Chapter 2245: For World Peace


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“So you want to say that the Black Church harvests the farm, then delivers it to the campus of Ochos University for storage in the local barn, and then uses the university guards to deliver opium to the ninth post?” – folded chain Mo Fan.

Mu Bai nodded his head.

“I have the feeling that our IQ against the background of them fell just below the plinth,” said Zhao Man Yan with a darkened face.

Here is the Black Church! They are so smart that they manage to do this right under the nose of people!

“And what are we going to do now?” – asked Mu Bai, his voice at the same time sounded depressed.

They were looking for a place to store opium poppy for so long, but it turned out that it was all this time less than a kilometer from them!

– What to do … what to do … let’s go ahead! – answered Mo Fan.

Mu Bai has already said how dangerous opium poppy is in the hands of black churches.

Now Salan again has the same source of madness with which she almost managed to completely destroy Xi’an. Now at least something similar was in her mind, only now she wants to crank it in the vicinity of the Andes.

– I asked around and this is what I found out: the opium poppy on the ninth outpost is delivered by no means ordinary people. The ninth mountain outpost is located more than a hundred kilometers from Okhos, and it’s hard to deliver such a load there even under guard, ”said Mu Bai.

“Well, and how then do they transport?” Asked Zhao Man Yan.

“Through the teleportation space.” Between the eighth and twelfth outposts there is a teleportation space directly connected with the University of Ochos – through it you can transport objects to the territory of more than 100 kilometers, only here you can transport objects – a living creature will not tolerate such transportation, ”said Mu Bai.

“Fuck, this is how much dough is at this university,” exhaled Mo Fan.

– Therefore, we should move forward as soon as possible. If we manage to intercept this consignment of opium, we will break the plans of the Black Church, only now … these 13 outposts are real towers in the country of monsters, while being the most important signs in the Andes … the trick is that these outposts are located as if in the desert: only reaching the first , you can advance to the second and so on … – said Mu Bai.

– No, it cannot be! You can get to the eighth by plane or helicopter, and from there we get to the ninth, is it really necessary to go on foot? – responded Zhao Man Yan.

– There is even more bad news. I don’t know if the black churches did this, but there has been no connection with the sixth outpost for several days now, and the university has been sending people to check. This means that we must get there before them and solve the problem, ”Mu Bai frowned.

– Fuck! And what, now we have to do something with those innocent corpses? – heard the voice of Zhao Man Yan.

– Where is this teleport located? – asked Mo Fan.

– Mo Fan, what are you going to do? – Mu Bai and Zhao Man Yan exchanged glances.

“I want to go right through him,” the mage answered.

– Do you want to die ?! This method of transportation is used only for objects, if someone alive enters there, it will not end in anything good. It’s better for us to go through the outposts one after another, and we have already gone far ahead of haphazard judges from the Holy Court and people of magical association, ”Zhao Man Yan swore.

The teleportation space is used only for things, during transportation they can be accidentally cut or damaged.

For example, potatoes and jerky after such a “trip” can turn into chips and thin slices of meat.

– I myself am a magician of space and, having penetrated into the spatial stream, I can try to change it. If we are lucky, we will immediately find ourselves at the eighth outpost, and if we are even more lucky, we will even stumble upon a black church pharmacist, so I’ll show him where the crayfish hibernate, ”said Mo Fan confidently.

“Mo Fan, it’s like trying to break a Nokia on an iPhone.” What phone do you think will break?

– Need to try! I have not yet traveled this way. All is decided. Okay, you two are not space magicians, so I’ll go alone, otherwise I won’t be able to guarantee your safety. You can go from one post to another, and I will immediately go to the eighth. We are always one step behind the Black Church, and even in Greece it was also. If we go one step behind them, then it is likely that some city will turn into a bloody mess even before our arrival, ”Mo Fan answered.

“Yeah, and South America will have to nominate you for the Nobel Peace Prize,” said Zhao Man Yan.

We must FIGHT for world peace!


The eighth outpost has a spatial portal through which goods are delivered, only none of the wizards have yet tried to move through it.

Mu Bai always admired the courage of Mo Fan – if he succeeds, he will immediately reach the eighth outpost, and from it only ten-odd kilometers to the ninth. Maybe he can get a pharmacist!

“Mo Fan, you know, among people working in dangerous conditions, there is a tradition every month to rewrite a will … do you want to write anything like that before your venture?” – turned Zhao Man Yan.

Mo Fan already stepped with one foot into the spatial portal – his body was illuminated from all sides by silver light, and the magician himself seemed to be in a mirror room …

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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