Chapter 2228. Disruption of the lesson (part 2)


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– I think that all students of Okhos will cope with the accumulation of elemental energy. When you first dealt with the sphere, you probably felt that a large amount of energy was floating in the air. Using a sphere allows you to collect the energy of a certain element in your own body. This allows you to quickly use magic, and also to a certain extent increases strength. But have any of you tried to accumulate elemental energy by targeting your adversary? – said Nelson.

Accumulate energy on the enemy ??

Isn’t that dumbness? Energy allows you to apply magic, of course, you need to accumulate it in yourself!

– Leaving some of the energy on the body of the enemy is the same as putting a mark on it. When you use the same element, even if you will not see the enemy, if you only feel the distribution of energy, then your goal will be clearly visible even in the dark. Then your attacks will become much more accurate! – Nelson’s voice grew louder, obviously he was proud of his invention.

If you leave a little elemental energy on the enemy’s body, no matter how he dodges and hides, you can still quickly find him!

After Nelson said the whole arena applauded. Obviously, many of those present have never tried such a method.

After that, Nelson explained in detail how to collect energy, how to leave it on the enemy’s body and how to use this mark. Standing in the arena, Simpkin learned everything first hand. He left the arena with such a proud look, as if he was utterly above all!

“Nelson is a worthy fighting teacher!” Gratis told everyone about such a cool technique!

– Many combat teachers do not like to reveal their secrets. But Nelson unselfishly shared with everyone. A worthy model for all teachers!

Each lesson of Nelson was very useful and informative, it is not surprising that he manages to gather such crowds of people.

“Not bad, not bad, he’s very smart!” – Listening to an open lesson, Mo Fan nodded his head approvingly.

– Which means not bad! You did not come here to praise him, but to disrupt the lesson! – exclaimed Zhao Man Yan.

“Even if we are rivals, I cannot deny that he is a talented magician,” said Mo Fan.

“And since when did you become so right?” – Man Yan said coldly.

– The main thing for a person is to maintain a breadth of soul.

– Stop talking nonsense! What a crappy military equipment. To use energy storage, you need to have a sphere. How many magicians during their student years can afford a spiritual seed with a sphere ?? This knowledge is likely to be useful to rich students from Ochos, but for the rest they are useless! – criticized Man Yan.

Mo Fan nodded. Man Yan was right, Nelson’s technique is certainly good, but few can use it.

A spiritual seed means a high level. Only very strong high-level magicians possess the sphere. If the mages of the initial, intermediate levels, as well as the high level, but without a spiritual seed, could use this technique, it would be excellent. Then he would definitely be added to the international educational materials on magic!

– Does anyone have any questions? Nelson asked.

– I have! – Mo Fan said loudly.

He sat among the teachers’ places, so Nelson couldn’t help but notice him.

From the very beginning, Nelson treated Mo Fan with obvious contempt, and did not pay attention to Mo Fan’s nit-picking during his lessons.

“Teacher Moyfan, please,” said Nelson.

– The thing is this. At the last open lesson, my student was seriously injured. His opponent used specific magic, so his wound does not heal. He is in terrible agony all the time. I wanted to ask, since you are already conducting open combat lessons, should you restore justice for the sake of Richie? – directly said Mo Fan.

He did not like to beat around the bush. Of course, the rest would prefer to discuss this in private, but Mo Fan loved the attention of the crowd.

– Teacher Moyfan, do not discuss this directly during the lesson. We will discuss this later, ”Josephine frowned.

There are so many people in the arena, don’t disrupt the discipline of the lesson.

Several managers sat silently and calmly watched what was happening, as if for an interesting game.

If there is enmity between foreign teachers, why the hell should they intervene?

– Initially, Richie was my pretty successful student. But for reasons unknown to me, he suddenly joined your team. I am saddened by his neglect of cultivation. During the battle, injuries cannot be avoided. The harder he is, the stronger will be the motivation to move on. I just wanted to stimulate him, nothing else, ”Nelson answered calmly.

“But his injury is so serious that now he can’t practically take care of himself.” He will not be able to participate in the American tournament and this will also affect his cultivation in the next few years. I don’t understand how you wanted to stimulate him. Rather, turn into a disabled person, said Mo Fan.

– Teacher Moyfan, your statement is very serious. I only value talents. If now he is not my student, then only by such methods can I push him to development and zeal. At the Liberty Institute, I have been teaching combat lessons for more than twenty years, and have the title of instructor. I am confident in my competence, said Nelson.

Mo Fan already opened his mouth, but here in the Nelson group stood Hertz Kas and interrupted him.

“Teacher Moyfan, it was I who wounded Richie.” I really was not careful enough to control the power. I often heard from students how they admired Richie’s giftedness, so I thought he could withstand my attack in full force. If teacher Moyfan is dissatisfied with this situation, I am ready to accept responsibility. “I hope this does not create a predicament for teacher Nelson,” Kas said politely. There was no trace of his former arrogance.

Mo Fan cast a glance in his direction and sighed:

– Why does a student meet in a conversation between teachers? Shut your mouth!

Casa’s face turned green. He told him to shut up in front of a thousand students!

This teacher is clearly sick!

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