Chapter 2237: Here’s a Concert


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Speaking with Chance, Zhao Man Yan realized that she was very sociable. They walked and talked – the girl unconsciously responded with all her gut.

Together they walked on the white sand. And although they knew how it would end, if they reached the hostel, they still moved on.

“I was very glad to meet you.” I haven’t had a chance to communicate with such an interesting person for a long time, – Chance stood at the door, smiling sweetly at Zhao Man Yan.

In another situation, he would not have to be persuaded to go up to the room, but this time it was different.

Everything was different, not because this girl was soon to become the wife of his brother, but because Zhao Man Yan himself understood that he had not met such interesting girls for a long time that aroused genuine admiration in him.

– The day after tomorrow will be a concert. The pianist Dar, about whom we spoke … I still adhere to my point of view, so I think maybe we should go and listen to him, said Zhao Man Yan.

“Did you know that I was going to go to the day after tomorrow concert?” – mysteriously asked Chance.

“From the very beginning, I thought about how to get closer to you,” Zhao Man Yan replied.

Chance did not answer, but simply turned around and entered the dormitory building.

Zhao Man Yan was smiling, he knew how it would end: the day after tomorrow he would dress up and invite her to dinner three hours before the concert, and then …


Returning to his place, Zhao Man Yan saw Mo Fan walking from the training site.

– Well, what have you got there? Asked Zhao Man Yan.

– There is something. Lily remembered one place, now I plan to hit the road for a few days and sniff out everything there. In short, a vicious circle. What do you have?

– Everything is wonderful, time passed quickly.

– Why does it seem to me that for a mile away you are depraved? Are you sure you were hooking? – doubted Mo Fan.

“The day after tomorrow I’ll go to town on my business,” Zhao Man Yan answered and stomped toward his room.

“Be careful, don’t get too deep into the clergy, or you can get it on the forehead,” Mo Fan warned.

– Nothing will happen, do not be afraid.



Over the weekend, Zhao Man Yan prepared in advance and was already waiting for Chance near her hostel.

Chance appeared in a white fluffy skirt of extraordinary beauty. Seeing Zhao Man Yan waiting, she only smiled.

He had already booked a table in a restaurant located a hundred kilometers from the university in the city of Banla.

Banla is one of the most important cities of the Andean Commonwealth, which, according to rumors, will have to become the capital of the Commonwealth: the city is very developed and is the largest transport hub in the region.

Zhao Man Yan and Chance arrived in the city. Despite how beautiful the campus of Ojos is, the city of Banla was literally buried in abundance and prosperity – skyscrapers were hidden behind the clouds, and sunlight flooded the area around.

There were a lot of traffic jams in the city, and the reason was that many roads were blocked, and there were locals and visitors everywhere.

“Is Banla always so crowded?” – Zhao Man Yan was in this place for the first time.

– Since the creation of the community was announced. Even if two people decide to tie themselves together, all sorts of doubts, rumors and gossip begin, what can we say about the union of several states, said Chance.

– Yeah. I heard that because of the creation of the commonwealth, friction between different factions began.

– Now two camps have formed. The first calls himself the “party of the blue”, they stand for the initial political regime. Their banner is the blue flag, and they are fighting to ensure that each country has its own power. The blues oppose the creation of the community, as they think that it will only bring harm to each country. On the other side of them is the “party of the yellow.” Yellow is the main color in the banner of the Andean Commonwealth. The yellow ones advocate a new future for the union, hoping that it will even be able to confront the United States … – explained Chance.

– The idea, of course, is beautiful.

– The Andes are a huge source of resources. And before, everything was very clearly divided – each country knew which mines belong to it. Now everything was crumbling together, and a serious battle erupted over the Peak of sun rays, which is the source of elemental stones of lightning. In the fight against sea monsters, the creation of the community will be useful, but on the other hand, it can cause serious public tension, ”added Chance.

Zhao Man Yan is usually too lazy to delve into the political problems of other countries, especially since South America and Africa are constantly changing their rulers.

“Somehow we abruptly switched from a concert to the topic of redistribution of power, we should be careful,” Zhao Man Yan did not want to talk about the community, so he decided to change the subject so unobtrusively.

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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