Chapter 2246: Mass Adoration


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From the outside we heard strange sounds. Mo Fan always listens to such a phenomenon when the sound seems either familiar or unknown, because this very often can be a harbinger of terrible events.

He tried to open his eyes, but his eyelids did not seem to want to break apart.

After a moment, he realized that he could not move – a sure sign of serious wounds on the body.

We can say that this “trip” is in no way inferior to a small plane crash ….

– Where am I? Already at the eighth outpost? Why I don’t see anything … ah, I’m lying face down in the ground, Mo Fan thought to himself.

He was all mud, and his eyes barely opened.


Something extremely small and fast moved on his body – there were many of them, they climbed into all the wounds. Rain?

He could not move.

Mo Fan did not remember what happened to him, but he no longer footed into the spatial stream.

– Is anybody here?!

– Is there anyone? Is this the eighth outpost? I am a teacher Moyfan, I just landed, help me ….

No one answered him, only the sound of drops came around.


Suddenly a sound came from somewhere nearby.

Mo Fan’s heart jumped with joy.

Someone is here – someone will give him a helping hand!

This man uttered a cry that for some reason sounded familiar and unfamiliar at the same time!

Mo Fan raised his head with difficulty and saw a pair of strong legs – there were no shoes on them at all, so they seemed stone, a thick hairline rested on dirty worn leggings. The ax was visible at the waist level of a person, and there were bloody traces on it, partially washed away by the rain.

Mo Fan warped a little, wondering if he was alive, and was it his blood on this ax?

“Hey Highlander, don’t look at me like that!” Yes, I can’t really move now, but I can release magic, so roll away from here in a good way, otherwise I will blow you to pieces! – Mo Fan said viciously.

* Scream

The highlander reacted to his speech with a growl interspersed with a grin.

“Are you still laughing at me?” – Mo Fan got angry and fired a mental arrow, which was not visible at all in the veil of rain.

The arrow hit the back of the head of the highlander, he continued to laugh, but at some point he fell silent – it was clear from his face that he could not believe in the accomplished attack.

* Bam

The highlander approached Mo Fan, and blood poured on him … his face was right in front of the magician’s.

“Idiot, I can’t move, but that doesn’t mean I can’t let out the magic!” – cursed Mo Fan.

The highlander looked at him to the last, and even in the last moments of his life there was a frozen surprise on his face.

Mo Fan only wasted time on him, since steps were heard from all sides … no, it was a stomp – the magician saw pairs of legs, and also heard multiple whistles and growls from everywhere.


Shouldn’t he be at the eighth outpost? How did he end up in the den of the highlanders?

“Hey brother, can I still apologize to you?” Uh! Can you hear me? – said Mo Fan in the face of the mountaineer lying next to him.

In the next second, the highlander gave up his spirit, without giving the interlocutor any answer.

Mo Fan’s face distorted a grimace of hopelessness; he shook his head in the negative.

Why can not you raise and turn your head ….

Eh, if he could do this, he would swallow more air and look around.

Here you go! Is he now compelled to be kind to the highlanders?


– Arrows! – in the rain flashed a lot of arrows gathered by the mental order of Mo Fan.

Mo Fan could not really see anything, but the next moment he saw a few dozen highlanders fell to the ground!

It looked like a mass worship!

The arrows of Mo Fan pierced the heads of the highlanders, actually sealing them to the ground!

The picture was impressive: a lot of hairy legs, streams of blood washed by streams of rain … these were the highlanders crowding around Mo Fan, as if giving him honors!

– Is there any of the people here ?! Help me!

– Damn, somebody! Help me, I still have to save the world, so I can’t just wallow here!

The smell of fresh blood spread around, attracting the attention of even more mountain monsters.

Mo Fan lay on the ground, surrounded by a large number of corpses lying in a bow … the situation was very strange.

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