Chapter 2233. My stone is indestructible!


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Nelson turned cancer red. He was humiliated before such a crowd of students, how then can he lead lessons?

He must restore his dignity by all means. He no longer thought about the issue of combining the elements, but began to apply one by one.

First he wins, and then conversations!

His wind element was ruthlessly smashed by chaos magic. The lightning element could not overcome the earth element with a heavenly seed. But if all of them are highly qualified teachers, and all have at least four elements, the outcome of the battle is difficult to predict.

Thinking over his next steps, Nelson began to slowly backtrack. At the same time, he used simple tricks to continue the course of the battle.

He had already spent most of his mental strength and could not use abilities above the star cloud. He could only take advantage of the moment when the enemy did not attack in full force, and arrange a respite.

Nelson had just as if insanely attacked with lightning magic, and now he is pretending to be weak. This means that he spent a lot of his mental strength.

An ideal moment to mark it so that the mother does not recognize!

Mo Fan was now full of strength and vigor!

– Attack of stone fish! – Mo Fan shouted loudly, instantly creating a star cloud.

The land under the feet of Mo Fan began to change. The hard ground suddenly became soft and ripples appeared on its surface, as if it were the sea.

* puff!

A stone fish appeared from under the ground, with a jaw shaped like an ax blade. Having described a small arc in the air, she plopped down into the ground again, as if frolic in the water.

* puff! Poof! Puff puff!

Suddenly the surface of the earth began to boil and a lot of strange-looking fish appeared in the air. Sprayed soil scattered in all directions, like sea foam!

An ax fish, a fierce fanged stone shark, a huge clay whale with incredible impact power … as if a large fish school migrated over the earth’s surface.

Nelson retreated to the back of the arena. Seeing the grandiose movement of the fish school, the magician changed his face.

In a normal situation, he could easily resist them. One trick of magic at the level of a star palace could easily handle most fish. But now he could not even build a star cloud, and when he tried to do this, he even felt weak and dizzy. How could he not be confused before such an invasion?

The element of the earth of Mo Fan had a heavenly seed, which greatly increased its strength. With a tenfold increase in strength, Mo Fan’s magic was not inferior to higher-level techniques.

Nelson was so exhausted that he could not even use protective magic. Therefore, he had to use his magic artifact.

It was a silver-black tree crown protection. It was as if a military helmet enlarged hundreds of times fell on Nelson’s body.

– Why did he use an artifact?

– Teacher Nelson did not survive? There is an unwritten rule in duels – do not use magic objects and vessels.

From the arena there were stinging exclamations of students.

Of course, Nelson knew about this rule, but now he had no other choice.

Nelson decided to neglect this rule. Moreover, before the battle began, the head of the Department of Elemental Magic, Douglas, acting as an observer, did not say that artifacts should not be used.

Now his spiritual strength has weakened. The main thing is to wait a bit, and then he will be back in service. If he loses, he will not be able to stay at the university!

“Well, how did your magic item come in handy for you?” – through the noise of a fish school there was a loud voice of Mo Fan.

Nelson himself stood at gunpoint!

If he applied the protection of the elements of light, wind or plants, it could prevent his stone attack. But a silver helmet?

Mo Fan received the first accompanying effect during his awakening. This effect is the real enemy of such solid durable defenses!

In the face of the first accompanying effect of Mo Fan, any durable objects are like fragile glass!

Nelson was out of luck this time. Two clashes, and the fight, which should be long, is over!

– My stone is indestructible!

Mo Fan hit with force with both hands on the ground, doubling the attack power of a fish school. The whole arena literally turned into the abode of sea creatures. They immediately emerged from the water and returned back. From such a grand spectacle, all the audience held their breath!

The school of fish became more numerous, the earth boiled more and more. Very soon, golden-brown fish pierced Nelson’s silver-black helmet.

Nelson startled, startled, and hastened to apply wind magic to hide from the attack of huge whales. But there were so many fish that there was no room for evasion.

Numerous wounds appeared on the body of the magician. A hammer fish struck his chest so hard that Nelson was thrown to the edge of the arena. He survived only thanks to a protective barrier.

Leaving the arena means losing.

Nelson climbed to his feet behind the protective barrier. His clothes turned into rags. He pressed his hands to the wound on his chest.

He was not completely exhausted, but a duel is a mortal battle. He lose. All that was left for him was to look at Mo Fan with hatred.

Around the arena there were loud cries of students.

But not everyone was happy about the outcome of the battle. Many students have bet on Nelson’s victory. For them, the outcome of the duel was obvious, so why not make some money?

But they did not expect such a result. Teacher Moyfan from China won!

Mo Fan was the most unpopular of nine foreign teachers. All students understood that he did not have good theoretical knowledge, and the chatter about combining magic was only a theory that could not be implemented.

But the most mediocre at first glance, the teacher fought like a fierce lion!

– Money money! Teacher Moyfan is the most charismatic teacher. I want to marry him! – Among the students came the enthusiastic voice of Paulina.

After what happened to Richie, she hated Nelson. Therefore, she put all the money on his loss. It was a completely rash emotional act, but Moyfan won!

The bets were ten to one!

Paulina made a rather big bet, and now she has earned a lot of money!

“Mo Fan is not cheating on himself, yet he has removed anger … Old Zhao, quickly count our profits,” Mu Bai shoved Zhao Man Yang, who was standing nearby.

– Uh … – Man Yan scratched his head in confusion.

Mu Bai looked at him carefully and frowned:

“Don’t tell me that you set Nelson to win.”

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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