Chapter 2211. Strong skull.


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A stream of lava flowed like water, filling all the recesses in the relief!

It was Sunny who used the magic of sound to make the Highlanders return to the lair.

They beat opponents with their own weapons. If they can fake their voices, can they not be magicians?

The worst thing about the mountaineers is that they will only appear if they have no other choice. Otherwise, even Mo Fan had to spend a lot of time to get to them.

Sunny applied the magic of sound, and then went after Mu Bai and the others to the lair of the Highlanders …

A stream of fire erupted to the earth, spreading in waves.

Painful cries were heard from under the ground, and a satisfied smile played on the students’ faces.

They were not cruel at all, just the highlanders were too dangerous. The students were sure that all the rumors about them were just horror stories, but when they really were in their clutches, they realized how terrible it was.

How could they not rejoice in the destruction of these monsters!

Be that as it may, top-level magic was awesome!

At first, students thought that the teacher of zoology and warfare applied this magic. It is logical to assume that the teachers of these disciplines must have excellent combat readiness. But, to everyone’s surprise, the two teachers stepped back, leaving this task to the theory teacher!

It’s like if a physical education teacher came out and began to explain mathematical theories, or a mathematics teacher suddenly stood in a handstand!

“Teacher, do you really teach the theory of magic?” – Paulina sounded thin voice, and she pulled Mo Fan by the sleeve.

Teacher Moyfan was so beautiful when he built a star palace and brought down the fire element to the earth! He destroyed so many vile highlanders at once, not a single one left!

– Hehe, who said that it is impossible to develop in different areas? – Mo Fan said awkwardly.

– Teacher Moyfan, a bunch of students will probably sign up for your next lesson!

– Yes, yes, I’ll go too. Even if you raise the price!

At the exit lesson, students realized the full power of three teachers. They themselves were helpless in front of the highlanders, but for teachers they were a flock of hens!

Apparently, if they did not have to monitor the safety of students, they would be able to kill many more highlanders!

– I think in this lesson you learned a lot. Upon return, everyone should write a short essay to consolidate what they have learned, okay? “Mo Fan took the opportunity to play teacher.”

After such a demonstration, students grabbed every word of it. Each of them said that he would not miss a single lesson of teachers from China!


Of course, this lesson was very interesting and exciting for all students, but it was still dangerous. Mo Fan, Zhao Man Yan and Mu Bai will still organize on-site lessons, but the first experience will help them avoid unforeseen situations in the future.

When the group returned to the coniferous forest to relax, Mo Fan went to inspect the highlanders’ den.

Local highlanders love to collect jewelry. They perceive everything brilliant as treasures, they decorate themselves with them or hide in a den.

But ordinary jewels do not withstand the heavenly flame of flaming plains and melt.

– Hmm, nothing left. It was necessary to leave the whole corpse, you can also get gold for it, – Mo Fan disappointedly examined the cave.

* tudum!

Suddenly, Mo Fan stumbled, and a booming ringing sounded in the cave, as if it were a vessel.

They say that the mountaineers used to worship gods and totems, just like the ancient people. But then they followed the path of monsters, and became completely different from humans. And the ancient vessels of totems remained in their hands.

So the mountaineers really have treasures. On the call, Mo Fan immediately realized that he had found something worthwhile.

Mo Fan pulled an object from a pile of ash. The geterka puffed out his cheeks and that there is power blew on an object similar to a jug.

– Khe-khe … – Mo Fan coughed from the dust, and the hetero began to mimic.

Mo Fan glanced at the heterka, snapped it on the forehead, and looked at the find.

– Skull ?? – Mo Fan was looking disappointedly at the subject.

He delved here for so long, and found only a useless skull! Mo Fan angrily threw him away.

– Jin! Jin! – but the hetero picked up the skull and returned it back to Mo Fan.

– What are you doing? Do you like to play with skulls? So-so addiction … – Mo Fan reproachfully said.

– Jin! Jin! – heterka stubbornly insisted.

“Your heavenly fire can even burn bones.” But this one is not so simple, right? Okay, okay, this is a very strong skull, you can leave it to yourself, I don’t like it, ”Mo Fan waved his hand.

Geterka really took the skull.

Such a cutie holds a skull in her hands. A strange sight.

“By the way, why is this skull so cold?” Shouldn’t it be hot in the fire? – Mo Fan rubbed his skull doubtfully.

– Well, when we return, I will find a specialist to examine him. We ourselves still do not understand anything.

………… ..

On the way back, the hetero continued to play with the skull. From time to time she doused it with fire, but it didn’t crack or even heat up. This oddity further excited the curiosity of the heterosexual.

“She likes the new toy more and more,” Zhao Man Yan grinned.

Mo Fan was also perplexed. Probably, the hetero has not yet seen a single object that could stand in front of her heavenly fire.

How unlucky this creature. There is only one skull left and still continues to smoke in heavenly fire.

“Mu Bai, did you find anything in the forest?” – Mo Fan decided to leave the hetero with the toy.

Mu Bai shook his head.

There are no traces, no signs of growing opium poppy madness. Apparently they were wrong with the place.

“Nothing, we will still have many opportunities to get out, we will check one by one,” said Mo Fan.

– Yes, the direction is exactly right. Finding them is only a matter of time, Mu Bai answered.

– After this lesson we will definitely earn some money! Now it will be possible to participate in competitions! – Zhao Man Yan as if completely forgot about the black church, immersed in university affairs.

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