Chapter 2201: Teacher Mo brings Income


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Mu Bai nodded immediately.

Who does not know that Mo Fan is very strong. In the lesson in combat, he revealed his identity by saying that he was Mo Fan – winner of international competitions. And thereby he secured a complete student audience.

Interestingly, all these students really wanted to learn from him, or just came to take a look?

But even if Mo Fan immediately began to teach the subject of warfare, his personality would also quickly be revealed. After all, he is too famous all over the world, his magic tricks also gained immense popularity. The guy has a bunch of fans to hide his identity and this teacher exchange plan was invented.

“We need to save money, next time with a joint teaching revel, let them do the Banpo better, and we come to do other things,” Mu Bai tried to calm the angry Mo Fan.

– Less sarcasm. We need to deal with the Black Church and be successful in teaching, otherwise what do you later boast of when you return to your homeland? – said Mo Fan.

“Yeah, I really admire you!” – said Zhao Man Yan, showing Mo Fan the thumb.

“Mo Fan, your classes will now only be next week.” So then, I and Zhao Man Yan will go to the Andes for a lesson. To hire one guard, you will need 200 coins. 50 students signed up for our lesson to take them all out to the countryside, the university requires at least 5 guards. Even if you hire the cheapest security guards, you will have to spend 1,500 gold coins … If you don’t bring us a little income, then this money will be enough, ”said Zhao Man Yan.

– In terms of? – asked Mo Fan.

– Fucking businessman out of you. If you come to earn some money for our lesson, then we can save at least 200 coins, because you fully meet the requirements set for the guard, ”Mu Bai answered.

– Your mother, I’m a teacher! Why on earth should I become some kind of guard ?!

“Well, if you don’t want to, then invest your money.” 200 gold coins is 200 thousand dollars. And if you translate them into yuan, then this is generally 15 million 600 thousand. But for you it’s not money at all, but a penny! – said Mu Bai.

– Okay, I’ll go with you!

– Are you sure?


Money, although small, but here it comes to dignity!

Why on earth should he invest his money as a teacher ?!

Therefore, Mo Fan finally decided to temporarily become an employee of the security service, if simpler, then a security guard. Maybe he can figure out who will come to his class next week.

Mo Fan set a goal: more than 10 people should come in the next lesson!


Classes outside the university were considered a big deal, most often they were held for 3-7 days, and students had to pay as much as fifty coins, instead of two, as in a regular lesson.

50 students, each with 50 coins, as a result, the income will be 2500 gold coins.

If students give a good feedback, the university will award teachers with a prize. If in the mountains you can get expensive magical materials or corpses of magical creatures, then all this will need to be brought to the University.

As a result, the profit from such an activity will be 2500 gold coins!

– We’ll earn money and reveal the talents of students. We have to send Mo Fan to the battle with monsters, and if he wins, then we will definitely have a lot of money! Students will be delighted and write good reviews about the lesson, – Zhao Man Yan already shared the skin of an unkilled bear.

– Expenses can be calculated only after class. If students give bad reviews about us, then we won’t earn 1000 coins either, ”said Mu Bai seriously.

– Why, when we were students, then everything was fine in terms of money? And as they became teachers, they immediately turned into beggars!

– Changing professions is not easy!


50 students, most of whom came to class because of Mu Bai.

Mu Bai has always been an excellent student at the university, and his knowledge of monsters was no different from the knowledge of Mo Fan or Zhao Man Yan, so the students chose him.

Mo Fan and Zhao Man Yan were not meant to be teachers.

But students were not allowed to say that they were just guards. The mages pretended to be assistants in Mu Bai’s classes.

“Mo Fan, your little tail has also appeared,” Zhao Man Yan saw Sejal, who stood out from the crowd of students.

None of the 50 students knew that Sedzhal, the chairman of the student council, would go with them, the students were surprised, especially the guys.

– Usually I go to classes outdoors when more than 100 students have registered. I signed up anonymously, so you did not see my name on the lists. I can help you with the organization of the lesson and tell you how to attract more students, ”said Sejal Mo Fanu, her eyes shone with joy.

One hundred students are five thousand gold coins! Yes they are rich!

– I am both a student and the chairman of the student council. If you want to know about the direction in which you need to work with students, then I can help, ”said Sejal.

– Yes, help your beloved teacher! – answered Mo Fan.

– Your theory must be combined with the practice of warfare. As I noticed, in practice you are good, but in theory not very, ”replied Sejal.

“Yes, I know a lot in theory, I just can’t put it into words,” Mo Fan nodded.

– If all three teachers are confident in their strength and knowledge, then I suggest that our lesson be held in the Andes – there are highlanders! Andean highlanders are those monsters to which our university pays special attention. Their methods of reprisal are very cruel, while they behave secretly and suspiciously. The highlanders have two hobbies, the first is to kill people, the second is to collect jewelry. If the highlanders become the topic of the lesson, even more students will sign up for you.

“Sedzhal, we from the very beginning chose the Highlanders as the topic of an extra-curricular activity, but to head to the habitat of these creatures, we need at least 10 security officers.” If students want, they can choose more reliable teachers than us. “You students do not understand teachers at all,” said Mo Fan.

– And you say one thing, and do it differently. Announce to students that the theme of this lesson will be mountain animals, but there are no students who would not be interested in highlanders. Quickly get rid of the mountain animals, and then immediately head to the den of the mountaineers. The main thing is that there is no danger to the lives of students, but if they see monsters with their own eyes, then upon returning to the university, students will provide you with a good reputation. There are not many students at Holy Ojos University, so good rumors about you will fly very quickly. And even more students will register for the next extracurricular lesson, because they will know that you will allow them to face dangerous monsters, ”said Sejal instructively.

Mo Fan nodded his head.

Yes, Sejal knew what she was talking about. Any student wants to meet a very strong monster, and not those small creatures whom teachers usually palm off on them. If students can encounter a strong monster in a safe environment, this will be of great benefit to the University of Ochos!

“Thank you, Sejal.”

“Not at all, teacher Moyfan.”

Nearby, Mu Bai and Zhao Man Yan rolled their eyes from the conversation they heard.

Now Sejal looked like an experienced teacher, and Mo Fan was like a little chicken!

But Sedzhal called Mo Fanya “teacher”, although it would be nice for them to switch roles …

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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