Chapter 2202: Identify a Monster by Litter (Part 1)


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“Hey, aren’t you a theory teacher?” I was at your first lesson, when did you manage to turn into a guard? The girl screamed, seemingly near-sighted, pointing to Mo Fan.

The girl liked three pretty Asian teachers, and she was glad to seize the opportunity and make contact with them.

Mo Fan’s face immediately changed, he felt very embarrassed. What is wrong with this student? She has no brains at all, or what? You can’t substitute a teacher like this!

“I always wanted to visit the Andes, and then an extra-curricular lesson was just planned, so I decided to go with you and see with my own eyes what real great mountains are,” answered Mo Fan, he could not talk about 200 gold coins.

Usually, local teachers of low rank played the role of guards, and foreign teachers held higher posts – they were supervisors, doctors of sciences. Which high-level teacher agrees to provide safety for students in extracurricular activities?

– Ah, then be careful, if something happens, then you immediately hide or run away. If none of the guards is near you, you can stay with me. Although I am small, miniature, my fighting force is very powerful! – said the stupid girl.

– Yeah thanks. By the way what is your name? – asked Mo Fan.

– You can call me Paulina. Teacher, I like your lessons, you explain not as an ordinary teacher, but much more interesting, even I understand everything, ”said Paulina, smiling broadly.

“Next week on Friday I will be teaching a lesson again, don’t forget to come,” Mo Fan immediately took the opportunity.

Business is business. But he still has charisma!

– Dear students, be careful, ahead are the tracks of a monster. It looks like it’s a mountain beast. Please keep order, no need to wander around. If you see a monster, don’t get close to it, ”Mu Bai said loudly, so that everyone would hear.

– Teacher, I am a mage of the element of sound, there is no movement in the vicinity. Why did you decide there is a monster nearby? – said the seemingly arrogant guy – a student.

Each student paid 50 gold coins to attend an extracurricular activity. The students of the Holy University of Ojos were the most talented in the whole world, their knowledge was sometimes even superior to some teachers. Simply put, if students notice that the teacher is wrong, then they will immediately write a complaint to him and ask for a refund for the lesson!

– What’s your name? – asked Mu Bai.

“Sunny, an outstanding student at Ojos University,” the guy replied.

The title of an outstanding student was attributed to one who was good in all subjects – both in theory and in practice. The university paid a good scholarship to such students, much more than ordinary students.

“Sunny, listen again,” said Mu Bai.

– I listened, there are no monsters here! Sunny said convincingly.

– In the squad, the most important thing is the magicians – scouts who possess elements of sound, wind or shadow. They collect information for the entire detachment, and the magician of the sound element in general should love and appreciate the entire detachment, ”Mu Bai answered after some time.

Sunny smiled, so he got his way.

The magicians of the element of sound, like the magicians of healing, were the most necessary in the detachment. The mage of the sound element can prevent mortal danger by warning the rest of the squad. And the magician of the healing element could restore the powers of the magicians if something did happen.

“If you went to the mountains on your own — without teachers and guards, then you would be responsible for the safety of the entire detachment,” said Mu Bai.

The smile immediately disappeared from Sunny’s face; he wanted to swindle Mu Bai, but he could not. After all, after all, this Asian is his teacher.

– Listen well again! Said Mu Bai in a serious tone.

Sunny stared in surprise at Mu Bai, although he was angry with this teacher, but decided to obey his order.

The guy closed his eyes, listening to what was happening. Although within a radius of three kilometers there was a very difficult terrain in which there were a lot of caves, but the magician heard everything very clearly.

100 meters behind him, two students whispered, one said to the other: “Teacher Mu Han is very pretty.”

500 meters ahead was a wild deer, he raced with all his might.

At a distance of two kilometers, the stone rolled down the mountain and fell to its foot.

At a distance of three kilometers, the sounds were not so clear, and it was unclear whether these were sounds of the wild, or whether it was a monster moving.

No, there’s no monster here. The teacher was clearly mistaken …

* Tun-tun!

* Tun-tun!

Suddenly, Sunny again heard a faint sound of movement, about 500 meters ahead of him.

Maybe it’s that wild deer?

No, the sound of deer hooves sounds completely different. This sound was more like drumming.

Five hundred meters away, a wild deer, passing through a dense bush, suddenly accelerated and ran in a panic into the depths of the forest. This time Sunny heard the drumming again, only now it sounded much faster, but evenly, as before.

That sound …


Big monster heartbeat!

Wild deer again ran out of the forest, where he was hiding. The big monster seemed to be confused, but did not deliver a sudden blow to the deer. The monster still stood motionless in the bush, patiently watching his prey!

In addition to the wild deer, there was also a large monster nearby, which was approaching their squad!

Damn it!

And this monster was very dangerous, in a few minutes it will be right in front of them, and then the guards will not have time to apply any protection. The monster will devour all students!

Sunny opened his eyes, droplets of sweat appeared on his forehead. His arrogance immediately disappeared somewhere, now he did not believe what was happening!

“Teacher Mu Han, you are also a mage of the element of sound.” Have you heard the heartbeat before? Asked Sunny.

“Do you understand now that you were wrong?” – asked Mu Bai.

“Sorry, I was not careful,” said Sunny, who was very ashamed.

– If for you it was a real outing in the wild, without teachers and guards, then such inattention could cost someone’s life. In addition, I warned you in advance, but you decided to do it your own way. A student at Ohos University, what to take from you, – Mu Bai began to taunt the student.

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