Chapter 2221: divided on three sides


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“Mo Fan, it seems to me that Lily knows something about this business, didn’t she say that foreign businessmen often come to their village?” Most likely, under the guise of a foreign entrepreneur, the owner of the olive grove also visits the plantation. We need to find an opportunity to thoroughly ask Lily about this, ”said Mu Bai.

“Yes, I just promised to awaken her magic.” Maybe we can get at least some useful information out of her, ”Mo Fan nodded.

– Then the three of us will go on different sides. Mu Bai, you go to Aloe village, see where the harvest has gone. I’m going to the Coral Village, I’ll deal with the student who bombed the entire plantation with the highest level magic … And Mo Fan … Haha, and you go frolic with the horror story, maybe she will tell you something, – Zhao Man Yan laughed.

Three magicians dispersed on three sides to get as much information as possible. If there is a clue in at least one direction, it will give a lot!


The University of Ojos did not have its own magical association, and the lowest level of students’ magic was the average, not the initial level. They clearly did not need an awakening stone.

The awakening stone was strictly guarded, if you buy such a stone from a private seller and the police will find it, then the punishment will be the same as for counterfeiting the currency. Therefore, it was impossible to find this stone in the magic market …

“If you cannot find the stone of awakening here, will we not need to go to another city?” Lily asked, there was excitement on her face. Going to another city with a completely unfamiliar guy would be very strange.

“Alpasa, come here,” said Mo Fan.

Alpasa yawned, stretched languidly and walked with graceful gait to Mo Fan. Lily looked at the Alps and could not believe her eyes – how can such a beautiful girl exist on this planet? Her body and face were perfect, even if you look closely, you still can’t find any flaw. There is something to envy.

And Lily … Only her eyes were quite beautiful, and the rest of her face and body did not stand out.

“She is my servant, not my wife.” And I absolutely do not care about her pretty face and body. I need her as a subordinate, okay? – said Mo Fan, referring to Lily.

Alpasa was subordinate, but in her cultivation she reached the middle level, having made a second awakening. In the tower of Mingzhu, she awakened an element of a plant, but Mo Fan did not know how far her cultivation had reached now, just as she did not know what second element she possessed.

Alpasa looked at Mo Fan.

What other wife? He imagines himself too!

Disgusting shameless man!

– Alpasa, do you have a split personality? You look at me contemptuously, with disgust. What’s wrong with you? – asked Mo Fan.

Alpasa often liked to pretend to be a loving little sister, calling Mo Fan her older brother.

“Since when can you stand my gaze?” If you pester me, then I will eat you! – Alps replied cheerfully.

– Do not indulge in pipe dreams. I have seen beautiful girls a lot, you can’t break my stamina in any way with your flirting, ”answered Mo Fan.

Lily did not hear what the two young men were talking quietly about. But she had the feeling that a clear sky in her head was covered with a dark cloud. Why is the world so unfair? If Lily had the same physique and beautiful face, she would not even have to become a magician – the whole world would be at her feet!


Mo Fan, Lily and Alpasa came to the city of Notsa, which was one of the largest cities of the new community. Noc’s magical association was also quite famous in South America.

Students of Ojos University often came to the city of Notsa, because the university was a university and lacked an urban atmosphere.

Since the community made major reforms, the city changed beyond recognition – old buildings were demolished, new ones were built. Everything was involved in the construction – from ordinary people to officials.

“Lily, do you really grow aloe and cacti in your village?” – asked Mo Fan.

Lily was very talkative. When Mo Fan started talking, she immediately eagerly answered.

“What do you want to know?” – Lily was not stupid, she immediately felt that Mo Fan was clearly asking this for a reason.

We are faced with something strange and would like you to help us solve this problem. Do you know what opium poppy is? – Mo Fan decided that he would not achieve anything with hints, so he decided to ask directly.

Lily raised her head and stared at Mo Fan.

Mo Fan could not see the answer in her gaze, but Alpasa, who was standing nearby, was able to read minds. With the help of spirit magic, she informed Mo Fan that Lily’s mental mood immediately changed, Mo Fan got her point right with her question!

“Lily, I think you know that your fellow villagers are not doing legitimate things.” We have irrefutable evidence, ”Mo Fan tried to reach Lily.

“I don’t understand what you’re talking about.” You lied to me! Brought here by deceit, obviously not to help me awaken magic! – angrily answered Lily.

“I didn’t deceive you at all, and even before we arrived in your village, we already had no doubt.” After all, who are we? Influential teachers who can find out what you grow there simply by smell in the air. We are standing at the main entrance of the magical association, very soon you will enter the magical world with the help of me. But before that, I must make sure that you have not done anything wrong, otherwise what is the guarantee that, having gained magical power, you will not continue to do immoral things? – Mo Fan asked calmly.

“I don’t want to live in the countryside anymore, and in general, I have no idea what the peasants are doing!” – said Lily.

“She’s lying,” said Alpasa Mo Fan.

Mo Fan saw that Lily’s mood changed very quickly, and he did not further question. In such circumstances, it was impossible to hear the answer he needed, although Mo Fan knew for sure that he had found the person he needed.

– I’m just tired of you, and you decided to get rid of me, so you ask about bad things. Do you even know what the students of the University of Ochos do? And for some reason they can be magicians! Shouted Lily angrily.

“No, why would I bring you here?” – asked Mo Fan.

– How should I know! Perhaps you just felt sorry for me, and perhaps you take advantage of the fact that you can decide the fate of other people, ”Lily answered.

“If you agree to cooperate with us and tell us what the peasants are doing in your village, then your life will be even better than that of students at Ochos University.” And if not, you can return to the University to work as a cleaner, and older students will continue to humiliate you. But your soul is too innocent, and the university is full of people. We are standing right in front of the doors of the magical association, I can’t guarantee you that all the people we meet here will turn out to be good, but I can say for sure that if you return to the village and join the ranks of criminals, you will become a real garbage. You yourself can determine your fate right now, and I will not bother you in this.

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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