you have to choose some trusted people and train them well to fight Chu Pingtian.”

As Chu Xingyun said before, once Chu Hai died, he and Chu Pingtian became blood enemies.

It’s Reasonable to say, Chu Ping-tian will not let Chu Xingyun live, he will certainly try to kill him in every way.

Chu Xingyun must have his own power to stand firm against it.

The mining of Fengqi Mountain is a wonderful opportunity.

“I see.” When Chu Hu heard Chu Xingyun’s words, he not only didn’t put off his words, but he was excited with his eyes shining and had the appearance of showing his hands and feet.

Subsequently, Chu Xingyun talked to Chu Hu about some cooperation related matters. After Chu Hu heard about this cooperation, he had a lot of opinions, some ideas were exquisite, which made Chu Xingyun’s eyes shine.

“Letting You handle this matter, there will certainly be no mistakes, but I did not expect that you would do so well, and also give me a surprise.” Chu Xingyun looked at Chu Hu with a satisfied look.

Not long after Chu Xingyun left Xifeng City in his last life, he heard that Chu Hu left Chu’s home and was appreciated by a Chamber of Commerce and reached Yin and Yang.

In just one year, Chu Hu entered the Chamber of Commerce and took office as a staff officer, showing a very good vision and ability.

Chu Hu has depended on Chu Xingyun since childhood. In the most difficult time, Chu Hu did not leave and silently supported Chu Xingyun.

His loyalty, combined with his ability, makes him best person to manage the exploitation of spiritual materials.

Talking till late at night, three people went back to their rooms.

Entering the inner space of the samsara stone, Chu Xingyun did not immediately begin to practice, but meditated.

“This family meeting, although had its twists and turns, was not far from what I expected. After some words and deterrence from Qinshan, I believe that there will be a lot of people who choose to support me and give up on Chu Pingtian.” Chu Xingyun made a summary in his heart.

Chu Xingyun was well prepared for this family meeting, and everything was under his control.

Even if Qinshan failed in the end, he had many ways to retreat.

Just doing that, had great risks, not only would it expose the bottom card, but also will cause tremendous damage to Chu Xingyun’s body.

After all, at this moment, he is no longer a chattering super emperor, only the four level heavens of hardened body, in order to overcome the second level realm of gathering spirit of Chu Ping Tian, he must pay a high price.

“Strength, I still need strength!” With this in mind, Chu Xingyun’s eyes flashed a sharp light, his right hand extended, and in his palm immediately bloomed a grey halo.

The gray halo, which emits a lot of glow, condensed into a vicious wolf beast, dark hair, sharp teeth, especially the sharp claws, showing the red color of killing.

If Chu Ping-tian was present at this moment and saw this scene, he would surely be surprised to have his mouth wide open. This wolf animal is actually the martial ghost of Chu Hai: ghost, demon and wolf!

Originally, in the instant of killing Chu Hai, Chu Xingyun performed an unknown skill. Without knowing the ghost, he swallowed the ghost, wolf and martial artifact into his body and suppressed them until now.

“Do You hate me?” Chu Xingyun could feel the cold eyes of the ghost wolf and gave a faint laugh.

Martial Artifact is originally the soul of the martial artist.

Before the death of Chu Hai, he was full of hatred for Chu Xingyun, which naturally affected the ghost wolf and made him hate Chu Xingyun.

The ghost wolf stared at Chu Xingyun indifferently and gave out a roar. Then he sprinted forward and came straight at Chu Xingyun, which was as ghostly as a ghost.

The ghostly wolf claws with red rays sweep across to tear Chu Xingyun alive into pieces.

“Even Chu Hai died in my hands. What’s the use of your resistance?” Chu Xingyun holds the sword of the martial artifact, and at the moment when the ghost, the devil and the wolf move, he also makes a move.

The unreal wind sounded, Chu Xingyun appeared in front of the ghost wolf, a Sword Pierced straight, almost instantly cut off the claws of the ghost wolf.

“Abhorrent!” A cold cry came out from Chu Xingyun’s mouth. His left palm suddenly rose with a strange black flame and patted it heavily on the eyebrows of the ghost wolf.

The ghost wolf uttered a sad cry, and then his body trembled, like the frost of a fire, and began to melt, finally turning into a thumb-sized gray stone.

“In my last life, the first time I swallowed second level martial artifact, I felt that there was still room for me. I don’t know if I can swallow third level martial artifact this time.” Chu Xingyun picked up the gray stone and murmured in a low voice.

Modifying martial artifact is by no means simple.

Once a practitioner begins to transform martial artifact, he must endure endless pain. If martial artifact is too high in rank, the pain will probably hurt his life.

That’s why Chu Xingyun is so cautious. Third level martial artifact should be his limit now.

Chu Xingyun adjusted his state to the peak, his mind moved slightly, wrapped gray stone with spiritual power, and slowly merged into the sword of martial artifact.

“Ah!” As soon as the grey stone was merged into the sword of martial artifact, Chu Xingyun felt the pain of tearing his heart and lungs. On the sword martial artifcat, a sudden burst of grey gloom appeared.

These grey glows, very strange, as if every way, contains the spirit of the ghost wolf, into the sword of the martial arts, so that the body of the sword began to become fickle, like a ghost, emitting a morose chill.

“It’s a third level martial artifact. Just after the transformation, the sword martial artifact has the characteristics of ghost, devil and wolf.” Chu Xingyun looked up at the mutant sword martial artifact, and his heart was filled with expectation.

What Chu Xingyun did not know, however, was the moment he entered the state of practice.

The book of the reincarnated on the stone platform shivered without warning, and a faint light, if not, came out, enveloping the whole space.

It was just this scene that appeared so suddenly that it could be said to be without warning. Even Chu Xingyun did not find it…

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