Chapter 2240: Escape with Water


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“At most they have about five minutes.” There is one object on my body that sends out a safety signal every certain period of time. Even if the item is turned off or does not signal, this all the more means that something is threatening me. There are so many people here, I’m worried that your protective magic is not enough for five minutes, ”said Chance.

In truth, Zhao Man Yan was deeply moved by how strong the girl showed herself. Even at the sight of revolutionaries, she was thinking not only about herself!

There were about 500 people in the hall, and all of them came for her!

– Five minutes? I don’t think it will be problematic. They worry that the concert hall may suffer or collapse, so they will not be able to constantly use high or high level magic, ”said Zhao Man Yan.

Having said this, he activated another item that lay down on their bodies with golden armor with a blue edging – Chance even had to cuddle tightly against the teacher’s chest so that the armor could cover both of them.

“Nothing bad will happen to you while I’m around,” Zhao Man Yan looked into her eyes.

Chance did not even imagine that such a young teacher would volunteer to protect her from the attack of several hundred wizards ….

Conductor Cook broke his silver pointer in his hands with anger … but who do they hold them for?

– Let’s see how you protect yourself from my magic rhythm! – snorted Cook.

With a pointer in his hands and in a tailcoat, the conductor looked like a real South American wizard.

Sounds began to spread throughout the hall, they were like a beating metal ringing performed at the beginning of a jazz composition.

The metal ringing seemed to penetrate Zhao Man Yan’s head in waves … it was some kind of satanic music, because my head was torn from these notes!

In such conditions, it’s not so much to release magic, it’s even difficult to maintain possession of the spirit! For this, Zhao Man Yan and hates the magicians of sound, because very often they act dishonestly!

– I have a talisman of calm! – said Chance.

– Faster! – responded Zhao Man Yan.

As soon as he put this talisman on his chest, then calm reigned in the magician’s head, and his mind became like a smooth surface of water.

– Yes, with this wizard of sound, we will not last here these five minutes! Follow me! – said Zhao Man Yan.

– Good! – Chance nodded her head. By her appearance, it was clear that she fully trusted him.

The golden armor of Zhao Man Yan did not hold out for half a minute, and cracks went through them almost immediately.

Without armor, they immediately fall under the blow of all other types of magic!

The Chinese took the girl’s hand, and a water swell flashed in his eyes.

His body was covered with something strange, like a liquid – the same liquid covered the body of Chance.

The breath of the elements began to mix around. Like a watery substance, Zhao Man Yan and Chance slid down, trying to leave the war zone in the same fluid stream.

Cook thought his minions were too aggressive, so he held them back. And only realizing that the liquid substance was not exposed to the magic of fire and quietly crawled out, did the conductor realize how cunning these two were.

Cook did not expect such an escape, naively believing that only the magic of the shadow is able to give a person a different shape.


Water flowed out and divided into two parts, after which faces began to be drawn in them. Moments later, Zhao Man Yan formed.

– Are you okay? He asked, helping Chance rise. Her white skirt was blindingly clean, as if nothing had happened at all.

“Alright … you were even more unpredictable than I expected!” – the girl’s eyes shone with admiration.

She really thought that breaking out of this trap would not work ….

Now Chance fully trusted Zhao Man Yan and believed in his strength.

Nowadays it is so difficult to meet a real man!

“Will they run after us?” – asked Zhao Man Yan, cautiously looking back at the concert hall.

– No, they can only attack in a confined space! Underpants! – coldly answered Chance.

“We need to get back to university as soon as possible.” Let’s have some coffee and calm down.

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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