Chapter 2224: What is her position?


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Mo Fan from the heard news for a long time could not come to his senses.

For so long they had not had a clue on this matter, they were spinning like flies in a pile of dung, but now, purely by chance having turned the wrong way, she immediately found three important threads!

In truth, Mo Fan also discovered something important, so he did not even hope that Mu Bai and Zhao Man Yan could dig up something.

– Lily is the daughter of a black church pharmacist. “We used her memories and were able to locate the location of his laboratory,” said Mo Fan.

– Get fucked up! – could not stand Zhao Man Yan. Who would have thought that Mo Fan would go so far in this investigation?

“It seems that this time we are really moving in the right direction,” Mu Bai added.


It was clear that this pharmacist was definitely no longer in the magical association, but the research department remained, and if the black clergy were introduced into this association, then it was not difficult for them to continue to hunt there.

On the other hand, Zhao Man Yan was able to figure out another clergyman, the very student who used high-level magic, thereby trying to cover up the tracks, and thereby revealing himself.

If you think about it, from the very beginning he was a priest at the University of Ochos – if more people had enrolled in that review lesson, then the student would definitely have tried to cover up all the tracks without stopping at one field.

After all, no one had yet thought of the Black Church, which means that the student, it can be considered, worked cleanly – swept over the tracks without causing suspicion.

Do any of the judges of the Holy Court dare to think that among the students of the great University of Ochos there may be black churches?

And the entire harvest of opium poppy, unfortunately, has already been harvested.

And since the harvest is harvested, it means that soon new madness will appear, which, according to Mu Bai’s calculations, can stir up an entire country at least – the last time the Black Church was able to shake such a megalopolis as Xi’an with this “source of madness”!

“Old man Zhao, you will take that student.” If with his help we go even to the deacon in blue, then we can more accurately find out their future plans, ”said Mo Fan.

“Of course, I’m not particularly strong in surveillance, but I will do my best!” – answered Zhao Man Yan.

“Mu Bai, you no longer need to sniff out near the village of Aloe.” They harvest the main crop there, and therefore this territory should be guarded intensely. If they suspect that we are digging under them, our investigation will immediately come to a standstill, ”said Mo Fan.

“Got it,” Mu Bai nodded his head, “now at the University of Ochos there is another person who deserves our close attention.”

“Are you talking about Hertz Cass?” – asked Mo Fan.

– Exactly.

“Are you sure your sister Yan Qiu is somehow involved in this?”

“You yourself know that because of my uncle Mu Hae, all representatives of the Mu clan in the town of Bo were thoroughly searched.” It was hard for everyone, including Mu Ning Xue and Mu Jo Joong. The magical court sniffed everyone, but nevertheless there was only one person who did not fall into the sight of the attention of the judges, ”said Mu Bai.

“Are you talking about your older sister?”

– Yes. Only my mother and I knew about its existence, but my mother died, and now only I know this. At first, I was so eager to go to Europe because I wanted to see her, I thought that after that our family relations would improve, but, in the end, I almost lost my life, ”Mu Bai continued bitterly in his voice.

Yan Qiu was sent back to Europe a long time ago and turned into a servant – this was done by none other than Mu He.

After Mu He was exposed, absolutely all of his relatives were put under investigation, and only Yan Qiu managed to avoid all this – in truth, even Mu Bai did not remember her at that time.

Yan Qiu wished the death of Mu Bai to bury the secret of her birth with him – that is how her sibling became her sworn enemy!

“You have no direct evidence?”

“Yeah … I didn’t know that this vicious circle would close in this way ….” I wanted to see her, to establish relations, that is why I did not prepare any defense, sincerely believing that she would not dare to attack her brother … what happened next, you already know … – answered Mu Bai.

“If Hertz Kass is now at the University of Ochos, then she, as his faithful servant, should be there.” Most likely, she uses some kind of fake personality. Hmm, who would have thought that this happens in the world, – Zhao Man Yan patted Mu Bai on the shoulder, – this sister of yours is very toxic, she already tried to kill you, so you should not spare her. As soon as you see her, immediately attack! And I will be there to help you!

“I want to do it myself.” I’m not the first to go against people whom I considered relatives, ”said Mu Bai.

Zhao Man Yan did not have time to say: “But you haven’t yet killed …”

– I’m all thinking – what is the position of Yan Qiu in the hierarchy of the Black Church? – Mo Fan thought.

She was Mu Hae’s chief spy in Europe, but did not take any part in the tragedy of the city of Bo and the disaster in Xi’an that occurred with the light hand of Salan.

Yan Qiu left Bo a very long time ago, which means that she is one of the old-timers of their entire Sharashkin office, which raises the logical question – why did Salan still not use it for her own purposes? Or did she have other plans for Yan Qiu?

“If Charon serves her, then her position is higher than Mu Hae had?” – suggested Zhao Man Yan.

“I also immediately understood that she was spying for my uncle, and I do not exclude that her position could be higher … women can easily avert suspicions, remember Salan too …” Mu Bai responded.

Mo Fan nodded his head – before he knew the true identity of Salan, he himself sacredly believed that it was a man.

It never occurred to anyone that it could be a woman!

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