Chapter 2222: Dark Healer


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Seeing Lily, Mo Fan started, but said: “Lily, everything is not as simple as you think. You probably think that there can be no harm from growing plants. However, I will tell you so, these plants are part of one terrible substance that the Black Church uses to arouse anger in monsters, thereby creating a disaster for humanity. In China, the Black Church washed away an entire city from the face of the earth, killing more than a million people … Do you understand what it means to die a million innocent people? – Mo Fan asked Lily.

“A million? …” Lily couldn’t move from what she heard.

About one million people at Ochos University — students and teachers …

Even in the rich city of Notsa, the population was less than a million people.

The black church has killed more than a million people! So many people Lily had never seen, and then someone so simply took their lives!

These are mountains of people!

“I saw the Black Church luring people with strong willpower to its side, high-ranking officials and even heads of state cannot stand the pressure of the Black Church and fall into their hands … Therefore, I do not regret you, but admire you.” The whole village makes huge profits from growing opium poppies, and you did not join them. This is something that many are not able to do. If you did not join their ranks, then you saved a huge number of people.

Lily did not expect to hear that.

Talking about the opium poppy, Mo Fan revealed a secret.

At this time, Alpasa analyzed Lily’s psyche, since she did not directly answer any question of Mo Fan, this meant that the entire village of Aloe was growing opium poppy for the Black Church.

If all the rural people are engaged in the cultivation of poppies, then the Church brings them many benefits. Lily grew up in this village, and, according to her, cultivating these plants was commonplace. But she ran away from the village to the University of Ochos, where she became a handyman, and then she was kicked out of there …

Lily had great potential to step on the curve of the Black Church – she was of low origin, she was constantly insulted, and besides, she really wanted to change her lifestyle.

And when Alpasa informed Mo Fan that Lily did not join the ranks of the Black Church, the magician was very surprised.

He admired such strength of will and perseverance.

Normally, it would not be difficult for the Black Church to break through the defensive line of a naive girl, but everything was different here …


– What do you want to know? – Lily’s mood became stable, she finally realized that she was faced with something unusual and terrible.

The whole village of Aloe succumbed to the Black Church.

Lily heard a lot of talk from the village about some kind of faith, but free cheese is only in a mousetrap. Therefore, Lily did not join the ranks of the Black Church with her aunt, although she promised that she would arrange a real hell for an older student who threw Lily out of the university. But the girl still did not agree.

Lily was afraid that someday retribution would fall on the heads of all the inhabitants who are engaged in this business.

“Do they really grow opium poppy?” – asked Mo Fan.

“I’m not very good at plants, but they definitely grow something unusual, as you described,” Lily replied.

– How many such plants have already been grown? – Mo Fan asked immediately.

– The entire rear slope of the mountain is a plantation fenced with wire. Aunt won’t let me go there. They told me that if I did not join their ranks, I could soon die, because I know all the ins and outs. And then I found work at Ochos University and left the village for a long time. Probably, after that they gathered about four crops, ”Lily answered directly.

“Does your aunt do this too?” – asked Mo Fan.

“I don’t know for sure, but she covers these people all the time,” Lily answered.

– You said that foreign businessmen also came to the village, did you see at least one of them? – Mo Fan pulled out the phone and showed a photograph of the owner of the olive grove.

Lily looked at the photo for a long time, her mental state immediately somehow strangely changed.

Alpasa told Mo Fan that Lily clearly knew this man, since she had undergone mental changes.

– And what happened to him? – asked Lily, not giving a concrete answer to the question of Mo Fan.

– He grows opium poppy in Greece, most likely it was he who bred this plant. The black church kills people, and he gives her poison, ”Mo Fan answered.

“He is my adoptive father.” Then I was six, I tried to find something edible in the garbage and saw him, completely exhausted, almost dying. I gave him water and some bread, and he came to his senses. And after that he said that he would take me to education. We came to this village together, he began to teach me strange things, but I couldn’t remember anything … And then he hated me, and we stopped talking. When he comes to the village, he doesn’t even look at me … – Lily said in a whisper.

Mo Fan stared at Lily.

He did not expect such a turn of events!

It turns out that Lily is the adopted daughter of this dark doctor …

And this owner of the olive grove occupies a very high position in the Black Church! Without him, Salan could not carry out her terrible plans. Mo Fan could not even think that this dirty girl sweeping the territory of the University would be so close to the Black Church!

Mo Fanu was even scared from these thoughts!

If you think carefully, it was really strange that a girl, without joining their ranks, can safely leave the village. It is unlikely that the Black Church would be so careless and allow it, knowing about their pharmaceutical activities, to exist quietly. They do not touch Lily just because she is the daughter of their chief dark doctor!

“Lily, do you know where your adoptive father is?” He is a key figure in the Black Church, if we manage to catch him, it will be difficult for the church to do anything terrible without him, ”Mo Fan said excitedly.

“He doesn’t tell me his whereabouts,” Lily answered.

“By the way, did you tell the villagers that you were going to arouse magic?” – Mo Fan asked suddenly, realizing something.

“I talked about this aunt, but I don’t think that caused her any suspicions.” I told her a hundred times that I want to become a magician. The fact that you came to the village as teachers was very reasonable, but the village people may suspect something, ”Lily said.

“Everything will be fine, they won’t guess anything,” Mo Fan answered.

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