Chapter 2212: Mo Fan is our student


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The students had a great time, and the teachers themselves were not offended – the bonus of 1,000 gold was still to be added to the 2500 coins received from the students – and now, one could say, 3,500 gold were in their pocket!

Of course, in the ranking with other groups, they still lagged in the end, and it was not very easy for Mo Fan to recover damages.

The team of the Alpine University (nevertheless, we are talking about 9 groups of teachers from different countries) was first in the first place – this was due to the incredible success of Blanca’s lectures, but with the beginning of the discipline on combat tactics, the team of Prince Bampo quickly moved to the first place.

In third place was the New York Institute of Freedom. The Freedom Institute is famous for its outstanding combat tactics teacher named Nelson. The remaining lectures by the teachers of this university were not particularly successful, however, it was military discipline that always gathered full audiences. Students obviously did not skimp on these classes.

– What the heck?! We plowed for days, risked ourselves and collected only 2,500 coins from students, while it is worth collecting one full audience for one lecture on combat tactics, how they get several thousand … is that honest? – Zhao Man Yan was indignant.

Highlanders are very dangerous. Yes, good student reviews added coins to the wallet of Chinese teachers, but this does not compare with just one lecture!

“Is there anyone with good combat training among our students?” – asked Mo Fan.

They need to gather a huge audience!

– There is one. He is very strong, ”answered Zhao Man Yan.

– Do you know him?

“When we split up in Wormy Gorge, I had to lead twenty-odd guys.” Not only were the highlanders chasing us, but we also stumbled upon a herd of mountain monsters drinking water. They attacked five students, and a guy named Richie led the other four students, and they destroyed the entire herd of attackers, ”said Zhao Man Yan.

– Ah, yes, it is forbidden to use the highest level magic during the battle. Even if other teachers have top-level mage students, this does not mean that we will lose, Mu Bai responded.

The power of the star palace is too destructive – too many barriers may simply not withstand such an onslaught, so even the battle of Mo Fan and Zu Xiangtian took place among the old buildings, while the audience watched everything from afar.

– So that’s great. Among the guys from the student council there is definitely someone of the highest level, and if during the battle they resort to magic of this level, it will be unfair, ”said Mo Fan.

“Then let’s call this Richie, and then take a look at someone else.”

Solo battles are not as spectacular as team battles, because not all magicians on the planet are as developed as Mo Fan and Zu Xiantian.

Zhao Man Yan invited this student, but something unexpected happened.

“The Freedom Institute invited me to the team – for one battle they promised me a reward of 500 gold, regardless of the outcome,” said Richie with a polite smile, “in truth, from the very beginning I was not going to participate in your visiting lesson, but I There were not enough points, so I decided to make up for their shortage in this way.

“Richie, your words hurt your teacher in the heart,” said Zhao Man Yan.

– Zhao Yanzu, you were a very good teacher and you were able to protect such a considerable number of students, but battle points directly affect the reputation of each student, but I still plan to enter the presidium of the student council … then I want to become famous within the walls of Ochos University, and then I plan to go to China … ”Richie said.

“Why do you want to go to China?” – embarrassed Zhao Man Yan.

– You came from China? There is one famous battle mage named Mo Fan, the absolute champion of world university competitions, as well as, according to many, the strongest young magician on the planet, and most recently he defeated the famous judge of the Holy Court, Zu Xiangtian … so, I plan to call him to the battle on behalf of a student at the University of Ochos … they say that in his Fan Xue he organized battle scaffolds and for days on end fights with the strongest, ”the student sincerely explained.

– …

Mo Fan, Zhao Man Yan and Mu Bai were completely speechless.

So initially this student wanted to fight with teacher Moyfan!

Mo Fan felt dizzy – he didn’t think that the American continents had reached his fucking message!

If they don’t lure this Richie to themselves, then against the background of other teams these three will look completely depressing – other teachers chose students in advance!

Sezhal, of course, is the head of the student council, and she is very famous, but, damn it, she is nothing like a war mage!

“Oh, Richie, you can’t even imagine, but the same Mo Fan, with whom you are so eager to fight, is our student, and he learned all three of us from the magic battles.” He is from the national team, and we, too, are from there, ”said Zhao Man Yan.

Richie was dumbfounded.

“Pr … really?”

– Well, what about!

Zhao Man Yan winked at Mo Fan.

“How well do you know this Mo Fan?” – asked Mo Fan.

– Oh, I reviewed all university competitions with him. He has very strong elements of fire and lightning, ”Richie hastened to answer.

“A university tournament is still a flower … Richie, you probably know that the ashen claw of lightning is just one of his chips … and now look at my ashen claw of lightning!” – Mo Fan waved a hand.

The surface of Mo Fan’s hand flashed with ash-black discharges – they immediately pierced the airspace of the site 50 meters high … each lightning seemed to cut through the air, making a frantic crack!

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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