Chapter 2235: Bride Zhao Youqian.


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Mo Fan moved to the training ground. As soon as he left the hostel, he immediately ran into the dressed up Zhao Man Yan. The guy ran a hand through his golden hair, revealing a beautiful forehead. He put colored lenses in his eyes to look even more attractive.

Zhao Man Yan often used cosmetics, thereby hiding skin imperfections. Mo Fan really did not like it when he noticed traces of makeup on Man Yan’s face.

– Where are you going? – asked Mo Fan.

– I went on a mission! You yourself told me to follow the student, a member of the Black Church, there will be dances in the evening, and he will come there, so I dressed up to join the student team, ”answered Zhao Man Yan.

“And I’d better go and find out if there is any worthwhile information from Lily, you only care about what is hanging between your legs,” Mo Fan said sternly.

“Why do you think that I am such a person?”

“I don’t think you are a person.”


Zhao Man Yan did not understand Mo Fang. He walked elegantly to his destination, making himself a gentleman.

Dances were held in the dance hall of the University of Ochos, a long chain of beautifully dressed students stretched to the entrance to the hall, music was already playing loudly, to the beat of which Man Yan began to twitch.

Zhao Man Yan made his way through the crowd into the hall, shaking his head to the beat of the music.

The ballroom was filled with pink rays of light music that pierced the dark walls of the room. In Man Yan, his eyes flashed from the sight of beautiful long legs and pop covered with fabric dresses. This really excited him.

Zhao Man Yan realized that this was exactly what he had been missing for a long time, he began to move to the beat of the music.

After dancing properly, Man Yan decided to relax and headed for a quiet, secluded corner.

A girl sat there, with her face buried in the telephone, her curled locks fell beautifully and elegantly onto her shoulders.

– Let me guess, you do not know how to dance. Although the next dance will be slow, I guess I better invite someone else, ”Zhao Man Yan unceremoniously said.

The girl raised her head, looked at Man Yan and answered with a smile: “I can dance, I even have a partner.”

“But he never came?” So you sit and stare at the phone, ”said Zhao Man Yan.

“Yeah, but we didn’t agree on what time we will meet,” the girl replied.

– You can’t miss the slow dance in vain, I really like this song, you just listen … – Zhao Man Yan began to sing, approaching the girl’s ears.

The girl did not react at all, so Man Yan extended his hand and invited her to a dance.

At first she did not dare, but then she nevertheless rose from her seat.


The slow dance ended, Zhao Man Yan did not snuggle too close to the girl in the dance, he did not behave as usual – did not lower his hands below the waist and did not even stare at her chest.

Zhao Man Yan had vast experience in communicating with girls, he knew very well when it was possible to start to roll up directly, and when it was necessary to first build himself a gentleman. In America, anyone will dance with you, even one that seems unattainable to you. But just starting to lower your hands below the waist, you will immediately realize that this was a wrong act! Even a guy like Man Yan cannot rely solely on his pretty face!

– Sorry, I’m late … – Prince Bampo hurriedly ran to the girl, whom Man Yan continued to hold in the center of the dance floor. He politely told Man Yan: “Thank you for entertaining Chance while I was not here. Now you can pass it to me. ”

Zhao Man Yan laughed, turned and left.

Bampo gazed steadily at the receding Man Yan figure.

– Do you know him? Asked Prince Bampo.

“I think I saw him somewhere,” answered Chance.

“He is a Chinese teacher, but I don’t remember his name.” Sorry for being late. But this guy is not worthy of you dancing with him, he does not have a very good reputation. He only recently arrived at the University of Ojos, as he had already begun to start relationships with various girls, even with students, ”said Prince Bampo.

“You say that as if you were my fiancé,” said Chance.

“Haha, Zhao Youqian is an old friend of mine, so I have to watch over you,” Prince Bampo replied cheerfully.

– I do not like that he asks his friends to follow me. Sometimes his Chinese thinking annoys me, or maybe he thinks that after dancing with another, I cheated on him? – said Chance.

“He’s just worried about you, that’s all.” Why chat, better let’s go dance. I just have something to discuss with you. The Andean Commonwealth has not yet been formally formed, so the Andean International Bank must first get on its feet. As a daughter of a bank director, you can become a subject of special attention, a lot of people will try to help you. Therefore, communicate less with all sorts of strangers, ”said Prince Bampo.


The evening was boring enough for Chance, only an unfamiliar Asian guy raised her mood a little, although she did not attach any importance to dancing with him.

Chance refused to escort Prince Bampo after the dancing ended.

Without knowing why, Chance thought that Prince Bampo was also sticking to her. Although he constantly said that he was the best friend of the groom, he violated the distance during the dance. The gentleman was once the guy whose name she did not recognize.

Chance left the dance hall, stepping out under the starry sky. She decided to take a little walk.

At that moment, two figures appeared from somewhere far away. Chance took a closer look and immediately recognized the Asian guy with whom she was dancing, he led the girl’s arm, she looked like one of the university’s students.

Chance knew the name of this girl, her name was Bimi.

As the deputy head of the university’s discipline department, Chance knew many by name, and she knew very well that Bimi was about to break the rules tonight.

The chance was upset, it turns out that this guy really did have strange connections with university students, as Prince Bampo said.

On the one hand, she was ashamed of Bimi, who decided to get a high rating by sleeping with her teacher. On the other hand, she was disappointed in the nice guy with whom she managed to dance.

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