Chapter 2223: Some clues.


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– He often went to a private research magical institute when I was little, sometimes he took me with him. There he taught me various strange things, but I already forgot where this place is, ”said Lily Mo Fanu.

“Did you really forget?” – asked Mo Fan.

What kind of private research institute could it be? Most likely, it was a private laboratory of a dark doctor, perhaps the secret of opium poppy and rainwater begins from the walls of that laboratory.

– I just can’t remember, but when I returned to the village, my aunt told me that they had invited a mentor from China. If everything works out, the life of the people of America will be much better, ”said Lily.

Guest Mentor from China?

Mo Fan raised his eyebrows in surprise. What else could be a mentor? What are they up to?

Salan started her business precisely from China, although now she does not have much influence there, but her activities have spread to foreign countries. In disadvantaged countries that are difficult to control, there are a lot of people who worship Salan, like a deity.

“Are you sure you were there?” – This time Alpasa asked a question.

“It was, but it was a very long time ago – 8 or 9 years ago,” Lily answered.

“If this is true, then I can help you remember,” Alpasa went to Lily and put both her hands on her forehead, she continued to say: “Memories are stored in a person’s head, sometimes they become very vague, but they cannot completely disappear. “I can revive your memories in the form of dreams, you just have to remember every little thing.”

Lily looked at Alps in surprise.

“She possesses magic of the spirit …. But let’s not do it right here, but first we will enter the magical association,” Mo Fan said joyfully.

He didn’t even know that Alpasa had that ability! This is a real treasure!


Entering the magical association with Lily and Alpasa, Mo Fan immediately went in search of a relaxation room.

Along the way, he called Mu Bai and Zhao Man Yan, he decided to call them to Notsa and inform them of the clue.

Mo Fan entered the rest room with the girls and instructed the association employee not to let anyone in. The employee immediately looked at Mo Fan with an understanding look, but closing the door, he somehow smiled oddly at the magician.

Oh, modern people, why they have only one thing in mind.

Why the hell do I need your magical association to do this here? I’d rather rent a hotel!

Alpasa began to guide Lily in the midst of her memories, and Mo Fan was sitting nearby and did not know what to do with herself.

But the guy had not yet managed to come up with an occupation, as Lily had already opened her eyes, there was fear on her face.

– Well, how? – asked Mo Fan.

Lily looked at Mo Fan, and only after a while she said, not believing her words: “This research institute is here …”

– Where is it here? – asked Mo Fan, doubting.

University of Ochos or the city of Noca?

“Here, where we are now,” Lily answered.

– In the magical association of Nots ???

– Yeah.

Mo Fan nearly jumped. Now it seemed to him that the entire floor of the magical association was covered with sulfuric acid, he did not even dare to attack him!

“The research department of Notsa’s magical association was originally a department for dark magicians – healers, but after global changes in the city, the research department of dark magicians turned into the research department of the Magic Association,” added Alpasa, seeing this in Lily’s memoirs.

Mo Fan was scared for the second time in a day!

He was too close to the Black Church again!

Has Salan’s influence abroad reached such proportions? That even one of the most important divisions of the magical association has been turned into a plant for creating human poison?

If you think carefully, the Black Church has even penetrated magical courts. Therefore, it is not surprising that the research department of the magical association turned into a nativity scene. Salan has a great ability to disguise and present himself as a completely different person. Until no one reveals her identity, then she seems like a completely ordinary person. Sometimes even the most important people in the Black Church do dirty work, sweeping the streets so as not to attract attention.

Eradicating evil would not be difficult if every villain had the inscription on the forehead: “I am a villain.” These bastards behaved very secretively, and not like the heroes of American films that burst into the bank with weapons in front of hundreds of people.

The people of the Black Church behaved differently, until no one realizes that this person is a criminal, he hid his dirty soul behind a sweet smile.


Mo Fan was in no hurry to leave the Magic Association, because the people of the Black Church did not have all-seeing glasses that would tell them that this trio of Chinese guys came to deal with them.

Therefore, Mo Fan invited Zhao Man Yan and Mu Bai to come to a magical association, he was not afraid to be revealed.

This trio loved to impersonate other people. But the funniest part was that they would discuss the destruction of the Black Church right in their den.

The guys arrived very quickly. Entering the rest room, Mu Bai examined everything to make sure there were no listening devices or special magic.

Mo Fan did not worry, because Alpasa would have already discovered this a long time ago.

– I have great news!

– Guess what I found!

Mu Bai and Zhao Man Yan spoke at once, staring at each other.

– Can not be?! – On the face of Mo Fan was written surprise.

“Mo Fan, you told me to deal with that student who used high-level magic.” I specifically went to the Coral Village to see if they plant corals in the ground to loosen the soil. Hell no! None of this is fucking corals, but opium poppy! That student knew that we would go past the fields and specially applied magic to bomb this field, and the peasants just played along with him! – said Zhao Man Yan excitedly.

This is a huge clue!

– And I went to the village of Aloe to once again carefully consider everything there. On the back side of the mountain we saw a very small plantation, but if you go further, all these lands are seeded with opium poppy. Plantations exceed the territory of the olive grove several times … If we arrived here at least two weeks earlier, we would have faced the harvest season. It’s a pity that now all the opium poppy has already been collected from the fields … Mo Fan, the Black Church is about to do something terrible, even of a larger scale, than the disaster in Xi’an! – said Mu Bai.

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