Chapter 2206: Lotus Pose


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“Wait, I’ll first deal with the creature that is chasing us, and then I’ll tell you.” It’s hard for me to believe it alone, ”said Mu Bai with a suffering face.

“Okay,” Mo Fan answered, not suspecting anything.

Mu Bai, along with his insects, entered that part of the forest where the trees stood tightly pressed against each other. And Mo Fan was still leading the squad.

A mountain road is a path overgrown with grass, littered with leaves that have the shape of a blade, branches that were difficult to break. All this was superimposed in layers and formed a kind of hedge. If this fence is not destroyed, then you can tear your clothes to shreds and scratch a lot.

It was possible to clear the path with the help of magic, but then magical breathing would appear in the air, which could be sensed by nearby animals.

Therefore, Mo Fan did not use magic, he constantly turned around to look at the beautiful and silly Paulina.

Becoming a teacher, you need to force students to work so that they have less arrogance!

“Hey, you two, leave the girl alone and go clear the grass from the road,” said Mo Fan, pointing to the two ducks that surrounded Pauline.

“There are still so many students around, why should we do the dirty work?” Asked the broomstick.

“It is true that we are battle magicians and must guard other students.” Look for someone else to clear the road, said a student in a white shirt.

“Okay, Paulina, then go ahead and clear our way,” said Mo Fan, pointing to the girl.

“Good, teacher,” Paulina nodded and headed forward.

– How can you instruct such a Pauline? Better the two of us go instead of her.

– Yeah, Paulina, stay here, because you have such a thin skin, suddenly, you will get hurt on thorny branches.

The broomstick and the guy in the white shirt immediately rushed forward, the first was an ice mage, and the second a wind mage. At first they froze thickets and branches, and then swept them away with a strong wind, the path immediately became clear.

“Eh, guys are guys,” said Mo Fan.


To show their courage and fearlessness, a broomstick and a guy in a white shirt cleared the way at the speed of light, the detachment did not have time to follow them, and in no time, two students disappeared into the thicket.

“Hey, where are they?” – Mo Fan supported the formation of the detachment, but noticed that two ducks disappeared somewhere.

“Teacher, I heard someone behind us calling for help,” the student girl said convincingly.

“Everything seems to be in place,” Zhao Man Yan counted the students again.

It cannot be. If it shouted Mu Bai, who cannot cope with the monster alone, then it will be a huge shame!

– I did not hear someone screaming. Your mother, where did these two morons run away ?! Why are they not in service ?! – swearing Mo Fan.

-M Teacher Moyfan, I will take other guards and go see what happens there. And you stay where you are, ”said Miyamoto-san.

“Okay, be careful.” If something really happened to one of the students, first come back and let us know about it, ”Mo Fan immediately said.

– Good! – Miyamoto-san took three more guards with him and headed for the end of the line.

At this point, heated discussions and debates began among students.

If someone really called for help, then these places are really very dangerous. In addition, teacher Mu Han, with whom they felt much safer, went somewhere …

“Old man Zhao, look after the students, and I’ll go find these ducks,” said Mo Fan Zhao Man Yan.

– Oh, we have a university or a kindergarten here? – sighed Man Yan.

Mo Fan nevertheless worried about the ducks, they agreed that they would be at a distance of 50 meters from the detachment, and from them the trace had gone cold.

But Mo Fan foresaw everything in advance and left the seal of shadow on the bodies of these two students, wherever they went, Mo Fan could see their footprints. Following the traces that remained on the ground in the form of a gray haze, the magician will soon be able to find them


Thickets of hard-leaved forests, the broomstick complained to his friend: “Who ever goes to the stupid lessons of teacher Moyfan? And here he builds himself of authority! If there is an opportunity, you need to kick his ass properly! ”

“And what did Paulina find in him?” He is ugly, no charisma, and even dumb as a felt boot! In a word, not a teacher – but a swindler!

“You two are very slow!” I’ve been waiting for you here for a hundred years! – the guys heard Pauline’s voice from somewhere in the depths of the forest.

– Run! We are running! – Having heard this, two students immediately increased their speed.

“Maybe she decided to choose one of the two of us?”

– Why choose? We are best friends, let them take us in the kit, ha ha!

– Ha ha ha, what a great university Ojos! What is considered shameful in other universities, this is a common thing with us!

“I like her breasts when the time comes, so don’t take her from me.”

“I won’t, haha.”

Many students at Ochos University had completely open thinking, guys often heard about how other students had fun with each other, but they did not even think that such a sweet and innocent Paulina would want to try this with the two of them!

In addition, in order to do this, it was necessary to lag behind the detachment and win at least a little time.

Suddenly, right on the mountain trail, there were several trees that stood tightly pressed against each other, like a fence.

“How did she find this place?”

– And it excites!

Without hesitation, the guys went behind these trees, already imagining the sexy Paulina, but at that moment a terrible toothy face of the savage – mountaineer appeared before them!

The savage had a few old ragged rags, but basically, her huge muscular body was visible. A huge stone chest rose to the beat of his breath, as if it were a raging sea during a hurricane!

“Still, you have come!” – the savage spoke in exactly the same gentle voice, like Paulina.

The guys were almost sick of the sight of this witch and her sweet little voice!

– This is wild! Go away! Shouted the broomstick.

At first, the savage smiled, exposing a predatory grin, but when she heard the words of the broomstick, she was angry. The highlander woman immediately attacked the guy who did not even have time to apply any magic, and sat down with his gigantic ass on his stomach!

Savage sat on a guy in a lotus position!

From these sensations, the face of the methyl-haired man warped so much that it was scary to look at him!

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