Chapter 2225: Tricky Fox – Hertz Cass


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In the confrontation of the Black Church, you should never reveal yourself, which means that the three magicians were forced to continue to fulfill their roles as excellent teachers at the University of Ochos.

Pretending as if nothing had happened, Mo Fan again took Lily to awaken.

The girl’s awakening was much easier than one might have expected – she awakened an element of the wind that she could only dream of. Upon leaving the magical association, she even managed to forget about the Black Church, she just stood and smiled with happiness.

“But what should I do next?” I can now release wind magic, right? Can I fly right into the air like that student with wings? – Lily immediately rained a lot of questions.

“You must now immerse yourself in patient cultivation.” You need to plunge into your inner world and feel the resulting nebula of the wind. Although you were able to awaken magic, the release of magic is still a long way off – you need to cultivate hard, because magic is not as simple as it might seem at first glance …. Here, look at her – she, too, was eager to become a sorceress, and, in the end, for such a period of time she was able to become a mid-level magician, – Mo Fan pointed to Alpasa.

Alpasa snorted arrogantly – she owed her quick progress not to stubborn cultivation, but to her magnificent origin! Almost all the time she sleeps, gaining strength, and only the remaining time spends on the development of magic – and now, in such a time she was able to achieve such results!

– The nebula? What it is? – asked Lily.

“Hey, Mu Bai, you are a nerd, now – today you will be her teacher, explain everything to her,” said Mo Fan.

“You are a theory teacher,” he responded.

– Heck! Which of us has studied better? Talk less, work more! Treat her like a native, because we still need her! – cursed the magician.

– You have been successful in many subjects – a real talent! And now your lectures won how many people gather, and I – I even managed to dishonor the whole country! – Mu Bai did not calm down.

Mu Bai still told Lily about the nebulae, and the girl, being very intelligent, grabbed everything on the fly.

“Hey, ugly, you just stepped on a new path, and you’ll stomp to the University of Ochos as the highest point of the Andes on foot, so make your face simpler – where so much arrogance comes from?” – Zhao Man Yan was indignant.

– Nothing, the most important thing is that I have already become a sorceress. The day will come, and I will go to lectures, live in a student dormitory and flirt with fellow students in a dining room by the sea … – Lily said quite.

“How stupid you are!” I have seen enough series and anime, but the time has come to make a life-affirming choice. Supporters of the Black Church will not give up your life and try to kill you as soon as they get a chance, so you better not talk a lot, ”said Zhao Man Yan.

“You will be the first to be killed with your speeches,” the girl reacted.

“Lily, the black churches are very dangerous, especially for you, the daughter of their pharmacist.” They don’t need to take your life, so it’s better to return to the university, Alpasa will protect you. But you yourself must be careful, do not let your illusions take hold of you, ”Mo Fan warned.

Lily led them too far in the Black Church business, and yet their followers are not stupid either – they also suspect something. Lily does not have any self-defense skills, and even after awakening magic, Mo Fan did not hope that she would make a good battle sorceress.

– Yes, yes, I remember everything! – Lily nodded her head joyfully. Now she was very friendly to Mo Fan, because it was he who brought her to this beautiful magical world.

Her father taught her all sorts of lotions, but Lily did not like this from the very beginning. What other bugs, insects and other heresies? She wants to study at the university and walk among female magicians!


Returning to the university, the magicians were going to relax, but they saw a few people in front of the dormitory.

Miyamoto-san was also among them, he said: “Sorry, teacher Moyfan, my efforts were not enough to repel the attack of the duke Kass, and student Richie will now be unable to participate in fights for some time.”

“Forgive me, teacher Zhao Yanzu, I lost …” the wounded guy said, even the corners of his lips were hard to lift.

– Paulina, what happened? – Mo Fan asked.

Richie was seriously injured, shards of ice pierced him directly into the bones, which is why they weakened so much that their crunch was heard at the slightest movement. Even Paulina did not know how to heal such a wound.

– During an open lesson on combat tactics, Hertz Cass decided to exchange experience with Richie …. Cass decided to take revenge on him in this way. He specially injured the student so that he could not fully recover – he used some secret chip of ice magic …. Every time I release a healing spirit, it penetrates inside, but it is frozen by these fragments, ”Paulina explained.

Dark magic can also hurt so that then it will be impossible to be healed, but there the suppression of the healing spirit occurs precisely due to the power of dark breathing.

But so that it could be wounded by the magic of ice … this is Mo Fan seen for the first time. He pulled out the medicine prepared for him by Xin Xia, but even their effect was too weak.

“He can’t move now.” It’s possible that even with just a move of his hand, all the bones in his body will crumble, ”said Paulina.

“Ah, this Hertz Cass, sly fox!” Is it possible to treat students like this ?! – heard the voice of Fandy.

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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