Chapter 2232: Enemy with a Celestial Seed


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Nelson was enraged – who is standing in front of him ?!

Destructive magic is divided into two types – explosive and long. Nelson’s lightnings belong to the second. His ranks are so hardy that no one in America could put up a decent defense against them!

But who is this Chinese teacher ?! He is absolutely unknown at the international level – nothing was heard about him at all! And How?! How could he hold out against his lightning for so long? What does he use ?!

“Ha ha, my lightnings are much stronger than your element of the earth, you just got chaos magic here to drain my energy – is that honest?” Said Nelson.

He thought that there could be only one reason for such a Chinese success – chaos.

This is what chaos is good for: the higher the level of magic, the more funny tricks it can do, while the element itself does not recognize obstacles.

“I came to honestly teach you a lesson, which is why I am also fighting with you honestly.” You yourself said that if I use chaos, our battle will not end until late at night, and I don’t need it either, ”said Mo Fan.

“If this is not an element of chaos, then how could your sphere of earth resist the onslaught of my lightning ?!” Yes, no defense can resist their destructiveness! You think I’m an idiot ?! – confidently said Nelson. He was absolutely sure of his attacking ranks.

Nelson understands the chaos magic well – he knows that a worthy magician of chaos is able to spin everything cool, but he saw this for the first time!

“I’m afraid that in this case you really turned out to be an idiot,” was heard the voice of Mo Fan.

Nelson was incredibly angry. He turned to the head of the faculty, Douglas: “Dean, you saw everything yourself. Please, judge us, I really don’t want to fall in the eyes of my students. ”

– Teacher Nelson, are you sure about that? Douglas asked.

“Yes, my lightning could not break his defense.”

– Teacher Nelson, I watched your fight from the very beginning, and I’m afraid that you did not understand the actions of teacher Moyfan – he really did not use the chaos magic.

“Then he definitely used some kind of artifact or object!” – Nelson did not let up.

“No, either,” followed Douglas’s reply.

“But is that possible?” How then could his sphere be so stable? Where could the replenishment effect come from? In the presence of all the teachers and students, I responsibly declare that Dean Douglas made the wrong conclusion, ”said Nelson.

Douglas frowned. Well, why are these Americans so stubborn and are always looking for some kind of catch? He has already expressed his opinion, and Nelson now casts doubt on him?

Since Nelson does not care about his reputation, well … let it be so.

– Teacher Nelson, you should not argue all the time only with your lightning bolts. I agree, your electric attack is a very rare sight even for me, you have an excellent seed, but do you really not even think that your opponent can have a more outstanding seed? Douglas rubbed his beard, and his voice rang out loudly to the whole crowd.

Nelson did not immediately catch up with the meaning of these words, but it is worth noting that the students also did not understand what was happening.

“I carefully examined the energy of the elements of the earth around Moyfan’s teacher, and I’ll say that your strength did not create problems for her,” said Douglas.

Nelson looked at Mo Fan and, seeing how dense the elements around him, stumbled backward.

“Heavenly … heavenly seed!”

– Heavenly seed of the earth !!!

Nelson opened his mouth – how could he have suggested that a teacher who is much younger than himself may have a heavenly seed in service!

There is a huge difference between the spiritual and the spiritual seeds, and a huge gap between the spiritual and the heavenly!

A high-level mage simply starts jumping with happiness if he manages to take possession of a spiritual seed – even magicians with spiritual seeds can be found quite rarely!

And here in front of Nelson stood a magician with a HEAVENLY seed of an element of the earth!

With his lightning, Nelson could not put the enemy in any way with a spiritual seed, but before the heavenly … even he worshiped!

– True?! Heavenly ?!

“So, Teacher Moyfan has heavenly seed, then it’s not surprising that Nelson lost!”

– Wow!

The crowd of students rumbled.

In truth, few people in society know about the existence of heavenly seeds, so for many soul seeds remain the limit of all dreams.

Most of those present had not even heard of the existence of such magicians, but now one of them stood right in front of them!

– Nelson lost … Josephine, the magician was so strong in the Chinese team, why didn’t you tell me anything about this before? – asked the director of the university.

“This … probably … because this teacher is not too stand out from the crowd,” she was embarrassed.

“It turns out that if Nelson had not punished that student, today we would not have watched such an outstanding fight,” the director said.

“Yes, yes, that’s right,” Josephine nodded her head.

– Josephine, you did not understand me! Richie is an ordinary student, and if the teacher Moyfan personally came here for justice, then the student was hurt very much. How could you allow this ?! Now figure it out! – added the director.

Josephine nodded her head again, gritting her teeth: “This case is already under my close attention.”

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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