Chapter 2238: Conductor’s Attack


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The Bolshoi Bolshoi Theater is located in its very center, east of the central park at the side of the Pantheon Mountain.

There were few demonstrators in the central park, but there were still a lot of people. It was necessary to break through the crowd with sweat, because of those present, only a small part also arrived here for the concert.

A concert is a concert, and you need to look at it accordingly: proper clothing and a good perfume can give out in a person a true connoisseur of art. Well, of course, how can you do without a couple? Despite the relations between those present, a special atmosphere reigned around.

Zhao Man Yan is the offspring of a wealthy family, so these formalities did not become a problem for him; Chance also looked charming. They passed through the park area.

Inside, the hall looked very expensive – the metallic luster of golden musical instruments gave it a gloss.

Chance was a little surprised to find herself inside. Usually, at such events, she meets several acquaintances who, like her, share a love for everything beautiful, but today not a single face seemed familiar to her.

It is not clear why, but the girl was even delighted with such a combination of circumstances.

Perhaps because in the opposite case I would not even know how to introduce teacher Zhao Yanzu. She knows how suspicious her bridegroom is, who would hardly want to know that his bride was with some man.

Chance did not want her fiance to know about her friends and those with whom she communicates. When she is in China, he does not allow her to go anywhere without him even with her friends!

Chance shook her head – today she will no longer think about this man.

The concert hall accommodated about 400-500 people. Yes, you can’t call it huge, but its size was very comfortable – people quietly and comfortably seated in their places.

Hearing the sounds of the piano, Chance and Zhao Man Yan prepared.

There were a few more bars. The two frowned.

“Why do I have some strange feeling?” Whispered Zhao Man Yan.

“Did you hear that too?” This music is not familiar to us, – Chance answered confidently.

At this moment, the girl specifically looked at the faces of others – for some reason they clearly enjoyed this music, and it did not cause them any questions.

– Is it really only we hear something wrong? – said Chance.

About 500 people sat in the hall, and all of them could hear … couldn’t it be that everyone present had problems with the aesthetic perception of music?

“I don’t think that the problem is in us,” Zhao Man Yan doubted.

After the piano some kind of cacophony began … Chance and Zhao Man Yan felt magical breathing.

– This is the magic of sound! – surprised Zhao Man Yan.

The musicians only did that they released the magic of sound!

The sounds of instruments actually attacked the ears!

– Blessing of the light! – The spirit of Zhao Man Yan was stronger than Chance, so he hastened to release protective magic of light.

A golden wall appeared in front of them two, but sound waves still penetrated through it. Against an element of sound, conventional protection is powerless.

His ears began to hurt terribly from the attacking sounds, and this pain gradually reached the brain, as if shaking it from the inside.

– Heck! Cried Zhao Man Yan.

He had previously pursued that black church student and discovered that he was tracking Chance. Apparently, the girl became the new goal of the Black Church – Zhao Man Yan therefore decided to meet with her to find out what the further actions of these villains would be.

Initially, he thought that the Black Church would not risk attacking Chance in the very center of the city in such a large hall right from the stage, but everything turned out to be the opposite!

– What kind of people are you ?! Shouted Chance, pointing to several musicians.

Among the musicians stood a conductor in a tailcoat, his long fingers held a silver pointer, and there was an ominous smile on his face.

“Lady Chance, what strength did it cost us to get to you!” Well, do you like the performance prepared especially for you? – said the conductor.

– This is the main concert hall of the city of Banla! Do you think something will work out for you ?! I didn’t think that the blue party would resort to such vile measures! – said Chance.

“We just need your father’s voice — we are not asking for anything impossible!” He runs a network of major banks. People like you, too, don’t get their wealth honestly, ”said the conductor.

Chance did not bicker with that man anymore and turned to Zhao Man Yan: “Teacher Zhao Yanzu, we must leave now. Do not worry, there are a lot of simple listeners here, he will not bother us. ”

“Is that possible?” What about the above … or are there all the actors, ”Zhao Man Yan grinned.

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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