Chapter 2220: Too Late?


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“Aren’t you lying to me?” – Lily looked carefully at Mo Fan.

She very much wanted to become a sorceress, to enjoy universal honor and stop suffering in hard work – she wanted to be like other students of the University of Ochos, who have open paths in any country, you just have to say where you studied.

– Of course. I can help you, and whether you can awaken magic or not, depends on you, ”answered Mo Fan.

“I certainly can!” – confidently retorted the girl.

“Then stop crying and show us everything here.” Is your village constantly engaged in aloe and other plants? – asked Mo Fan.

The girl now amiably led them forward, eagerly answering all questions – heaven and earth are straight with the bitch they met.

If you think about it, everything is logical: there are very few stones of awakening in these countries, and all of them are in the hands of a magical association, therefore magic is only awakened by parties of interest to it, that is, certain schools, military, and simply rich people.

Lily didn’t even go to school and only knows how to do work that does not require mental skills – she certainly won’t be a sorceress.

Mo Fan immediately saw her dream, so she won’t lose one chance given to her. As a teacher, he has the advantage – in a year he can claim up to ten motions to bypass the magical association bypassing magic schools.

“Mo Fan, something your taste has recently completely deteriorated,” said Zhao Man Yan, carefully examining Lily. He did not understand why Mo Fan decided to waste his time on this girl for nothing.

– In your head, relations between men and women are built according to only one scenario? Take it higher – now we are doing a great enlightening business! – answered Mo Fan.

“Hehe,” Zhao Man Yan giggled.


Lily grew up on this Aloe farm, located in a succulent grove. And although valuable and expensive plant varieties grow here, she still continues to live under someone else’s roof, suffering the terrible nature of her grumpy aunt.

– My aunt is only busy all day with what changes men and makes me work in the sweat of my face ….

– We are not interested. Tell me better about the plants here. In terms of properties, they are noticeably superior to their own kind from other regions, the secret, probably, lies in some specific care? – said Mu Bai.

– About plants? Oh, I don’t know, it’s somehow for me on the drum. I do not want to be a peasant, ”the girl answered arrogantly.

– Are the local plants exported to other regions? – continued to ask Mu Bai.

– Yes. There are agreements with some merchants from Europe. Every season they come here to buy, ”Lily nodded.

– What other merchants? – Mu Bai asked with suspicion.

– I do not even know. European women are very fond of our products. My aunt does business with traders from Italy, France, England and Greece. She’s finding fault with me all the time, but I don’t like these men, some of them are different! – said Lily.

– Lily, yes, with your appearance, many would also not want to do business! – said Zhao Man Yan.

– But no, our girls are very popular among men! – objected the girl.

– Teacher, there seems to be nothing here that requires a review, let’s move on to the next location.

– Yes, it’s really boring here! And even the canteen is not normal, what do we have cacti ?!

– We can go to the city of Nots, there is definitely more fun!

Mo Fan, Mu Bai and Zhao Man Yan looked at each other – they wanted to stay here longer, but the students were clearly not happy with this option. And how can I find out about the Black Church?

“And here is the mountainside, the territory there is fenced with barbed wire,” Mo Fan showed.

“There … oh, I don’t know myself.” Probably some special cacti are grown there, but ordinary residents of the farm are not allowed to enter there, ”Lily replied.

“Can we look around there?”

“I need to ask my aunt.”


Aunt Lily turned out to be a very tanned woman with a beautiful fit figure. The coming of people from the University of Ochos was clearly a pleasant surprise for her.

– Especially valuable varieties grow there. I will accompany you. ”Aunt Lily was unlike her niece, very friendly and hospitable.

Despite the warm welcome from this aunt, the students were still against going to another slope. Mu Bai intended to go there, despite the wishes of the students.

– How? Nothing at all? – Mu Bai disappointedly examined the overturned soil.

– Already collected everything. These types of cacti and aloe have already been taken to production. Look what a beautiful skin! And all because of constant aloe care, ”aunt Lily chattered, glancing at Zhao Man Yan.

Zhao Man Yan swallowed nervously, pretending to not notice anything.


Finding nothing, the three teachers succumbed to the students’ persuasion and decided to leave the local groves and Aloe farm.

As a result, nothing was found at the place that was most suitable for cultivating opium poppy, and Mo Fan already began to seriously doubt whether they had taken the right path.

Having dealt with several small dens, three teachers sat late at night on the seashore, drinking beer.

– Really not a single clue? – said Zhao Man Yan.

“Maybe we were late, and the black churches have already gathered all their special poppy,” said Mu Bai.

“Do you still doubt this Aloe farm?” Asked Zhao Man Yan.

– Yeah. They dug up the whole soil, this is illogical. Succulents can absorb moisture from large areas, so there is absolutely no point in digging, ”Mu Bai answered.

“Mu Bai, you still have to deal with this farm, and I’ll take that other,” said Mo Fan.

– What other ?!

– I’m talking about the Coral Village, which I reimbursed 1000 coins of damage.

– What for? Want to take the money? Damn, you are an outstanding teacher, why do you need this … – Zhao Man Yan reacted.

– I just thought again why it was necessary to use high-level magic there – are the students of the University of Ochos really so stupid? – answered Mo Fan.

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