Chapter 2215: Andean Commonwealth


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After completing the procedure, Mo Fan returned the vessel to Richie.

The student immediately hastened to immerse himself in cultivation, surprised to realize that the energy of lightning no longer fetters him.

– Teacher Moyfan, you are the best teacher of all I have ever met. My relatives turned to various blacksmiths, however, none of them could resolve this issue, and I only had to quietly suffer each time during cultivation … – in the eyes of Richie there were real tears.

He did not expect such a teacher from China to solve such a serious obstacle ….

– Nothing, nothing, it’s my job to help students! You know, The peak of sunshine that you talked about really interested me. Can you take us there somehow? – said Mo Fan.

– Sure, not a problem! – Richie was happy to agree to fulfill any request.


Mo Fan hastened to retire and look for some uninhabited place.

He thought to see if the talisman had time to melt previously collected souls into spiritual beings, however, to his surprise, he discovered that the changes again occurred in the inner world of the suspension.

He sent the lightning energy received from the vessel to the development of the element. Now the star sea of the lightning element has almost reached the second stage!

“Still, a little is lacking … if today we could manage to swallow a little more energy from the five-pointed stone of lightning, then a breakthrough to the second step would be complete,” Mo Fan was upset.

The second stage significantly enhances the power output. Mo Fan clearly did not even imagine that the student vessel Richie would be so useful to him!

“Now it’s clear what an awesome thing this five-pointed stone is … its energy is enough to significantly pump the lightning element …”

Mo Fan firmly decided that he should be at the peak of the sun’s rays and by any means find a couple of such pebbles!


Mo Fan cultivated until late at night, trying to independently expand the lightning element to the second stage.

It remained just a little, and from this the magician was even more difficult to realize that the desired goal, which is under his very nose, is unattainable.

He was very hungry, and there was no food left in his spatial bracelet, and he went outside in search of a round-the-clock cafe.

“Is it really nothing?” Even around the clock McDonald’s ?! Mo Fan was disappointed, making a circle.

In the end, he found one coffee shop, which is usually open to students who study late.

Entering inside, the magician did not see anyone. Realizing that there was nothing edible either, he was already turning to leave, when he suddenly noticed a girl sitting in the farthest corner. Her appearance appealed to her, and her thoughts slipped into the question of the color of her underwear …

Blanca ….

Mo Fan was surprised to meet her here at such a time, however, remembering that she did not recognize him, he nevertheless went to the exit.

– Teacher Moyfan, right? – Blanca’s voice sounded behind.

“Yes, yes, he himself,” Mo Fan was embarrassed.

“Don’t you sleep too?”

– I cultivated late and was very hungry. Thought to eat and then go to sleep …

“I just ordered the last steak.” If you want, I can give it, ”a sweet smile played on Blanca’s face, and little devils sparkled in her eyes.

Mo Fan had to sit down with her.

“Well, thanks,” the magician nodded.

– Time flies so fast! Someone even managed to change and become a teacher at the University of Ochos, ”Blanca smiled again.

– Blanca! If you immediately saw through us, why are you talking only now? – Mo Fan obviously did not catch up.

“I wanted to take a closer look at what you are playing.”

– Our cover did not work?

“Oh, it’s just great!” However, the habits of your trinity are too recognizable, ”said Blanca.

Mo Fanya, finally, it dawned on: Blanca did not recognize him, but their entire trinity in action.

Well, well, she managed to study them all.

“We have a secret mission here, we are working undercover, so Blanca, I beg you to keep this a secret …”

“Well, then I won’t even ask questions,” Blanca pushed a plate toward him. “You’re hungry, eat.”

“… ah, yes, Blanca, why do you have such a sad look?” Is something bothering you? Your lectures are crazy success, unlike us, theoretical ignoramuses who almost lost all their issued capital, ”said Mo Fan, eating meat with appetite.

– I came to Ojos not only for the exchange of experience and pedagogical competitions. Our University of Alpine has many branches in different parts of the world, which are designed to take care of orphans whose relatives died or became victims of disasters, ”Blanca explained.

– Yeah, and for that I really respect your institution …

– Due to the chaos created by the constant attacks of sea monsters, the security borders were narrowed, and many settlements were disbanded. The states in the vicinity of the Andes have united in the Andean Commonwealth, ”continued Blanca.

“Isn’t that good news?” Grouped together against a common disaster, ”asked Mo Fan.

In China, the situation is about the same: many cities and villages were dissolved, and the military cordoned off some areas to make it easier to deal with sea monsters. Small settlements have too few resources for worthy confrontation.

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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