Chapter 2244: Ninth Mountain Outpost


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Mo Fan was about to take a nap, but someone knocked on the door.

Being a teacher is not so simple – there are always students who “seemingly by chance” appear at your door, and with all this, you must remain calm and not discredit your own reputation.

– Teacher, teacher, I remembered! – on the other side of the door there was a joyful cry of Lily.

Mo Fan was disappointed … it turned out to be Lily.

– What did you remember? – he asked.

– There is one place, there you will definitely find what you need!

– Where ?! – Mo Fan responded.

The Black Church has already gathered a huge harvest of opium, which can drive a huge number of people crazy – Salan, after all, doesn’t doze off either, she hardly embarked on the path of virtue … she shocked all of China with her actions, and now she can repeat all this on South American continent!

The mainland is so huge, and they still don’t even know which city it’s aimed at, and all the previous clues have not been brought to the plans of the Black Church.

“Inside one of the Andean outposts,” Lily answered.

Mo Fan immediately called Mu Bai and Zhao Man Yan. Mu Bai began to search for suitable points in the Andes for description, which would be the bases of the University of Ojos – as a result, 13 locations turned out to be suitable for the description of places.

– And what can an outpost be used for? Asked Zhao Man Yan.

“The Andes are a huge house for a myriad of magical monsters that are in no way inferior to our Kunlun mountains.” Ojos University is located at the foot of the mountains – there are no cities nearby, and even despite the campus defense system, we must not forget that it is located in the immediate vicinity of a huge menagerie with a length of more than 10 thousand kilometers. These posts are signal towers through which Ojos observes the movement of monsters. Thus, they track their number, direction, and also whether there are monsters among them above the level of the commander in chief. Signals are a preventative measure of the university, ”explained Mu Bai.

– It turns out that 13 signal towers are included in the security system of the university. And on this slope … is anyone really going to such dangerous places? I’m afraid that there will be difficult to survive even a top-level magician, ”said Zhao Man Yan, pointing to the electronic card.

– Posts on this slope for government research. I won’t say for sure if anyone is there or not, but Lily said that her father’s research station was in the ninth post, – Mu Bai indicated a point on the map.

“Signal outposts are regularly visited by teachers … among them there are those that are at an inaccessible height,” Mo Fan said.

Signal outposts are bypassed in order to make sure that the mountain towers are not affected by animals, because in this case they stop working properly.

“I will go to the security department and look for reports from signal outposts there,” said Mu Bai.

He immediately went there. The University’s Security Department is responsible for guarding, safeguarding, and addressing the hidden threats. The equipment of signal outposts is also in their responsibility.

There, Mu Bai met a pretty and simple-minded manager – she looked about 30, and she looked as if she had only now got money to take care of herself.

– Hello, my name is Mu Han, I am a foreign teacher. My colleagues and I wanted to earn more coins … they say that the university pays extra bonuses to those teachers who go around signal mountain outposts, so I wanted to know more, ”said Mu Bai.

Director Xiao made the very right decision, deciding to send three magicians as teachers – it was easier for them to infiltrate all spheres.

– What exactly are you interested in? The woman asked languidly.

Mu Bai was just about to ask how he felt some kind of stink.

He saw nail polish in her hands, but the smell didn’t come from him … was she really so smelly?

– And what is that behind there? Warehouse? – Mu Bai pointed to the door behind her.

It became clear that the stench came from there.

– Yes, consumables for mountain outposts are usually stored there, but what? – the woman, not looking up, continued to paint her nails.

– I can take a look?

– As you want.

As soon as Mu Bai just entered the door, the very stink hit her nose even more, causing tears to pour from his eyes.

As a magician of poison and plants, he is very susceptible to various smells – and if there was nothing special for her in this fragrance, then Mu Bai immediately smelled poisonous notes!

There was nothing in this barn, however, the floor and walls were completely saturated with the smell – recently having been studying only the opium poppy, Mu Bai remembered its aroma perfectly!

– These are black churches! – noticed Mu Bai, looking around the empty room.

All this time, he thought that the Black Church kept the harvest of opium in some secret warehouses, which would not be easy to find, who knew that the opium poppy was stored in the barn of the University of Ochos ?!

The smell was very strong, which means that opium lay there for quite a long time.

If the signal outposts unfold a battle with monsters, then people then need opium.

And that is why they then forget about the actions of the Black Church ….

This is how black clergy can transport opium poppy with impunity!

“And what was here … where was it taken?” – asked Mu Bai.

“To the ninth mountain outpost.”

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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