Chapter 2227. Disruption of the lesson (part 1)


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At the theoretical lectures of Mo Fan, there were still few students. But Mo Fan did not worry about this. He realized that conducting lectures separately was not at all profitable, and combined them with lessons in magical zoology and fighting. He entrusted all theoretical rantings to Mu Bai, and took upon himself the battles with monsters.

The next open lesson on fighting was held only next Friday. Such lessons could be attended not only by students, but also by other teachers and university leaders. This format of lessons was held at many well-known international universities. By the quality and scale of the lesson, one could understand how famous the teacher is.

Before that, they managed to conduct another field lesson, but this time there were several times more students. Basically, they all came for the opportunity to go further than the Wormy Gorge. News of the last lesson spread instantly among the students.

Finally, three teachers managed to earn some money.

Richie lost to Hertz Kas, so Zhao Man Yan lost most of his hard-won money. But in the second exit lesson, they repulsed part of the amount back. So at the next open combat lesson they at least had money for bets.

– We managed to accumulate 10 thousand gold. Heck! Yes, I will put them all, then we will not only break their bones and spoil their reputation, but we will take everything to the penny! – said Zhao Man Yan.

At this exit lesson three magicians gave all the best. They not only were able to show students the rare inhabitants of the Andes, but also made sure that many of them did not return empty-handed.

Still, they represented their country, and did not want to face the teachers of China in the mud!


Professor Nelson of the Liberty Institute was quite famous. On Friday’s open combat lesson, all the battle-mad students literally bowed before him.

Looking at this, Mo Fan only snorted contemptuously.

A bunch of morons. In real battles, the entire field is covered in smoke. Real experience is gained in the midst of bloody rains and hurricanes. If they really want to learn how to fight, then let them go alone outside the safe zone to the habitat of the monster tribe, or even to the empire. The most important thing is not to die, but you will learn everything else along the way.

Once Bai Hongfei was also such an urban brave man, but after traveling to the western regions, he became a different person. Now his fighting ability was not inferior to the three of them.

It is impossible to become strong without going through trials. Mo Fan has seen so much in his life. Of course, he was not afraid of Nelson, who spent his whole life in luxury.

This time, an open lesson was held on the Roman-style battle arena. Students sat in their places. The sizes were not inferior to world-class sports arenas.

Nelson stood in the very center of the arena, and on the sides of him stood two charming helpers. They were dressed in tight-fitting leather combat suits, demonstrating in all their glory the expressive curves characteristic of American women.

Even if Nelson could not enjoy the two charming teachers, the picture of them standing on the battlefield on either side of him already gives a feeling of victory!

– Today!

Nelson’s voice echoed in the arena in which more than a thousand students sat. In the forefront was the university leadership, as well as foreign teachers. It was evident with what respect everyone respects the combat teacher Nelson.

“Today I will show you the magic of seals.” What does the magic of seals mean? Before studying this, we first observe a simple test battle. Which student wants to help me? Nelson asked aloud.

Just hearing that you can enter the arena, a crowd of students rushed forward to the front rows.

Nelson chose one student. Mo Fan already saw this guy. It was he who tried to embarrass him in the very first lesson. It seems that his name was Simpkin.

Sipkin entered the arena with a calm, self-confident look, but his eyes shone with happiness.

– Teacher Nelson, what should I do? – politely asked Simpkin.

“Use mid-level magic and attack assistant teachers,” said Nelson.

– Good! – Simpkin gave the girls an appraising look and chose a teacher with tea-colored hair, standing to the left of Nelson.

Simpkin applied mid-level magic. In order to demonstrate the sharpness of his skills, he deliberately added a train of light to his magical attacks. So his magic looked more colorful and dangerous!

The teacher with tea-colored hair was a wind mage. She deftly dodged student attacks, no matter how fast and accurate they were.

Simpkin did not give up trying to use his fastest magic. But only the radiance of magic was approaching, the girl immediately disappeared from her place.

But at that moment, a second girl suddenly appeared in front of Simpkin. Her magical breath, like a wild animal, struck Simpkin.

The guy startled startled, stopped the attack and hastened to apply protective magic.

– You see, many magicians are focused on the issue of accuracy. But if the adversary is too fast, then almost all magic becomes useless. And if you focus too much on your attacks, you might miss other threats, ”said Nelson.

Students nodded their heads. Hit the target is a very important issue.

The use of magic is accompanied by certain gestures. Especially the construction of stellar systems, clouds and palaces. Not all magicians manage to launch an attack unexpectedly. Many opponents, and even savvy monsters, can observe these gestures and take appropriate measures. Therefore, getting into a nimble opponent is a very difficult task.

– Today’s topic is precision military technology – the use of seals.

– There are many types of seals. The simplest of them is a mental stamp. To use it, you need to focus your thoughts on the object and see it in sight. But when confronted with a large adversary, we do not have time to focus on each in turn. Therefore, I created a way to use seals, through the accumulation of elemental energy. The seals are guided by the density of elemental energy and reliably fix the goal.

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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