Chapter 2230: Stardust Orb


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A theory teacher versus a mage teacher on combat tactics … in truth, the Mo Fany coefficient of 1 to 10 can be considered very good. It is also worth noting that after the review lesson, in which the Chinese teacher showed himself to be a very brave magician, many students appeared who believed in him wholeheartedly.

“Get started,” came the voice of Dean Douglas.

Nelson refers to people who love all sorts of formalities. He did not rush and attack Mo Fan, preferring to continue the lesson in parallel. The American wizard began to release his sphere of wind: one could see how countless streams of air in the form of huge snakes swirled around his master. On the one hand, it was an excellent defense, and on the other hand, if a person is drawn inside, then even bones will not remain from him!

Nelson deliberately did not begin to attack first, as he wanted to show students how visual magic, which was the theme of the lesson, works. He wanted to put spontaneous wind marks on Mo Fan – now Mo Fan looked like he had climbed out of a dungeon.

“In truth, this topic is also familiar to me,” Mo Fan looked at the seals of the wind on his body, grinning slyly.

He did not shy away from them, allowing them to remain on his body.

“Now you will turn into an experimental rat running around the cage,” Nelson said. As soon as he waved his hand, one wind serpent immediately went towards the enemy.

Wind snakes though looked like streams of air, being swirled in a whirlwind, possessed the power of grinding stones.

– Dear students, please pay attention. My opponent now has a choice – to release a defense or try to take cover. However, my marks are stuck on him from all sides, and it is they who will show my magic the place if he decides to hide, ”explained Nelson, while controlling the magic.

If he decides to defend himself, then the attack of the wind snakes will be even more violent.

Mo Fan stood in the same place with a face sparkling with long-awaited trepidation.

Defend yourself ?!


What kind of ignoramus offers him only two options ???

In the eyes of Mo Fan sparkle shone. He gazed steadily at the stream approaching him.

The next moment, the snake abruptly changed direction – he turned and rushed straight into the air just a few meters from Mo Fan!

– What? Missed?!

– Nothing happened to the Chinese teacher! He still stands in his place! Magic did not hit the target? !!!

Mo Fan really continued to stand in the same place, and the whirlwind was already rushing high-high – from the side it looked like Nelson had missed.

The American frowned in displeasure. With a confident look, he motioned the students not to make a fuss, saying “I’ll deal with everything now.”

It was just one wind serpent, and he had so many more!

– Go ahead! – loudly said Nelson. At his command, several more wind snakes rose into the air and spun into a single whirlwind – this time the American did not hesitate, instantly ordering to attack!

“Let’s see if you have the guts not to run away this time,” the combat tactics teacher thought to himself.

Mo Fan did not budge.

– Divide! – blurted out the Chinese. An air vortex literally split into several small air currents exactly ten meters from it …

As the whirlwind reached Mo Fan, it had already turned into a breeze from the fan.

Those present looked at the Chinese in surprise – he did not budge from the very beginning, and at the same time there was still no scratch on him!

– What’s happening?!

“Teacher Nelson must have come to work drunk today, that’s not on target!”

Students were perplexed – this was the second attack of the famous military teacher, and again past the target! Didn’t he say that his magic would overtake the enemy, no matter where he was ?!

Nelson himself was freaking out on what was happening.

Mo Fan stood still, not moving … but the snakes should already have ripped ten skins off him!

The movement of wind magic is controlled more easily than others, so what’s the matter ?! Why again by ?!

“Is this Asian also a wind mage, and so could change the direction of my whirlwind?” – suggested Nelson.

“Teacher Nelson, here you have a wind mage … what about the accuracy of my magic?” – Mo Fan smiled, baring his white teeth.

He stamped his foot and small stones around immediately surrounded him, and then formed into stone shells.

– Stone fangs!

The teeth flew forward, gaining speed.

Nelson managed to dodge one fang … then a second flew over him – the American took a step and the stone pierced the ground.

“Don’t overtake me with such magic,” said Nelson.

– Be careful with the words! – retorted Mo Fan.

Nelson was looking forward, but three stone fangs were already hanging from above, to his right and left ….

Before he could turn around, he saw that the fang, from which he had recently dodged, was now flying into it again!


Where has it been seen such that the released magic makes a circle and attacks again ?!

Nelson had not even begun to act – he wanted to move a sufficient distance and did not expect four stone fangs to fly in his back!

* Bam

Nelson only managed to take a breath from the unexpectedness of the situation, after which a wind whirlwind arose around him, crushing the stones of the enemy into fine dust.

– I didn’t manage to evade, did you have to react? – Mo Fan laughed.

– And how else should I teach students to respond to such attacks? – responded Nelson.

“So you admit that your famous teaching chips are ineffective in battle?” – continued Mo Fan.

“Stop talking,” Nelson said impatiently.

Such behavior of the enemy in his own lesson markedly infuriated the eminent combat tactics teacher.

– Cloudy wind blades!

The wind intensified, thickening clouds above Nelson’s head – the sight was truly spectacular, as it was completely controlled by one person.

The wind flow began to move, capturing the territory of the arena first, and then going beyond it!

As soon as the cloud whirlwind departed from its lord, the stream of wind was literally filled with flying blades rushing towards Mo Fan!

What a huge attacking area! Nelson at that moment was confident that the enemy could not escape the blow.

– A whirlwind of chaos! – Mo Fan spread his arms, between which gradually began to thicken the stream. The power of chaos was concentrated above his head, and its power was controlled by the movements of his palms.

Cloud blades were drawn into a whirlwind of chaos, becoming similar in appearance to drops of water – from this collision of spells there was absolutely no destruction!

“So, an element of chaos,” Nelson retorted coldly.

He is one of the most experienced battle magicians – how could he not recognize the manifestations of this element from the very beginning?

Chaos has the ability to wrap and twist released magic, this also applies to elemental magic.

Now it became clear that in order to avoid his wind blades, the magician used chaos, with the help of the same element he was able to deploy flying stone fangs.

The element of chaos is not so easy to recognize, and it can easily lead to disorientation even of a skilled magician.

Mo Fan sent a whirlwind of chaos at Nelson.

The speed inside the vortex was very high – a spell of chaos literally dragged on the wind blades, now actually directing Nelson’s magic against him.

The clothes on Nelson’s body hesitated – at the moment when the whirlwind approached him, the magician literally took off.

The sound of the blades cut the rumor … It was not difficult for Nelson to take control of his own wind magic.

“The wind is against chaos … we can fight this way until late at night,” said Nelson.

The element of chaos is rightfully considered one of the most troublesome, Nelson did not expect to meet this element in the arsenal of the enemy … not that he could not resist it, but the magicians of chaos have the ability to stretch magic games for a very long time – they can simply “suck” your spells and change their direction!

“If you want changes, then I do not mind,” Mo Fan reacted.

“I wanted to get Richie into my team, because he, like me, owns an element of lightning,” said Nelson.

“Oh, what a coincidence – I also have this element,” Mo Fan answered.

“Well then, let’s see whose lightnings turn out to be stronger!” – Nelson looked unperturbed, while the next second more than ten categories sparkled near him.

Lightning rushed first to the sky, and then to Mo Fan, forming a network in front of him. Powerful electric breathing began to come from Nelson!

More than a thousand students, seeing this picture, involuntarily backed away, trying to avoid the effects of current.

Mo Fan frowned – Nelson’s lightning was very strong, even surpassing his tyrannical realm.

“He probably has a first-class big seed,” Mo Fan thought.

The lightning element manifests itself openly – it is immediately easy to determine the degree of power of the discharges.

Mo Fan first thought to use an element of lightning against Nelson, because his magic went through the process of praising the spiritual seal, but then changed his mind …. There are very few magicians who have passed this procedure, and if he uses this chip now, they will immediately bite him!

“The element of earth against lightning … it certainly will not yield to the strength of the enemy!” – Even in the hustle and bustle of Mo Fan, he could not forget how effective an element of the earth can be against lightning.

– Star dust! – Mo Fan released his sphere of the element of earth.

Stardust is the sphere of the secondary celestial seed of the elements of the earth. This sphere concentrates all the elemental energy of the earth within a radius of 500 meters, creating a protection that looks like star dust.

Mo Fan does not really like pure defensive magic, so he got the hang of using his sphere for attack – just concentrate on how the dust immediately turns into stone fangs several hundred meters long, which can become an excellent weapon!

Released protection could also withstand Nelson’s electrical attacks!

– For my lightning nothing is impossible! Cried Nelson, increasing the pressure around him.

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