Chapter 2236: The plan worked!


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Chance decided to go home. In the end, a lot of things happened at the University of Ochos; she did not need to interfere with this pair.

“Thank you, if you hadn’t helped me, you would have already kicked me out of the University of Ochos.” My father is very strict with me, if they really kick me out, he will just kill me, ”Bimi’s voice rang out in a quiet night.

Chance went in another direction, but when she heard Bimi’s voice, the girl involuntarily slowed down her step.

“Don’t do this anymore, understand?” Where is your vanity? If Nelson will again bully you with bad grades, then immediately inform the discipline teacher. If you think that such an immoral person like Nelson might just let you go, then you are mistaken. He will put pressure on you day after day until you are even more immersed in vice, and then it will be difficult for you to get out of there and become a normal person again! – said Zhao Man Yan.

– Yes, yes, teacher. I will study properly so that he cannot put pressure on me through grades. Thanks again for pulling me out of the arms of the demon. At first I thought you were just like him. And I want to apologize for this, ”Bimi said.

– The main thing is to know the precautions. And not only to you, but to all the girls, ”answered Zhao Man Yan.

“There are bad rumors about you around the university now, will this affect your career?” I can intercede for you, ”Bimi said.

“After that, more rumors will follow.” Why would you stand up for me if all these rumors are not true, ”answered Zhao Man Yan.

The chance went even slower, she was very surprised at what she heard.

If one of the teachers uses her authority to force students to do some obscene things, then she, as deputy head of discipline, must transfer this matter to the rector and teacher – the lecher will be expelled from the university.

Nelson knew Chance, he was a freak. Once he rolled up to her, but she would not have thought that this goat would stretch out her dirty hands to the students.

Especially for students like Bimi. She studied very poorly, it is strange that she had not yet been kicked out of the university. It turned out that she was sleeping with a teacher.

– And this is you. Also went out for a walk? – the voice of Zhao Man Yan came from behind Chance.

Chance was frightened, she turned around and saw that her Asian dance partner was standing one meter from her.

Although there was a very dim light in the dance hall, she still managed to examine the features of her partner’s face. In the light of night, he looked even more beautiful, like an ancient statue.

– Yeah, I went out to warm up. Have you talked to a student named Bimi right now? – asked Chance.

– Yes. Do you know her? I feel very sorry for her. Interestingly, what is the university’s discipline department busy with if it does not know about the relationship between teachers and students? I don’t even know how many more students could have suffered this way. Of course, Bimi does not have such a pure reputation, but this does not mean at all that you can do whatever you want with her, ”said Zhao Man Yan.

“I’m just the person you need.” Let me introduce myself, I am the deputy head of the discipline department of the University of Ochos. My name is Chance, ”the girl said.

Man Yan was very surprised.

On the first day, when he entered the University of Ojos, he immediately found out about her.

He left a good first impression on her, being a gentleman in dance, the second impression was also positive – after all, Chance heard how he was giving instructions to a student who had gone down.

Zhao Man Yan specifically allowed her to hear a conversation with Bima so that the two good impressions left on Chance come together.

Not all girls fall in love the first time, even if the guy is handsome and elegant enough. It turned out to be very successful that Man Yan saw Chance a second time under such circumstances – she found out that he was not only handsome, but also a kind and honest man.

Now Chance will easily fall into the weave of Man Yan network.

That her name is Chance, Man Yan knew perfectly well.

And the fact that she was the deputy head of the discipline department, he also knew.

In addition, he knew that she was the bride of Zhao Yuqian.

Man Yan wondered why his brother needed a person from Ochos University, because he would not have married the deputy head of discipline just like that, his brother was looking for profit in everything. In his head he had only money that could bring him power!

Therefore, Man Yan was very interested in learning more about Chance, although she carefully concealed her past. The mage even carried out his own little investigation, but found nothing.

But Man Yan had a different way to find out, because he was very experienced in dealing with women.

“Without any evidence, I cannot do anything,” Zhao Man Yan spread his hands.

– We have already conducted our investigation, and we also had a lack of evidence. Ohos University also has its own laws, ”said Chance.

– Or maybe it’s just a good theatrical performance? Maybe a girl named Bimi did not want this at all with a teacher. Or maybe Bimi of her own free will decided to maintain her student status in this way? After all, she doesn’t have any feelings for what evaluations and behavior also suffers, said Zhao Man Yan.

She was surprised at the chance, she didn’t even think about it.

“And you take it so calmly,” said Chance.

– I have seen a lot of people on my life path, and I do not want to blame anyone. The character of a person changes, depending on the situation, right? Asked Man Yan.

“That’s right,” Chance nodded. If that student by the name of Bimi were really forced to sleep with a teacher, then she would first run to the department of discipline, and not to another teacher – a man.

– Nevermind. Today is such a wonderful evening, no need to bother with problems. By the way, is your boyfriend Prince Bampo? You can only envy the status of this guy, and besides, he makes you a good couple – a prince and a beautiful girl – Zhao Man Yan decided to translate the topic of conversation.

“He’s not my friend, not his boyfriend.” I just asked him to be my dance partner tonight, ”Chance said.

Zhao Man Yan’s face immediately lit up with joy.

She said nothing that she has a fiancé!

This meant that she was not going to close her doors for him.

His plan with the first and second positive impression worked. Maybe Chance specifically told Bampo that she was engaged to get behind her. And Man Yan on the contrary, did not say anything!

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