Chapter 2218. Overview lesson.


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They immediately applied for a review lesson. Mo Fan could conduct it, since it was considered theoretical. The money earned came in very handy, because the organization of such a lesson was more expensive than the rest.

The review lesson was different from the visiting lesson in zoology. Simply put, it was introduced in order for students to feel at work, to be able to protect the borders of their native university, at the same time eliminate a couple of monsters and slow down their reproduction.

It is impossible to completely exterminate the monsters, they appear like weeds. There are always places out of sight of a person where they breed at an incredible speed. This is especially true for low-level creatures, the maturation period of which is often only a couple of months.

But if everything is left to chance, then the situation will quickly become critical. Therefore, the university from time to time sends people to clean. Students are also allowed to participate in such groups, so they can earn more gold.

………… ..

The application was quickly approved, as the university welcomes teachers who focus not on making money, but on the public interest.

For all time, very few teachers decided to take students to such lessons.

During visiting lessons in magical zoology, teachers are required to ensure the safety of students, so just in case they do not want to touch creatures at the level of commander in chief.

During the review lessons, one has to deal with a large number of monsters, most of which are servant or pack leader levels. Of course, the degree of danger is low. The ambitious students of Okhos prefer to pay money to those who want to earn extra money, rather than do the dirty work themselves.

“Why only thirty students?” – moan Fan disappointedly.

– Students do not like review lessons. It takes a lot of time, and the benefits are zero, ”said Zhao Man Yan.

Students must pay a fee for most of the lessons, but with the review lessons everything was different. Despite the fact that it was necessary to pay for participation in the lesson, after that the university gave students rewards more than its cost.

– At our lessons it can’t be boring! Surely everyone will earn a lot of money! – Mo Fan said displeasedly.

– Teacher, the University of Ojos is always like that. Sometimes everyone here is too selfish. If there is no benefit, they will not even waste their time. Almost all who came to the lesson are students from simple families. They all lack resources and money, ”said Richie.

Mo Fan examined the students and found that their strength is noticeably inferior to those who were at the visiting zoology lesson. Even the arrogance inherent in all students of Ojos was not so obvious on their faces.

– Teacher, many of those present come from working-class families. On the one hand, they are hoping to earn money, and on the other, they are providing villages with security.

– Clearly, simply put, all from the bottom, without support … Nothing, nothing, your teacher is also from a simple family. But after years of hard work, didn’t I become one of Ochos’s honorary teachers? Do not worry about your origin. But look at him, his family is incredibly rich, but didn’t he eventually turn into a poor teacher? – Mo Fan patted Zhao Man Yan on the shoulder.

“So you are an honorary teacher, and I am a poor teacher?” – Man Yan was indignant.

– Do not find fault with trifles, I try to inspire students!

………… ..

Among the students, there really were many who needed money. But there were also offspring of wealthy houses who hoped to have fun. Mo Fan, Zhao Man Yan and Mu Bai were focused and serious during the lesson, not missing a single monster. There was a clear separation in the group of students, some conscientiously exterminating monsters, while others seemed to go on a country outing.

Almost all the villages belonging to the University of Ojos had wonderful natural views. Students were constantly among the luxurious decoration of the university, so such a simple natural beauty and blossoming rapeseed flowers caused them unusual feelings …

“These students are too undisciplined,” Mo Fan had a preoccupied look.

“They don’t take low-level creatures seriously,” Zhao Man Yan shrugged helplessly.

– Why are two students missing? – Mu Bai frowned.

– Nothing.

“Which means nothing, even with weak monsters, you shouldn’t be careless,” said Mu Bai.

“Yes, they are not far away, they are shaking the reed grove, they will be there in half an hour,” Mo Fan grinned.

– What does it mean to shake the grove? Paulina asked naively.

Mo Fan raised his eyebrows in surprise. Does she really not understand or pretend to be?

He was just about to explain to her how he noticed that the two lagging students had returned to the group. The guy looked extremely pleased, and the girl giggled shyly.

Zhao Man Yan looked enviously at the beautiful girl, and then looked at his watch. Here is the loser! If he were in his place, the arrow would have time to make a semicircle!


When the group approached the damp field, three students joyfully ran to Mo Fan:

– Teacher, teacher, we just saw how several monsters attacked peasants in the field! We cleverly finished them and saved the peasants!

Three students broke away from the group and stepped forward. There was no serious danger nearby, so Mo Fan allowed them to distance themselves.

– Yeah, well done. I will increase your academic scores. ”Mo Fan took out a notebook to write down the names of the students.

As soon as he brought the pen, a crowd of excited peasants ran up to him.

“That’s what they are, we said we should not thank us,” one of the students said generously.

Soon, Mo Phan faced seven or eight peasants. They immediately recognized three students and immediately started yelling.

– Where did these boobs come from ?? We spent all the village money to buy arable animals, and they killed them !! Why are you so with us ?? – exclaimed the old man.

The smile on the faces of the students immediately disappeared.

Mo Fan also froze in place.

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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