Chapter 2239: Now I definitely stay!


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They prepared everything in advance! It’s good that there is a chance to leave – they set a trap in a crowd of people, so they dare not harm!

Chance looked around: all the people sitting in no way resisted the conduct of the conductor; on the contrary, they began to look at her one by one.

“They bought all the tickets and waited for you to fall into the trap … here are all their minions ….” It is not surprising why from the very beginning the music did not seem strange to them – after all, all this was done for you, said Zhao Man Yan.

This is the scale! In order to grab one daughter of a high-ranking official, they went to such a waste!

Realizing that all those present were decoy ducks, Zhao Man Yan was disappointed – he paid more than a thousand for the entrance, this is all shitty!

He wanted to get closer to Chance, because he not only wanted to take revenge on his brother, but also because the Black Church was watching her – and as a result, the magician himself was trapped.

“Lady Chance, understand that we also have no choice.” As soon as the Andean community is formed, we will be left with nothing, ”the conductor approached.

“So you came here to force me and my father?” – angry Chance.

“This is just a matter of choice.” In Chile, you are considered a goddess … by making the right choice, you can save us all, ”continued the conductor.

– If you think about it, then you are just trying to usurp power. You won’t succeed, ”the girl said.

– Well, then I can not do anything. I sincerely hoped that you would like our performance, ”said the conductor,“ a chance to keep alive, and figure it out! ”

Zhao Man Yan from his ears hatched his eyes.

What else is up ?! He is just a random person in this all! Are they going to kill him ?!

“Sorry, I pulled you into this,” said Chance, looking at Zhao Man Yan.

– But is it really the matter of who pulled whom in? I think that the words of this conductor should be heeded. They are fighting for the revolution, and losing for them will be equal to treason. Maybe you try to give them a chance? – responded Zhao Man Yan.

“I’m afraid this won’t be of any use.” In any case, they will not let me go – they need me alive, because that’s the only way they can dictate their conditions to my dad, ”said Chance.

– Hmm …

Chance shook her head. No, she will not become a traitor to the whole continent.

“Then there really is no way out,” said Zhao Man Yan, “then I will help you.” There should definitely be someone near the girl with your position for protection.

“There are too many. How can you handle it?” – asked Chance.

– We should not think about how many of them, but how to call for reinforcements. Here is the city center, and the use of magic cannot be hidden, ”said Zhao Man Yan.

Chance hoped that the teacher would have time to leave, because their goal was her, but the teacher at the University of Ochos might try to save her.

Zhao Man Yan was standing next to the girl.

– Lunar shell! – The Chinese used an artifact capable of releasing protection comparable to the magic of light of the highest level. He understood that opponents would not give him the opportunity to release a star palace.

This item gave the magician so much power that he allowed him to direct magic similar to higher-level magic!

The lunar shell immediately covered a small area around Chance and Zhao Man Yan.

Fragments of flame rushed through the hall, and somewhere the foam even came out, covering the seats too – a good half of the concert hall was broken from this action.

– Control your magic! The conductor told his people. He clearly did not want Chance to suffer – because not only would they not be able to dictate their conditions to her father, but they would also run into his revenge!

The smoke cleared, and the conductor saw that Zhao Man Yan and Chance stood in their original place, surrounded by a protective shell – there was not a scratch on them, as if nothing had happened around.

– This magician called moonlight! We continue! – the conductor got angry.

The next moment, star clouds began to shine from different points, the glow of which illuminated the hall as if with bright lamps, and a roar was heard everywhere.

“I said it’s better to control magic!” Cried the conductor.

They were located in the city center, and the smoke from magic could easily attract the attention of all wizards in the area – if they come running, it will be much more difficult for criminals to leave.

After the scream of the leader, about a hundred wizards released barriers.

The hall became like a clearing for slaughter.

Blue water appeared next to the guy and the girl – they were still absolutely safe!

All the several hundreds of revolutionaries present had already lost their temper.

The breath of their common magic is about to reach heaven, and these two are still standing in their place!

– Heck! Who are you to disrupt Cook’s plans ?! – shouted the conductor, who called himself Cook.

“I’m a teacher at the University of Ochos,” Zhao Man Yan answered calmly.

– I’m on the drum, who are you! Roll out of here, if you continue to stand in our way, then this will not end with anything good for you! – growled Cook.

– Dunce, you yourself asked who I am! What the hell to do! – Zhao Man Yan did not let up, – just wanted to kill me, now you say to roll. I, Zhao Yanzu, do you have a dog or something? Now I’m definitely not going anywhere from here – I will stay and see how you try to grab me!

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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