Chapter 2229: Battle of the Teachers


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“I am a member of the presidium of the student council, and even the teachers dare not lecture me,” said Hertz Cass, his face dark with anger.

“Richie will figure it out with you in an open tournament.” Being a teacher, I am too lazy to lead empty arguments with you, step aside, I will not teach you, but your teacher Nelson! – cursed Mo Fan.

When Hertz Cass heard these words, his face immediately became even darker with anger!

Everyone at the university knew that Hertz Kass was not an ordinary student, most of the teachers licked at him and paid compliments. And this foreign teacher is apparently not afraid of anything!

“Hertz Kass, Moifan is still a teacher, don’t mind him,” the head of the Department of Elements of the University of Ochos joined in the conversation.

The man’s face was covered with a brown beard and mustache so that one could only see his bottomless eyes. He was dressed in some kind of long robe that covered his overly thin body, which made him look like a scarecrow standing on a wheat field.

Richie wanted to continue the altercation with the head of the department of elements, but somehow restrained his anger.

– An interesting twist. Have you decided to teach me a lesson? – laughed Nelson in response to the words of Mo Fan.

Nelson looked around, the university rector and deans of various faculties on which he relied did not utter a single word in his defense, on the contrary, they were very interested in how this situation would be resolved.

Nobody was going to stop the teachers, because it was the University of Ochos, in which they did not know what educational ethics were. Let these two teachers show students how to fight!

“Dear teachers and heads of departments, a foreign teacher shows disrespect for the University of Ochos, which may affect the educational process,” said the head teacher Josephine.

She did not like Mo Fan, so she could not allow him to behave as he pleased.

The head of the Department of Elements did not seem to hear Josephine’s words, he sat down and loudly told Mo Fan: “Teacher Moyfan, I think you are interested in the reception that teacher Nelson just taught us all. Would you like to try out his print on yourself?

Mo Fan was a little shocked by the fact that someone decided to support his hooliganism, providing a logical reason for starting a fight.

“As I want, I’m interested to know how this technique works in battle.” But this is only one of the reasons for the fight, because first of all, I want to avenge my student. He did nothing wrong to anyone, and he was seriously injured. I just won’t leave such an outrage, ”Mo Fan answered.

– Nelson is an outstanding teacher in combat tactics, are you confident in your abilities, a teacher in practical magic? – asked the head of the department of elements.

– Of course! What do you think I decided to arrange a circus instead of a fight? – answered Mo Fan.

– That’s great, because the theory is inextricably linked with practice, so teacher Moyfan must himself experience martial art, which is owned by teacher Nelson. Let Ochos University students learn from their teachers! Teacher Nelson, do you mind? We want to look at your combat skills, ”the head of the Elemental Department laughed, his beard and mustache moving to the beat of laughter.

“Of course I don’t mind.” I love to demonstrate my abilities, if someone wants to learn from me, then you are welcome! – Nelson also laughed, finally he found a worthy reason to kick this Chinese teacher’s butt!

“Well, since both teachers are ready to start the battle, then I take upon myself the magical barrier, you can use my magical power to the full,” said Douglas, head of the element department.

– Dear head of the faculty, students can learn a lot by watching this unique battle of two teachers. No need to spend money on the barrier, the University takes all the costs of the battle. I myself can’t wait to see this battle, because both teachers are well known all over the world. And if we cannot see them in battle with our own eyes, where they can use all their strength, then it will be very annoying! – said the rector of the university.

The head of the element department and the rector were very influential people at the University of Ochos. If they allowed teachers to join the battle, then no one else could say anything about it.

Hearing that the battle was approved by the dean, the students immediately clapped their hands happily!

It was worth a lot to see the battle of two strong faculty at Ojos University.


“America is full of rude young people like you who do stupid things.” But which one gets the most benefit and success? Of course it’s me. I owe it to them that I became an outstanding teacher in combat tactics. So before the start of the battle, I want to thank you. If it were not for such impulsive students like you, then my career would not have gone uphill, ”said Nelson.

He was very glad that at last a careless guy was found who arbitrarily summoned him to the battle. Now he will build his career at Ojos University much faster with fame after winning the battle.

“Dear teachers, let’s wait until students make their bets and we can start,” Douglas said.

“What is it possible to bet on battles here?” – Mo Fan was extremely surprised.

– Of course! After all, before, only students fought among themselves, and the teaching battle is a huge rarity. Therefore, we will all take an active part. Teacher Moyfan, I bet a thousand gold coins on you if you win, ”said Douglas, smiling.

“You see me for the first time in your life, where does this honor come from?” – asked Mo Fan.

“Well, I put four thousand gold coins on Nelson’s teacher,” Douglas answered.

Mo Fan’s face immediately darkened.

– Well, the bets are accepted. The ratio of rates is ten percent to one, one percent went to the teacher Moyfan, and ten – to Nelson. Even if I lose my four thousand, I can win a little with one thousand coins. Teacher Moyfan, good luck! Said Douglas, not looking up from his laptop.

Nelson raised his head and looked at the betting odds, which was displayed on a huge screen above the arena.

– Look, someone scored one tenth of the bets. Who is it with us? – laughed Nelson.

“But still, in this arena there is that small part of people who think that you are not worthy of a battle with me!” – said Mo Fan.

– Soon you will regret your words!

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