Chapter 2204. Silver Stag.


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In the highlands of this level, the soil had a strange effect on the local vegetation. All bushes and trees did not exceed a height of ten meters. The vast plains smoothly gave way to mountains and vice versa. But everywhere it was as if an order had been given not to exceed the height of the four-story building.

The immense mountainous terrain looked flat and calm. It was completely incomprehensible in which direction the height above sea level would rise, and where the ridge itself stretched. Getting lost in such a place is easy.

Not all mountains could lead you to a higher level. Reaching the highlands of the Andes and climbing a hill are two different things. Even in some areas of low altitude, individual mountains rise. If you climbed them, then you have to go down again, because they are like an island in the middle of the sea and will not lead you anywhere.

How to identify and circumvent such island highlands is a very important issue. Even Mo Fan, who had the title of a seven-star hunter, could easily get lost here without the help of Lin Lin.

– Orientation by water sources is a very simple and reliable way to determine the direction. On the territory of several kilometers, the relief may fall and rise. Based on this, we may have a false idea that we are going deep or going to the edge of the terrain. Only a water stream cannot fool us. In the dry season, the water source will show you the direction.

After a hundred meters, Mu Bai began the lecture again.

It was a thin winding stream. He has not yet washed his bed in the soil, which means he appeared not so long ago. Such a stream most often cannot serve as a reliable guide. Because if it is a hollow and there is a lake at its bottom, then all the streams in the district will flock to it.

But, of course, Mu Bai did not cheat students. Mo Fan carefully looked around. It was not a hollow and there was no lake nearby.

– Hrum!

Mo Fan tasted the wild fruit. It tasted fresh and sweet.

– Yes, eat more fruits. For days you stare at the meat, how can you not get fat. In addition, hunting is very dangerous, meeting with such stupid students you can and can eat. But if you meet a magician like me, then all your long-term cultivation will be downhill, and you will turn into someone else’s steak.

Mo Fan ate the fruits taken from the Commander-in-Chief and simultaneously taught him.

In the distance a voice came again:

“Teacher Mu Han, walking along a stream is very dangerous.” After all, all creatures need drinking water. And some stronger creatures even live near the water and wait for the game to come into their hands.

– Right. Therefore, using this method you must be extremely vigilant.

– We are moving quite successfully. We walk along the stream, but have not yet met a dangerous creature.

Mu Bai and Zhao Man Yan smiled silently and continued to lead the students deep into the forest.


On the other side of the stream, Mo Fan finished eating the fruit and removed his foot from the head of a mountain monster with silver horns.

– Eat more lean, understand? – Mo Fanya said menacingly, slapping the monster on the head.

– Woo! – the silver stag was so scared that his legs almost buckled, like that of an old weak cow.

He lived for many years, dominating this forest. Nobody has ever disgraced him like that !!

But now his life was in the hands of this man. Even with a more bold disposition, he would not dare to show character in front of him. At this moment, he did not think about the dignity of mountain monsters, nor about the inviolability of his territory.

He will eat lean!

He achieved his power by sacrificing the lives of many weak creatures. But now he thought, maybe in the future he really should lean more on fruit and drink water from a stream? He is ready to never touch forest creatures if he never encounters such a human monster again!

The silver stag slowly raised its heavy head, trying to see if the man had left.

He took away his fruits. He beat him, scolded him, and left ??

Man really left. He caught up with a group of students who recently passed by …

– Woo!

The monster took a long breath. He was close to death.

Recovering, the silver stag realized that he could not hold out on the fruit. He decided that from now on he simply would no longer hang around the water if people were walking!


– It seems not so dangerous here, as the elders said. They always told us that we won’t even be able to get to the Wormy Gorge, let alone cross it, ”said Paulina.

“They probably just intimidated us,” said the guy who was always hanging around her.

– By the way, where is the theory teacher? Where did he go? Was he really so scared that he decided to hide?

– Quiet, he’s coming.

Passing by, Mo Fan gave freshly washed wild fruit to Pauline.

“Thank you teacher,” Paulina bit off the sweet fruit and smiled rather.

“You ducks, too, try,” Mo Fan gave each student a fetus.

Paulina looked like a bright peacock. At university, she was the most attractive girl after Sejal. And the few guys who always followed her on the heels, in the eyes of Mo Fan were no different from wild ducks. Terrible, uncouth, and the character is so-so. Are they really hoping for something?

“The wormy gorge is on its way, be careful,” Miyamoto-san recalled.

None of the students wanted to go back, so the Japanese had no choice but to follow the others.

Seeing that Mo Fan picked up a bag of wild fruits, Miyamoto-san frowned.

– Teacher Moyfan, do not wander wherever you want, it’s dangerous. These fruits are called the fruit of the silver stag, because they grow in the habitats of mountain monsters with silver horns. The horns of these creatures are constantly growing, so every day they go to a certain place to sharpen them. In the place where the particles of their horns remain, these fruits grow. Silver stag bears treasure them. Often, even they themselves do not want to eat them … You are very lucky that you returned safe and sound.

– Yes, yes, now it’s clear why he is so fake to them. It turns out I collected all its precious fruits. Next time I will be more attentive, thanks counselor, ”said Mo Fan.

– In the Andes there are a lot of unusual creatures and plants that are not in other places. You should be more careful, ”Miyamoto-san said.

Miyamoto-san was noticeably nervous. After all, he had to not only observe the safety of students, but also teachers too !!

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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