Chapter 2213: Student Recruitment


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Richie gazed spellbound at the beauty unfolding before his eyes. Yes! It was such an ashen claw that he saw at that magician during the competitions, but … this … he was much cooler and stronger!

– Well, how? – asked Mo Fan.

– This … this … teacher Moyfan, Mo Fan – really your student ?! Did you teach him this ?! Richie asked with interest.

The absolute champion of world university competitions … yes, any student will envy this title. Richie is also famous within the walls of the University of Ojos, but his reputation certainly does not compare with the fame of Mo Fan.

Defeating Mo Fan is Richie’s main goal!

Richie did not expect that the great teachers of Mo Fan would choose him in his team.

– Richie, in the team of teachers of the Liberty Institute, you will only be a secondary fighter, and we offer you to become the main fighting force, with us you can find the very spirit that Mo Fan is famous for – it was his fighting spirit that caused the victory of the Chinese team. Come to us, and we will make you no less famous fighter! – said Mo Fan.

Richie nodded his head, drawing in his imagination a picture of future greatness.

– So that’s great. Tomorrow we’ll start training, ”added Mo Fan.


The standard number of magicians in a combat team is five people, just as many people were on each side and in world competitions.

In American tournaments, things are a little different: there are nine students fighting against nine others. This form of struggle is most popular among local spectators.

In a team of nine people, as a rule, the majority are mid-level magicians. Mid-level magic is rather limited and does not differ in strong destructiveness, which means it is the safest for the public. The use of magic above a high level is prohibited by the rules of magical association.

The students of Ochos University are mostly high-level magicians, among them there are also many representatives from different countries. The university’s teams are staffed by magicians of a precisely high level, and the magical association does not dare to prevent this — the University of Ochos, one might say, is itself a magical association too.

Battles using high-level magic and higher at this university can be said to be held in arenas “paved with gold bars” – arena tariffing with corresponding barriers is very, very high!

The cost of a 10-minute battle equates to 60 million!

One battle of teams of nine lasts about 2-3 hours ….

For the tournament, teachers can drag students into their teams, but before teams of 9 people are fully staffed, single battles are held – a great opportunity for teachers to show their pedagogical skills and earn some money.

Zhao Man Yan did not doubt his choice: Richie really impresses with his abilities, you just need to train him a little, and you can get a cash register for money conversion.

Moreover, with Richie on their side, they could now easily recruit guys from other teams.

– Paulina, agree to speak in our team? – Mo Fan looked at this stupid girl.

– Yes! It seems to me that I can learn a lot from you, besides Richie is also now in your team, and he is very cool … I think that your team even has a chance to win! – exclaimed Paulina.

– Great, great! The most important thing is that now there is a mommy in the team, – Zhao Man Yan smiled, his eyes devouring the girl’s bust.

“Can I … will I join you too?” Only my abilities are far behind the abilities of Richie and Paulina … – heard the voice of the sound mage Sunny.

Sunny really looked very mediocre against their background.

– It’s okay, the sound mage will definitely come in handy. You just listen to us and carefully listen to the sounds around, ”Mo Fan answered.

Sound wizards can significantly limit the destructiveness of enemy magic – from the very beginning of his career in the national team, Mo Fan was most afraid of sound mages!

– So, we have three participants – Richie, Paulina and Sunny. It remains to get six, ”said Mu Bai.

– Nine members in the team … it turns out that 18 magicians will fight in the arena right away! Eh, it sounds so tempting, I myself would not mind participating, ”exclaimed Mo Fan.

– Yeah. If you are part of a team, it will be much harder to find nine people who agree to go against you! – responded Zhao Man Yan.

– Come on, you exaggerate! If we leave three together, then I agree – we’ll easily deal with nine magicians, ”said Mo Fan.

– You just need to call your getter.

– Oh, damn it, I forgot, – Mo Fan rubbed his head. The geterka just cheerfully fingered the skull.

Now, Mo Fan did not dare to downplay the importance of the adult geter in his magic – it was too important part of his life.


Richie also turned out to be a magician of the lightning element – this Mo Fan did not even expect.

He had recently awakened this element, and his mastery of the elements left much to be desired, however, even this was more than enough in opposing other wizards.

Richie spent five fights with five wins. Zhao Man Yan, thanks to him, was able to increase their capital to 5000 coins!

“Richie, if you make seven victories in a row, we will immediately buy you a great spiritual seed of the wind,” Zhao Man Yan generously said.

All the last days, Richie was making money for Zhao Man Yan, and now he was already treating him like his own son!

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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