Chapter 2209: Tricky Beasts


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“I will rip off your skin and make a scarf out of it.”

“I like your eyes so much, orange … I’ve never seen one like that.” Wait, while I deal with these trees … I want to turn these eyes in my hands!

“I will hang your body on a tree and wait until all the blood has flowed out of it and it will not dry out, and then I will throw it into the winter reserves …”

– Oh, what a scent! It reaches for several kilometers … I like girls the most … I will get to you, we will live together in our cave with my brothers and parents … and when you grow old, I will eat you!

Voices came one after another to student ears – from everything heard, the hair stood on end.

Girls from the voices began to roar. They are not war magicians, and they were on such a sortie for the first time, therefore, such wild cries acted on them the most!

– Do not panic! They will not be able to penetrate! – came the voice of Sejal.

– How do you know?!

– Yes! You are the head of the student council, you have a lot of artifacts, and you can protect yourself – and we? They surrounded us, and now we will all die, and you will not!

“I didn’t say anything!” Use correspondence – do not make sounds, they can copy our voices! – wrote Sejal on earth, using the magic of the earth.

“So you said or not that we should run away ?!”

“I didn’t say anything!” All shut up! – Sezhal shouted, having understood that nobody really reads her inscriptions.

Why not scream when you tell everyone to use the inscriptions, but no one is listening ?!

That was exactly what Sedzhal said!

The students had no time to read the words on the lips – too many words were already pouring into their ears! Yes, and it was impossible to calm down.

– Follow me! “Sedzhal did not expect that the Highlanders could possess such attack methods.” With the magic of the earth, she wrote these words on the earth so that now everyone could see it – only in this way could the crowd be at least somehow reassured.

– Now all believe only what is written, it is strictly forbidden to believe voices! – continued to write Sezhal.

“Sunny, can you isolate them from their voices?”

The guy shook his head negatively, gesturing that the sounds came too fast to catch them.

– You need to find a teacher! – wrote Sezhal.

She led them all out. Most excited Paulina began to write in her palm: “Sejal, if we leave here, it will mean that we are trapped in the Highlanders.”

Sejal replied to her, “Don’t worry.”


Mo Fan finally found Zhao Man Yan – fortunately, this dunce did not lose students.

The Highlanders are very cruel – you won’t have time, and only the bones will remain from the whole crowd of people.

– The local highlanders simply amaze with their sound imitations. I don’t even know if students can sit under those trees, ”Zhao Man Yan said.

“I spent too much time searching for you!” I hope that they did not leave from there … – Mo Fan answered.

Already on the way back, Mo Fan began to overcome doubts.

Peering under the trees and at first not seeing any of the guys there, he got scared!

– Teacher Moyfan! Paulina shouted, seeing that the teacher had brought the others.

Sejal sighed heavily.

“Hey, why are we still here?”

“Shouldn’t we be outside?”

From the faces of the guys, Mo Fan realized that something had happened during this time.

“These highlanders are just awful!” They immediately began to intimidate us with their speeches, they copied our voices, sowing discord between us, ”Paulina looked at Sezhal,“ but Sezhal is very smart, created an illusion for us, and she led us in circles. Everyone believed that we got out of here, but all this time we stayed here.

Mo Fan was dumbfounded.

Sejal was very wise!

“Sorry, teacher, I shouldn’t have succumbed to provocations,” Sunny muttered.

“You are a mage of sound!” Your holy duty is to remain calm! Be smarter from now on, Mo Fan taught him.

“Yes, yes, it will be so …” Sunny bowed his head.

“Sunny, you are a mage of sound, and they can copy our voices.” What can you do about it? – asked Mo Fan.

“Sounds hard, but I can adjust to their communication methods,” Sunny replied.

Mo Fan raised his eyebrows. And this student is not so stupid, since he says that he can catch the methods of communicating highlanders – very interesting!

These creatures are too cunning!

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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