Chapter 2231: Don’t face the dirt


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Nelson took a step back, and the next instant the lightning sparkled in all directions from him – they were so fast that it was even impossible to examine their trajectory.

It turned out that the discharges were aimed not directly at Mo Fan, but to the place next to him – the magic was like the one that Mo Fan himself used against a female highlander!

Nelson, seeing that the enemy uses the magic of the earth, was not at all embarrassed.

Earth is capable of absorbing most lightning, but not Nelson’s electric ball, which can destroy even the hardest matter!

– Why is the teacher Nelson’s lightning not like ours? Why are his discharges attacking like needles?

– This is how much excellent control of the elements you need to have in order to attack like that!

– Yes exactly! And the piercing ability of these lightnings is probably ten times more powerful than ordinary discharges!

Nelson controlled his electric ball, which then swung open, now directing all his needles to Mo Fan.

The electric ball was not just next to the magician – it was in this way that the teacher’s lightning could pierce the enemy from above, from below, and from behind, as if swallowing him in the electric sphere. What can I say … even an element of the earth can not withstand such an attack!

Stardust fragments still revolved around Mo Fan – at any moment they could form a shield. It was at the moment of the attack on the magician, when electric needles pierced the space, the particles of dust became harder than steel.

The earth’s sphere took about four seconds to form a shield around the magician, so there were still lightnings that managed to reach Mo Fan – the magician even involuntarily shook.

If it were not for the elemental resistance of Mo Fan to lightning, the discharges that penetrated inside could have smashed it to pieces.

It’s like punching a well-built person – if his muscles are quite developed, then from one blow it’s unlikely to cause him serious harm, although depending on where to strike … also with these lightning bolts, if they pierce vital arteries, then the magician lightning can be seriously affected.

Nelson turned out to be just a magnificent wizard of the element of lightning – he not only has excellent command of the elements, but it also became clear that he is constantly improving and working on his spells – for example, Mo Fan gives his lightning the form he needs only for a short time …

“If I hide in the shade, I will only admit my weakness,” the Chinese magician bit his lips.

The opposition of the elements is very popular with Mo Fan, however, it is worth recognizing that on the defense side he still has too many gaps, which can be closed only by persistent practice.

Lightning continued to penetrate his sphere ….

In such a situation, he had no choice but to use his other elements, of which the shadow would be the best choice … but it was at this moment that Mo Fan saw next to the ground printing area.

The stone seals reacted to the accompanying effect of its heavenly seed – because of the huge elemental force, real placers can really form around. Crossing with the power of stardust, stone seals can spontaneously fuel the sphere! It was someone else’s energy!

“Nelson seems to have used just one spell, where did so many stone seals come from?” Really … he uses his chip and scrolls it endlessly, so does my defense react like that? How … how could he hide everything ?! – Mo Fan was embarrassed.

Nelson clearly did not release the star palace, but how could his magic turn out to be so impressive? She attacked like a machine gun!

The double accompanying effect had a definite plus – it reacted to the frequency of the release of magic by the enemy.

* Bang!

Mo Fan expanded the sphere, allowing the placer of stones to complement it, which led to a more stable shell around the magician.

Now even if Nelson presses, the magician can at least resist.


Nelson continued to rage. Mo Fan, however, still stood inside his sphere, examining the circles of stone mounds that were visible only to him alone – the audience saw only his cocoon.

Nelson’s machine gun line-up was gradually weakening.

The magician’s energy can sometimes be depleted until at least a little is replenished again, so there are times when the wizard cannot cast spells ….

Nelson uninterruptedly attacked Mo Fan, thinking that the sphere was about to be exhausted, but the stardust of the Chinese was constantly fueled – Nelson first saw a man who could last longer than him ….

Of course, he was not aware that the opponent was reinforcing all this time, without spending a single drop of his own energy!

“Teacher Nelson, I think you still have a long, long practice, since your lightning strikes me like a drizzling rain,” Mo Fan grinned.

My Fan began to like his heavenly seed of the earth more and more!

With the help of a heavenly seed, he used someone else’s energy and could not hit his face in the mud!

This is what the CELESTIAL SEA means !!!

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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