Chapter 2200: An Unrecognized Teacher


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By the appointed time, Mo Fan went to his own lecture. He deliberately did not put on an official suit, choosing the clothes in which he felt like a true handsome.

For the sake of this activity, Mo Fan spent the whole night talking via video link with Ping Zhoulong. That simple words tried to explain to him the essence of combining magic. Hearing that the magician will give a lecture on this topic at the University of Ojos, Ping Zhoulong was upset that he personally could not attend.

Of course, it would be more correct to give all the laurels of research to him ….

Entering the classroom, Mo Fan ofigel …. Against the background, as if quiet music sounded, and the audience seemed to rush a tumbleweed – it was so crowded there.

“Why … so few people?” – the magician stared.

Mo Fan himself well understood the number of interested people, so he rented an audience of only 200 people – at the University of Ochos, it is considered “average” …

Inside there were only more than ten people, among whom was Sejal – the rest of the guys came only out of respect for her.

The magician was so impressed with his first lecture with several hundred students, and now he seems to have collapsed to the ground!

It turns out, if not for Sedzhal, no one would have come to him at all ?!

Each of them has 2 coins, only 13 people … – he spent 100 coins on rent, and earned only 26 ….

He is at a loss of 74 coins!

This is a blow to pride!

Really, none of the local “scholars” understands what benefit the merging of elements can bring to them ?!

With a sour face on his face, Mo Fan did the lesson as planned.


At the end of the lesson, Mo Fan, having calmed down a bit, left.

The head of the student council, Sedzhal, followed him.

Realizing the teacher’s bitterness, she said in a whisper: “True knowledge never receives universal recognition. Take even Pythagoras, who was the first to suggest that the Earth is round … ”

“You’re trying to console me.” I can’t give you private lessons … you know, before coming here I didn’t even think of becoming a popular teacher. I have my own mission here, but I must admit that what happened today greatly upset me, ”answered Mo Fan.

– The combination of elements has not yet taken shape in a separate branch of the science of magic – it is not surprising that people do not want to listen to a theory that has practically no foundation. If you want to attract more students, you will have to change the topic, but I want to study this one … other lectures can help students broaden their horizons and only indirectly affect their cultivation, but your topic … it can turn our whole magical world! – Sedzhal sincerely said.

Mo Fan was struck by the depth of her thinking.

That’s the difference between gifted students and ordinary students – they think very differently!

“If Ping Zhoulong had heard you now, he would surely have done it with happiness!” – exhaled Mo Fan.

– Ping Zhoulong – is this the same researcher from Guangzhou that you spoke about in your lecture? – asked the student.

– Yes. He understands this much more than I do. If my lectures are not enough for you, then for further research you can turn to him, ”the magician answered.

“Guangzhou … well, I’ll go there when the American National Tournament ends,” the girl nodded. From her gaze it was clear that she spoke seriously.

“Sejal, I want to ask you something.”

– Anything.

– The remaining 12 students came because of you?

Sedzhal at first was a little embarrassed, but, realizing that there was no sense in deceiving the teacher, she said: “I paid for them … I knew that this topic interests me only.”

“Very generous of you,” Mo Fan smiled.

– Teacher, I paid for 11 people, but there was another one that paid for itself. So, teacher Moyfan, congratulations, you have as many as 2 genuinely interested students ….

Tears almost came to Mo Fan’s eyes ….

Turns out there was someone else!


Looking at the schedule, Mo Fan saw that for the next Blanca lecture there was a price of as much as 6 gold – the magician almost had a heart attack! The thousandth audience was again filled to capacity. Somewhere deep down, Mo Fan understood that in magic he hardly lags behind Blanca, but in teaching ….

The only good news was that in the remaining lectures of Prince Bampo there was no initial excitement – only 200-300 students who did not occupy even half of the large audience sat until the end.

When you yourself are not competitive, you begin to rejoice even at other people’s failures.


– Mo Fan, it’s better to immediately appoint your next lecture in a cafe so as not to spend money on rent! Our lessons with Mu Bay are also not particularly in demand, but at least we are not going to minus like you! – said Zhao Man Yan.

“What do you understand ?!” The day will come when for my lectures even a thousandth hall will be few, and those who wish will not be able to buy tickets for 10 gold! – angry Mo Fan.

“A lesson in magical zoology will begin soon,” said Mu Bai.

– We will carry out along with the discipline of the battle, at least somehow save …. Mo Fan lectures do not come at all, and soon we will be left without students, ”breathed Zhao Man Yan.

– What are you talking about ?! And who at the very beginning slipped me a theory ?! I’m telling you, I must conduct a lesson in the conduct of the battle – you will rake the loot with a shovel! Is there even more experienced Mo Fan in this world ?!

“You say that all the time!” Compare me too! Yes, you are against the background of students – like a professional basketball player against ordinary amateurs. It’s easy to sound cool in this case! – responded Zhao Man Yan.

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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