Chapter 2243. Skull on the shoulder.


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Mo Fan returned home and excitedly told all about Zhao Man Yan and Mu Bai.

Mu Bai reacted calmly, as if he already knew about it. But Zhao Man Yan changed dramatically in the face.

– Yesterday she was with me. She has a groom, but this did not stop her. Is she really … – Zhao Man Yan looked horrified at Mo Fan.

“Yes, there is a good chance she just slept with you,” said Mo Fan.

Zhao Man Yan jumped to his feet.

So she really just wanted to get both of them !!

Hm! And he imagines himself a hero who saved the beauty. He was glad that he could at least partially avenge his brother! But it turns out they took advantage!

As if a clear beautiful day had turned into a terrible storm. Zhao Man Yan went into his room and slammed the door. He did not want to see this terrible cruel world.


In the evening, Mo Fan went to the office of the rector. The elusive director was finally there. The head of the Department of Elemental Magic, Douglas, was also here. The two wizards were seriously discussing something.

“The creation of the Andean Commonwealth puts us in an uncomfortable position,” said Director Celine.

“Then we’ll postpone the answer … Teacher Moyfan seems to be outside, apparently he is in urgent business,” said Douglas.

The two magicians stopped their conversation and invited Mo Fan.

Mo Fan looked at the two men. They looked peacefully and benevolently, like old people who like to while away evenings with a cup of tea. They warmly welcomed Mo Fan.

“Where prominent people are not welcome,” Mo Fan thought to himself.

“Director Celine, can I get a permanent teacher certificate?” – asked Mo Fan.

– Oh, you want to become a member of our university? Are you close to our values? Perfectly! Our doors are always open for such talented magicians! Said Douglas.

“No, I want two wives for myself,” Mo Fan said honestly.

“Yeah, well, you can also say that you were attracted to our views,” said Douglas awkwardly.

“Teacher Moyfan, if you become a member of our university, then you will receive our citizenship …” the director said softly.

– Yes? – Mo Fan scratched his head.

He grew up in China, and the country gave him a lot. Change of citizenship must be carefully considered.

On the one hand – his dream, and on the other – his homeland. Mo Fan faced a serious choice.

“Teacher Moyfan, we are not against dual citizenship,” said Douglas.

“But our country is against,” replied Mo Fan.

“Then there’s nothing to be done, you have time to think,” Douglas spread his hands.

Director Celine realized that Mo Fan did not want to change citizenship.

“There is always a way.” Teacher Moyfan, do you support different religions?

– What does it mean? – asked Mo Fan.

– The University of Ojos has its own belief. If you join the ranks of his followers, you can enjoy the same advantages as a citizen. Does your country have no limits on faith? – said Director Celine.

– There is no such. Director Celine, thanks for the help, ”said Mo Fan.

“There’s always a way out,” Douglas smiled.

Director Celine nodded. He looked at Mo Fan and noticed an object on his shoulder. Looking carefully, he realized that it was a skull.

“Teacher Moyfan, on your shoulder …” the director began.

“On my shoulders is the development mission of Ochos!” – moan Fan enthusiastically blurted out.

“I’m talking about this thing,” the director sighed.

“Ah, I thought you were giving me instruction.” This is a skull, I found it in the den of the highlanders. He is not subject to the power of fire, no matter how powerful it is. This is quite interesting, so I left it with me, ”said Mo Fan.

Geterka! He closes his eyes to the fact that she is playing with strange objects. But toys need to be tidied up, and not left anywhere!

It is not surprising that on the way here many girls became white with fear!

– Highlanders constantly give us inconvenience. They are drooling like droves on our rich lands, ”said Douglas.

– Could you give me this skull? – said Director Celine.

– A? – Mo Fan did not even think that the director would be interested in the skull.

This can be a problem, because lately the hetero has become very attached to it. If he gives it to another person, she will lose her temper. The older she is, the more difficult it is to restrain her bad temper.

“So far I can’t tell you why I need him.” But I really hope that you can give me such a gift. Oh, you wanted to use it to enter university? So, I can exchange it for something else. Joining a university is not the case. The skull case will remain between us.

– Um … – Mo Fan did not know what to answer.

– I have a piece of boiling amber. I received it many years ago, during the time of my service in the Holy Court. Its effect is very similar to lightning stones advertised today. I don’t know if it will be interesting for you, – the director took out a piece of white amber.

Mo Fan wanted to take a closer look at the stone, but felt that the dark talisman on his chest throbbed furiously.

If not outsiders, he would certainly have rushed to amber!

But you can’t be more restrained ?!

Mo Fan crushed the talisman with his hand, suppressing his concern.

“If it pleases you, I cannot be opposed,” Mo Fan pretended that he did not want to part with the skull.

“Thank you,” the director smiled calmly and rather.

– Not worth it.

………… ..

Leaving the administration, Mo Fan hastened to find a quiet place.

The last time the dark talisman didn’t have quite a bit to advance its element of the highest level lightning to the second step. The development of lightning stones was captured by the community, so he could not get them.

Who knew that the director would have a different, but very similar stone in properties!

It seems to belong to the element of fire. Fire is good too. The amulet absorbs its energy and helps Mo Fan to advance in the cultivation of the element of fire.

Fire is not as stable as lightning. This is a great opportunity!


– Ching Ching … Ching Ching …

Geterka woke up and began to move back and forth around the room. She did it so fast that it seemed that there were ten heterosexuals in the room.

– Geterka, always told you to tidy up your toys, but you are not listening. Here is the skull and got lost. Well, nothing, I have a stone whose energy has been sucked out by a dark talisman, they can give it to you.

– Jin! – heterka joyfully nodded.

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