Chapter 2234. Go study.


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Zhao Man Yan began to mutter awkwardly.

– How much did you bet? – asked Mu Bai.

“Hehe, I’ll figure it out,” Man Yan answered awkwardly.

“Old man, you run the risk of getting such a beat from Mo Fan that you will lie next to Richie!”

“How did I know that this Nelson was such a wimp!”

The head of the department of elemental magic, Douglas, and the director rose to their feet and began to applaud.

The remaining teachers hastened to follow suit. Looking at their dumbfounded look, it was clear that they clearly did not expect such a finale!

It turns out that teachers from China are so strong! And before they did not attach great importance to them …


“Do you still think Richie is wasting his talent with me?” – Mo Fan approached Nelson.

“So what if you defeated me?” Do you think that if it were not for these specific limited conditions, would you really be able to surpass me? Your cultivation is an order of magnitude lower than mine! – Nelson did not want to admit defeat.

Nelson was a powerful magician in three elements. Wind and lightning have already reached the second stage. Even with a one-stage difference, you can have the strongest power of suppression. Therefore, Nelson was sure that Mo Fan was not his opponent.

– Never mind. I defeated you, that’s enough, ”said Mo Fan.

“Only Richie has any ability on your team.” Let your students prepare for their misery during the tournament. I will let Kas fight in full force! “Nelson said it so quietly that only the two of them could hear.”

“Do you want to publicly settle scores with me?”

– Well, what about. Today you humiliate me in front of the whole university. In a contest, your nine students will turn into disabled people, prepare a stretcher for them, ”Nelson said fiercely.

“I cannot stop it in any way.” But you should make a stretcher for yourself. If you harm my student, I will not be as merciful with you as I am today! – Mo Fan was not scared by Nelson’s threat.

– Ha ha ha, is that enough strength? Nelson laughed so loudly that he again clutched at the wound in his chest and almost began to spit blood.

Mo Fan did not respond. The wounds of the enemy spoke for themselves, but Nelson didn’t get it.


Mo Fan left the arena under the admiring glances of the students. Of course, now he was in a great mood.

Be quiet with people not in his style. There are so many imprudent people in this world who are trying to trample it. How can I resist the temptation?

– Teacher Moyfan, have you already put together a team? I want to join you. I am an outstanding student of Ochos, I won thirteen fights in a row! Will you accept me ??

– Teacher, teacher, when will your next lesson be?

– You must raise the prices of your lectures. I myself don’t really need money, but, teacher, if your prices are too low, then every fool can sign up for them! Such a talented teacher as you must join forces with the most powerful students! – one of the students said excitedly.

Mo Fan did not know what to say.

Nelson’s open lesson was not even over yet, and they had already rushed to him with questions. This put Nelson in an even more awkward position!

– Go back to class! Nelson is a great teacher of warfare, and I’m just a theory teacher, ”said Mo Fan.

Mo Fan said it very loudly. Hearing his words, Nelson nearly choked on his own blood.

It was not enough for him to win, so it must also be emphasized that he was only a teacher of theory!

Blanca descended from the teaching places. Her sparkling eyes did not take off from Mo Fan.

Mo Fan rubbed his chin and looked slyly at the girl.

“Master Blanca, did you fall in love with me again?” – smiled Mo Fan.

“An element of chaos, an element of the earth … these are not your strongest elements.” I didn’t even know about them. Your progress in cultivation is amazing, ”Blanca said softly and smiled.

“Well, I can’t compare with you,” Mo Fan tried to seem modest. But his joy was so obvious, anyway, a sign would have appeared behind him: I am the most pi * date!

Blanca grinned. She did not continue the conversation so that no one would think that they had known each other before.

………… ..

………… ..

Wherever he went, he immediately became the center of attention.

As soon as Mo Fanu appeared in public, students from all directions ran up with questions. Over the past few weeks, except for Sejal, who was following him tail, the rest of the students perceived him as an empty place. Even though many enrolled in his lessons for the sake of getting points.

“Teacher, I beg you, give me an excellent rating.” I was at that duel between you and teacher Nelson, you were beautiful … – a student named Boom, who offended Lily, specially appeared in Mo Fan’s office.

Mo Fan pretended to be preparing for a lesson. After lunch, he was about to visit Lily again.

Alpasa’s ability to immerse a person in memories created a strong mental burden for him. Therefore, for repeated use, it was required to wait half a month. Lily’s cultivation was at a very weak level. The powerful power of Alps could deprive her of reason.

Mo Fan was just about to go out, when he saw Bumu at the door, who slapped Lily. She, as always, looked charming and flirty. High heels emphasized her long legs, and tight clothing – the bends of the body.

“Why do you, with your successes, also need my assessment?” I have business, do not block the passage, ”Mo Fan said irritably.

“Teacher, give me a high score and then … then you can do whatever you want with me,” Boom said quietly, looking pointedly at Mo Fan.

Mo Fan examined her from head to toe.

– What do I want? – he asked.

“Yeah,” the girl nodded.

The girl’s heart was beating furiously. She never did anything like that. But after seeing Teacher Moifan in the arena, seeing his strength and belligerent appearance, she decided that once in her life she could afford it.

“Then be nice, go study hard.”

With these words, Mo Fan left the office, leaving the bewildered girl alone.

What does she imagine? Thinks every teacher is an animal in human clothing?

Arriving at the University of Ojos, Mo Fan decided to become a worthy teacher of magic. As a student, he could not imagine such a thing! But now he spent all his strength in preparing for lessons!

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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