Chapter 2216: a missed opportunity


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Mo Fan sometimes read the news, so what Blanca said was not new to him.

A few days before their arrival in Ojos, Peru, Colombia, Venezuela and Chile teamed up against the ocean disaster, organizing a South American federation.

Andean Commonwealth!

A lot of coastal countries resorted to such measures – China, for example, concentrated all its defense on large port cities, such as Bird City, Shanghai, and Guangzhou. The population of small coastal settlements was evacuated to large cities.

South American countries such as Peru, Colombia, Venezuela, and Chile also faced maritime disasters. Unable to erect a single dam several tens of thousands of kilometers long, they also began to think.

That is why they formed a commonwealth – now they had common resources, information sources and communications.

“The Commonwealth will undoubtedly strengthen the coast, but at the same time all our efforts of the last decades will collapse.” Our orphanages in the most remote corners of the mainland will be demolished – the new federation certainly will not leave room for the shelters of the Alpine University … more than 5400 orphans will be left without a roof over their heads. The Alpine University is located in Europe, and European, in particular Swiss, laws will not allow to transport so many children and settle them in the Alps. And the worst thing is that we won’t even have time to gather the necessary resources so quickly that we can provide everyone with their new housing, ”Blanca said.

Due to the constant attacks of sea monsters, more and more children are left without a roof over their heads. For the rights of children in these countries, some movements begin at times, but so far no official bodies have been created that are authorized to resolve the issues of the most defenseless stratum of the population.

Initially, the University of Alpine had many shelters on the coast, but with the formation of the commonwealth, these lands were recognized as dangerous, which means that all these children now have nowhere to go – it was because of this that Blanca was so worried.

“For this reason, you came to the University of Ochos – hoping to help all these kids?” – asked Mo Fan.

– Yeah. The University of Ohos has weight in society, and I can only hope that the leadership of the university will negotiate with the heads of the community. I pray that they will be persuaded to provide land to the Alpine University in safe areas, and we could place our children there, ”Blanca said.

– The leadership of the University of Ohos has not yet answered?

“They don’t agree, that’s why I’m so upset ….”

“Why would they refuse?” – Mo Fan wondered.

“They adhere to the principle of non-interference in the political affairs of states,” the sorceress explained, “all I can do now is to lead students to victory in the American nationwide tournament, and then, using general excitement, draw attention to this problem … but even in in this case, the outcome is unknown.

Mo Fan did not even know what to say.

In truth, in the current situation there are more and more adult citizens who have lost their homes, so it is not surprising that the problems of orphans are not paid attention at all.

Alpine University is just a philanthropic organization, but all kind of civilization cannot be eradicated by good intentions alone. Due to the prevailing sea danger, one can predict only an even greater increase in the number of orphaned children … and this is only a university, not an investment company – they themselves directly depend on the sponsorship of European clans, organizations and charitable foundations.

– If the University of Ochos does not agree to cooperate, then you can turn to the Parthenon – they also do this.

– Parthenon ?! – Blanca negatively waved her head. – Don’t you know what relations our university has with this monastery? These women can only finish us off, but not help.

– And if you try? – Mo Fan did not let up.

– It makes no sense, the result is too predictable.

– Therefore, you’d better be tormented by insomnia and sit here, deciding to put everything to win in the national tournament, but you will not even try to negotiate with the Parthenon?

Blanca numb.

She looked at Mo Fan. She knew that he had Xin Xia there.

Be that as it may, the Parthenon’s reputation does not extend to the American continents – the local countries mainly support the University of Alpine.

Alpine University follows the path of commoners, because they do not have their own resources.

The Parthenon is rich. Very rich.

Xin Xia arrived from China, and she did not see the process of the establishment of the Parthenon-Alpine University relationship. Mo Fan previously tried to establish contact between Xin Xia and Alpine representatives, but things are still there.

“It’s probably very late to try …” said Blanca.

“Trying is not torture.” You never know how it all wraps up, ”answered Mo Fan.


After a conversation with Blanca, Mo Fan was about to go to the Peak of Sun Rays, but he received news that he was occupied by the military of the community, which launched resource development throughout the peak!

– Damn, but they do not lose time in vain! – enraged Mo Fan.

“The five-pointed stones of the lightning element can be good material for magic vessels … damn, if we had started development earlier, we would have become billionaires at that very moment!” – repeated to him Zhao Man Yan.

Mo Fan just planned to find a few pebbles there, but it turns out that there are real deposits! If he had been there earlier, then who knows, maybe that very day he would have become the magician of the spells of the element of lightning ???

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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