Chapter 2203. Identify the monster by litter (Part 2)


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Upon hearing this, the students immediately got excited. Someone jumped to their feet, some began to object:

– Your cultivation is higher, which Sunny, of course you heard. You are a teacher!

“And who told you that teacher Mu Han is a mage of sound?” – said Zhao Man Yan.

“If you are not a mage of sound, then how did you know that there is a mountain monster five hundred meters from us?” – surprised Sunny.

Mu Bai did not answer immediately. He made the group follow him.

Empty words will not have the desired effect. Having approached the thickets of the bush, Mu Bai did not wait for the attack of the monster, but immediately applied the technique of the ice sarcophagus and turned the section of thickets into an ice sculpture!

Students have not even realized the presence of a mountain monster. Running closer, in the midst of an icy shrub, they really saw a seven-meter mountain monster. He crawled among the thickets, a shadow of doubt froze on his ugly face. It was as if he could not understand how the enemy had revealed it.

Seeing the mountain monster, the students began to gasp excitedly. The monster got so close, but they didn’t even feel! If not for the teacher, then someone of them would be a victim!

“I am not a mage of sound, and have not heard his heartbeat.” But there are other ways to find out that a monster is nearby … – Mu Bai pointed to a bush, – the excrement of many creatures serves as a breeding ground for low vegetation. If you see that in some place the vegetation is distributed in such small areas, this means that in this place one or more mountain monsters have been active for a long time.

– Right, right! Teacher Mu Han told us about this in the lesson. By the distribution of low vegetation cover, you can understand whether you entered the territory of the lone monster. Also, by the area of each of the green islands, you can determine the size of the monster! – exclaimed one of the students.

The size of the stool affects the irrigation area of the land. After the next rain, a certain piece of land is covered with young vegetation.

This skill can only be mastered by an experienced hunter. Only students emerging from under the wing of the university may think that exploring the excrement of monsters is an unpleasant and useless activity. But this skill is extremely useful and is indispensable in most monster habitats!

– When we first went into the forest, the vegetation cover was rather rare. But gradually he became thicker. This suggests that the monster spends most of his time here, ”continued Mu Bai’s lecture.

“But it’s all just speculation, right?” Sunny asked doubtfully.

– Information that a large creature is probably nearby is quite enough. You will be careful to move around and closely monitor changes in the situation. This is enough to save a life, ”said Mu Bai.

– Right, right!

– Yes, the worst thing is a surprise attack. When something strange is being thrown at you, then you will not have time to apply magic! “I heard that 60 percent of the deaths of undergraduates occurred precisely during the sudden attack,” Paulina said innocently.

“Teacher Mu Han, I’m sorry that I listened to your lessons inattentively.” But I still don’t understand how, without magic of sound, you could determine the exact location of a monster? Sunny asked earnestly.

“Mosquitoes,” Sejal heard a low voice at that moment.

– That’s right, mosquitoes. Each shrub is a cluster of mosquitoes. It is necessary to pay attention to this. If there are no mosquitoes above the bush, most likely a mountain monster is hiding there, ”said Mu Bai.

Students surrounded Mu Bay from all sides and listened with open mouths.

That’s it!

– To determine the distribution of vegetation or to observe the accumulation of mosquitoes – even entry-level mages can easily do such things, and even an ordinary person can. Therefore, if you are well versed in magical zoology, you can survive even in a distant ancient forest, ”Mu Bai instructively explained.

Caught in a ring of admiring glances, Mu Bai almost glowed with pride. And the sound mage Sunny wanted to fail on the spot.

Seeing that Mu Bai sharply raised his authority in the eyes of students, Mo Fan gritted his teeth with envy.

Your mother, he’s a seven-star hunter. If he himself taught magical zoology, students would bow before him! And in the end, all the laurels went to the dung boy Mu Bai!


Mu Bai and Zhao Man Yan took turns replacing each other in the lecture. On this trip, trust in them has increased markedly. Students all as one carefully wrote down everything. Now there was not a single scornful look.

Mo Fan reluctantly performed his duties as a guard, occasionally chatting with Miyamoto-san.

On this trip, Miyamoto was also a security guard. He said that he sometimes worked part-time, but in fact was worried that an accident could happen with three young teachers.

– Come here. The teachers told you the basic information about mountain monsters, we still have time. We can learn something else, consider it our gift, ”said Mo Fan.

– Teacher Moyfan, I think you should not take students there. Behind that gorge, the territory of the mountaineers begins. Students really liked your lesson, you will probably receive good reviews upon your return … – Miyamoto-san tried to stop them.

– What? Need to cross the Wormy Gorge ??

– In the field lessons in which I participated, it was never allowed to go there! But I heard that there were some older students with their mentors.

– Highlanders live there, they say they are terrible!

The worm gorge was considered the boundary that most university students had never crossed!

Classes that are allowed to enter the Wormy Gorge usually cost 300 gold coins each! Usually, teachers take only outstanding students with them, and for them, ordinary students, there is no chance to get there.

– Yes, we planned to go there and look around. With our qualifications, telling you only about mountain monsters seems like a waste of time. You can decide for yourself who wants to come with us. If not, then come back with Miyamoto-san, ”said Mu Bai.

Miyamoto-san is gloomy.

He knew that there would be problems with these three teachers from China!

– Dear teachers, let me warn you. If the lesson goes beyond the initial plan, the payment of the guards increases several times. If you are determined to go there, the administration will not impede, but for all that happened, the responsibility will completely fall on you, ”Miyamoto-san said strictly.

“Of course, we take responsibility,” said Mu Bai.

– Monsters can harm students only through mine … through the corpse of our dear Zhao Yanzu! – Mo Fan vouched for Zhao Man Yan.

Zhao Man Yan barely restrained himself from swearing.

Since when did he become a nanny ??

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