Chapter 2241: To your dorm?


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Cook and his people understood very well that they were in the center of a big city. If they only once released a destructive magic outside the prepared concert hall, then punishment would have fallen on them immediately. Banla’s magical association would immediately send all their powers to destroy them.

Zhao Man Yan turned back to the building of the concert hall behind – on the dome stood a disheveled and angry conductor Cook, in whose eyes one could see all the bitterness of defeat from the failed operation.

He stared at Zhao Man Yan!

“They seem to want to seize sole power, but they could not even defeat me,” Zhao Man Yan rubbed his nose.

“They won’t succeed.”

As soon as she said this, a strange sound was heard from the side of the dome!

It turns out that the moment before this, Cook pulled out a blade and thrust it directly into his throat, causing a trickle of red blood to run through his body.

Warm blood gradually permeated the conductor’s coal-black tailcoat, but Cook himself continued to stare at Zhao Man Yan.

When life left him, Cook’s body flew dead dead, falling into a pond at the entrance to the building.

“Look, he didn’t want problems from the authorities,” Zhao Man Yan was not surprised by this behavior of the enemy.

The faction of the adversaries, for the sake of the voice of Father Chance, went for the same.

Cook, being one of the main leaders of the movement, no longer had any chance of life. Everything was predetermined.

He failed.

He committed suicide by taking full responsibility for what he had done.

– In truth, these people have become just like crazy, and you can expect absolutely everything from them. Anyway, I’m not going to tell my father about this, ”said Chance.

“Are you afraid your father might succumb to his impulsiveness?” Asked Zhao Man Yan.

Chance negatively shook her head: “In truth, they could have kidnapped me or not, this would not have changed my dad’s decision. Now he only thinks about state problems, and for him I am just another weapon in gaining more resources. Okay, you still don’t understand all the troubles of my environment … I shouldn’t have drawn you into all this anyway. ”

Zhao Man Yan grinned.

How can he not understand?

His family drama is at least as good as Chance’s problems!

He himself understands what it feels like when your family members treat you like some kind of thing!

Clan Zhao collaborated with the Andean Imperial Bank, and the marriage of Zhao Yuqian and Chance was used to strengthen these bonds. From the very beginning, Zhao Man Yan understood the girl’s inner state, and also realized why she became the bride of his brother.

“Back to Ojos, there should be calmer,” Chance did not even glance in the direction of Cook.

She already experienced too much for today and was even ready for the worst, since she did not expect that she would be so lucky and her teacher would save her.

– Fine, I’ll take you.

Chance leaned on him and they walked through the central park. The next moment, a guy in a jacket ran up to her.

“Lady Chance, are you all right?” The signal from you was not received, ”said the ripening man.

– I’m fine. I turned off the signal before, so that it would not interfere with enjoying the concert, ”she answered.

“Oh, and that must be a teacher, Zhao Yanzu.” I was at your review lesson, – the guy smiled.

“Ah, you are the very student who destroyed the peasant field,” Zhao Man Yan was surprised.

– Yes, yes, he is. In fact, I am a lady classmate of Chance, I am also responsible for her safety. Today you were next to her, so I didn’t really come close – Lady Chance does not like when someone invades her personal space, ”the guy said.

“You can go,” Chance said indifferently.

“Good, but what happened there …”

“I do not want you to report this to your father,” the girl frowned.

– Got it. In any case, thank you very much, teacher Zhao Yanzu, ”the guy said.


After guarding the guard, Zhao Man Yan lost in thought. He could not understand what purpose this student pursued.

He served as her guard, while concealing his involvement in the Black Church.

In addition to the incident in the fields with opium poppy, Zhao Man Yan has not yet figured out any left movements of the boy.

– This guy guards an important person, which means that his strength is not so simple. I don’t even know what role he can play in the ranks of the Black Church, the Chinese thought to himself.

“It seems as though they are constantly watching us, aren’t they?” If you are uncomfortable … – Chance began to apologize, seeing the embarrassed look of the gentleman.

“I’m glad someone is watching over you.” Only now, in truth, he came running too late … I don’t even know if he can protect you next time, Zhao Man Yan reacted.

“Today I was saved only thanks to you,” the girl smiled.

“If you want to thank me, then do something.” It seems to me that your skill should be better than that dude from the stage … it can help me forget what happened … ”said Zhao Man Yan.

“Then where are we going?”

– To your dorm?

“… possible,” Chance was at first embarrassed, but then she nodded her head in agreement.

Oh, how happy Zhao Man Yan was – thanks to these damned rebels, he moved forward in a relationship with Chance!

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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